December 7, 2015

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No Sew Felt Phone Sleeve

Making a Felt Phone SleeveThis is a page about making a felt phone sleeve. No need to buy an expensive phone case. Using felt and a few other supplies you can make an inexpensive case to protect your phone.


powdered cocoa

Storing CocoaStoring cocoa properly will ensure that it stays fresh in between uses. This is a page about storing cocoa.


finished bunny mask

Making a Felt Bunny MaskThis is a page about making Easter bunny masks. These easy to make masks are great for pretend play or as party favors for an Easter party.


Making a Crocheted Itsy Bitsy Bow Teaser

Making a Crocheted Itsy Bitsy BowThis is a page about making a crocheted itsy bitsy bow. These tiny crocheted bows can be used for crafts, on clothing, or as fashion accessories.


Fan Patterned Fingerless Gloves

Making Fan Pattern Fingerless GlovesThis is a page about making fan patterned fingerless gloves. Many people love fingerless gloves because they keep your hands warm while allowing you to use your fingers freely. These crocheted fingerless gloves are the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.


Tassimo Coffee Maker

Crafts Using Tassimo Coffee Disks?This is a page about crafts using Tassimo coffee disks. Instead of throwing out your used Tassimo disks, why not find a creative way to reuse them.


box with the paper strips

Making a "You Are Loved" BoxThis is a page about making a "You Are Loved" box. This is a wonderful gift for someone special, to tell them why you love them.



"You Are Beautiful!" Frame

"You Are Beautiful!" FrameThis personalized frame is perfect if you are looking for a unique gift. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Making a Scrubbie Cubbie

Scrubbie CubbieWhen the back of my sink began looking like a mess of cleaning tools, I couldn't stand it anymore. With a dollar store gallon bag and three binder clips, I made a little "out of sight" place they can be handy. If you don't have the towel rack, you can still do this with three cup hooks to hang the clips on.


Bono lying down

Bono (German Shepherd)I adopted him. He likes to play tug of war.


Paper Plate Dream Catcher

Paper Plate Dream CatcherDream catchers make beautiful decorations, but are difficult for children to make. However this paper plate version is much easier and makes for a lot of colourful fun.


Take Time To Enjoy Your World

Take Time To Enjoy Your WorldIt has been said that only boring people ever get bored. I think there's a lot of truth in that saying. People who are easily bored lack a healthy curiosity about the world around them. Some people go all their lives without awareness of things that make other people's lives more enjoyable.


small ball of plarn

Making Yarn From Plastic BagsThis is a quick and easy way to create your own yarn from plastic bags. Not only are you recycling, but you can crochet some really cool things with it. I'm going to go do that right now.


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Quick and Easy Poached EggsFill a pot half way with water and bring to a boil. Spray the inside of a baggie with cooking spray and break one or more eggs into the baggie. Squeeze out most of the air while zipping the baggie closed. Drop the baggie into the pot of water reducing heat to medium/low and cover. I cooked two eggs for 5 minutes but increase/decrease time according to number of eggs being poached. The baggie allows for a good visual check during cooking. When the eggs are done, remove the baggie from the water using tongs. Open baggie carefully - contents will be hot - and simply pour the eggs out. No more stringy whites clinging to the inside of the pot!


Make Rice with Half the Calories

Make Rice with Half the CaloriesScientists have proven that by simply cooking your rice with some coconut oil then cooling, it changes the rice's digestible starch to indigestible starch, which prevents much of the rice from being metabolized into glucose, cutting the calories by about 60%.


Preventing Denture Pain

Preventing Denture PainTo help prevent sores, make sure you brush the inside of your dentures. The more food built up onto them, the more sores you'll get in your mouth.


Sophie tortoise shell kitten

Sophie (Tortoise Shell)This was a kitten we raised at our house and kept....a rescue. Sophie cuddles and follows me around when she is not sleeping.


Wire Hanging Shelf

Wire Hanging ShelfDo you have glasses, chargers, and other items you use frequently, but have no place to put them? If you do then this idea might help you.


Bocephus closeup

Bocephus (Walker Coonhound)We got him form the Humane Society in 2012. He likes to go for walks and play chase with our other dog.


Rainy Day Flying Disc

Rainy Day Flying DiscA special project for bad weather days that will give the kids something to look forward to playing with when the sun comes out. All children love colouring in so they will especially love making these easy Frisbee-like flying discs.


Storing Hangers in the Laundry Room

Storing Hangers in the Laundry RoomMy laundry room doesn't have any standard doors that would support a hanger hook. The breaker box door was the perfect location as it was out of the way so I came up with this.


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Home Remedy for Minor BurnsWhen you get burned, immerse your wound in flour for ten minutes. It should take away the pain and you should not get a blister.


Book Pages Christmas Wreath

Book Pages Christmas WreathMy husband is an avid book reader. He reads them and then places the books in three categories; keep, donate, and junk. I use the ones from the junk pile to upcycle, of course! Give this craft a try. It is my husband's twist on a Martha Stewart wreath. It's practically free!


Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern

Paper Plate Jack-O'-LanternPaper plate Jack-o'-lanterns are a fun, kid-friendly project to make at home or at school.


Peeling Boiled Eggs

Peeling Boiled EggsYears ago when I cooked a lot, I read a tip for preventing eggs from cracking while being boiled. The method was simple; punch a hole in one end of the eggs with a pin before dropping them into the water.



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Dog Not Feeding Her Puppies?My beautiful Pit Bull had 7 healthy pups 3 weeks ago today. She has been a great new mother. However yesterday one of boobies has started to swell up. She seemed fine. But today I got home from work and it's very large, hard, and she seems in much pain and won't feed the pups.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?Does anyone know what plant this could be?


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Piercing a Wine Cork for Stringing?I have a large collection of wine corks and I'm not sure what the best way is to pierce one. I would like to be able to string 4 ft. long, vertical rows of cork, instead of gypsy beads. Also, is there some underlying process that I should know about staining wine corks?


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Dining Room Table Runner Color Advice?My dining room is mint green. We have blue and gold curtains. What color runner should we use on our table?


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Samsung Front Load Washer Won't Start?I have a Samsung front load washing machine. When I turn it on all I get is a humming sound. I can turn it by hand easily. Any help would be appreciated.


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Value of The Children's Encyclopedia by Arthur Mee?I have the set of Arthur Mee children's encyclopedias volume 1-10 in perfect condition. They were printed, while he was still alive, in Great Britain by The Amalgamated Press, Ltd London. They are all original and in fantastic condition. I would like to know what they are worth.


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Discontinued Graham and Brown Wallpaper?Does anybody know where i can get hold of some discontinued Graham and Brown wallpaper, pattern no. 11525?


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Information on Northern Reel Mower?My father-in-law gave me a aluminum reel mower his dad used. It says Northern Mower Co. Huntsville, Indiana. Anyone heard or know anything about it?


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Sofa Bed Cushions Raised?My cushions rise after closing. Is one of my bar frames bent? How do I solve this problem?


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Curtain Color Advice?I have black leather furniture, very light green walls, a black granite fireplace, and a rug. The rug has the following colors light green, rust, and black lines. I do not know what color the curtains should be. I am at a loss.


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Rooting Pussy Willow?Can you tell me when is the best time to root a pussy willow plant/tree?


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?My father died in 2005 and my mom has been receiving checks in my name from my father's Social Security. When I turned 18 my last check came in and my mom asked me to sign it over to her because I was 18. Could I have said no and kept the check? Or was I required to sign it over to her?


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