September 21, 2015

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child rubbing eyes

Remedies for Itchy EyesThis is a page about remedies for itchy eyes. Allergies and pollutants can cause itchy eyes.


home insurance file

Lender Placed Insurance?This is a page about lender placed insurance. Banks and other lenders can place insurance on a property when, for example, the homeowner does not have adequate insurance.


comforter with alarm clock

Fixing a Lumpy ComforterThis is a page about fixing a lumpy comforter. Over time the batting in a comforter may become wadded and lumpy.


photo of Notre Dame

Finding the Value of a Louis Orr Etching?This is a page about finding the value of a Louis Orr etching. Louis Orr is an American etcher known for his etchings of famous Paris buildings as well as other notable structures.


jar with label

Making an "I Love You Because..." JarThis is a page about making an "I love you because..." jar. A jar or other container filled with the many reasons you love the recipient makes a unique and treasured gift.


meowing kitten

Kitten Trying to Nurse on PeopleThis is a page about kitten trying to nurse on people. Young kittens will sometimes attempt to suckle on anything and everything including people.


country church

Planning a Church Social?This is a page about planning a church social. Socials are held at church for a variety of occasions, each having their own decoration, activities, and food requirements.




Luna (Orange Tabby)My best friend gave me Luna for my birthday because her momma cat had kittens. I had just lost my best furry friend Gypsy to feline leukemia.


poppies in pink, white, and purple

My PoppiesPhoto of poppies in my garden in Highland, Michigan.


seal point

Stanley (Siamese)I adopted him from a shelter 2 days ago. He likes to play fight with anything or anyone in sight.


child chasing a bubble

Amazing Unpoppable BubblesMy little niece loves when we blow bubbles together, but there's always a little frown on her face when she's chasing them and they pop. I was buying her these little tubes of unbreakable bubble solution that worked okay, but not great. Here's a recipe to make your own that are very durable.


finished card

I Be-Leaf It's Your Birthday CardThis fall, celebrate a birthday with the colors normally associated with this season. Add a fun element and make a card that will make the recipient feel young at heart, regardless her age.


Real Good Red PotatoesThe first words out of my husbands mouth was "awesome"! These are savory and super flavorful.


closeup of one finished neckline

Turning a Crew Neck Shirt into a V-NeckI recently found some t-shirts on sale at the craft store for $2. I was excited, but I despise crew neck shirts. I found a youtube video explaining exactly how to turn your shirts into v-necks and they looked like you bought them that way. It's easy and takes less than half an hour.


hand holding trimmed green pom pom

Handmade Pom-PomsWith only your hand, yarn, and scissors you can make your own pom-poms. No extra tools required!


plant in vase

Light Bulb VaseThis is a project to recycle and reuse old lightbulbs. I've converted them into vases for my money plant. They look beautiful and are super easy to make.



Siamese kitten

Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cat?I adopted a 4 month old cat, Sonja. After losing a tiny kitten to head trauma I got a 2 month old Siamese kitten, Stanley. I introduced them and Sonja keep jumping on him and licking his privates. They started playing. Sonja bit him and he meowed. Is this normal if the kitty is playing back?


Luna lying down

Female Cat Urinating on My Desk?Luna, my 5 year old cat, has been urinating on my desk and bathroom sink. I have cleaned the top of the desk with bleach water, apple cider vinegar, glass cleaner, and regular vinegar. I have rubbed her nose in the urine, cleaned her litter box, taken her to the vet and she is still doing it.


closeup of border

Norwall Wallpaper Border Pattern...I am desperately trying to find 1 roll/package of this border to repair a room fixed up just last spring.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Disinfecting After Parvo?Both my puppy and my 5 year old dog were exposed to parvo. My puppy came down with it and survived. How long after her recovery do I wait to disinfect my yard and house because I was told it remains in the feces for two weeks after they are better?


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Repair Parts for Model X5 H2O Steam Mop?I have a model X5 H2O steam mop. The unit no longer produces steam and the pump is shot. Is there any place to order a pump in Canada?


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Buying Capri Sun Pouches?I am looking to buy empty Capri Sun pouches. Does anyone know where I can do this?


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Light Switch Flickers or Doesn't Work?I have a 3 switches for the lights and vent fan in my bathroom. The second and third switches work fine every time, but the first one does not turn the light on unless I play with it or I hit it. Does this sound like a electrical issue that I need to be concerned with, especially when it comes to safety?


What Are These Garden Plants?

What Are These Garden Plants?Can someone please tell me the name of these two plants? It's two different plants, one has a small red flower which falls off and berry shows up red then turn brown and have a seed inside. The second is a small red bell shaped flower with yellow inside and looks like a vine.


light brown snake with dark markings

What Kind of Snake Is This?Which snake species is this?


black and white photo of mower

Value of Savage Arms Reel Mower?I have an early 50s Savage Arms reel mower. I can't find any other ones like it and was wondering how much it's worth. It runs good. I replaced the spark plug and belt.


living room

Curtain Color Advice?We just moved into a new apartment and I need advise on the color of curtains I could put up and the throw pillows. The walls of the living room are a cream color and I have black leather sofas and a TV stand in coffee color. Attached are the pictures of the living room and the sofa (I have 3+2 seater).


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Murray Lawn Mower Won't Start?Everything is working except the air that would come out of the engine is not coming out. Why is that?


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Baby Finches Dying?Our finches have had their second batch of eggs. Fin the first batch of 5 all of them died. I could see them moving, but they died before they were out of the shell. The second batch is hatching and the first bird lived two days.


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Black Shorts Dye Transferred to Khaki Shorts?I washed my husband's shorts and by mistake I put a pair of black shorts with khaki shorts and now they have stains everywhere. How do I take off the stains? Can it be done with baking soda alone or baby powder? I need to fix it immediately.


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Wiring for Ceiling Fan and Light Fixtures?I took over a condo and I am installing ceiling light and fan fixtures in each of the rooms. The wires are present, however they are inactive. There is no power (voltage of ~14V instead of 110V), the wires are cut, never used, not capped.


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Making Bar Soap from Liquid Soap?Is it possible to skip the grating of bar soap such as Ivory and just use the liquid version?



What Breed Is My Dog?This is Elvis a 10 month old bitch. We think she's half Beagle, but any ideas on the rest of the mix? Maybe German Shepherd?


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Rights of Person Holding POA?I need legal advice. My mother is on her death bed and my sisters have power of attorney and have refused me seeing my mom. She lives with one of my sisters. Some one please help me find out how to see my mom before she dies.


Making Mosquito Traps?What is the best ways to make mosquito traps, if I don't have any apple cider, and I am not aloud to use meat or wine?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have a kitchen that has dark wood flooring, dark gray cabinets, and white walls. I need a splash of color and wondered what color would look best. I need a color for two insets in the wall and the high top table and 2 bar stools I have in there. Please help. I have black appliances.


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Value of Old World Book Encyclopedia?I have a set of World Book Encyclopedias, blue in color, with the newest copyright of 1949. I have the annual supplements from 1954 through 1973. All are in excellent condition. What is their value?


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