February 27, 2016

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Taking a Cruise With Children?This is a page about taking a cruise with children. There are special things to consider when planning a cruise accompanied by your children or grandchildren.


Planning a Cruise?This is a page about planning a cruise. Planning your cruise is very important to its ultimate enjoyment.


Easter Egg Lunch

Easter Egg LunchThis is a page about Easter egg lunch. Repurpose plastic Easter eggs and use them as colorful containers for a fun lunch to take to school or work.


Gaining the Trust of a Rescue Cat

Gaining the Trust of a Rescue Cat?This is a page about gaining the trust of a rescue cat. Rescued pets have often suffered neglect and, even worse, abuse from previous owners.


Banana-Cinnamon Muffins with Crumb Topping

Banana-Cinnamon Muffins with Crumb...The amazing aroma and taste of banana cinnamon muffins make them a breakfast delight. This is a page about banana-cinnamon muffins with crumb topping.


Preparing Your Garden for the First Frost

Preparing Your Garden for the First FrostThis is a page about preparing for the first frost. Understanding the damage frost can do to your garden plants will help you prepare to protect them from its destructive effects.


Tiny Sewing Repair Kit

Making a Tiny Sewing Repair KitThis is a page about making a tiny sewing repair kit. There are times when having a really small sewing kit in your purse or backpack would be really helpful.


Taking Pride in Being Frugal

Taking Pride in Being FrugalThis is a page about taking pride in being frugal. There are many personal rewards that result from living a frugal lifestyle.


Growing Oak Trees From Acorns

Growing Oak Trees From AcornsThis is a page about how to grow oak trees from acorns. Starting an oak tree from an acorn is fun and easy to do.


Planning a Large First Birthday Party

Planning a Large First Birthday Party?This is a page about planning a large first birthday party. For some families a child's first birthday is an occasion warranting a special, sometimes large party.


Finding Your Frost Dates

Finding Your Frost DatesThis is a page about finding your frost dates. Knowing your regional frost dates is important to any gardener.



Peanut (Pomeranian/Dachshund)

Peanut (Pomeranian/Dachshund)I got him off Craigslist at 9 weeks. He loves tennis balls! He really loves to cuddle.



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Dishwasher Trips the Breaker?I have a dishwasher breaker problem. My dishwasher was replaced with a new unit because the old unit would trip the breaker. The new dishwasher is on a designated 20 amp circuit. The new washer would also would trip the breaker after about two minutes.


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Value of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia?I am trying to determine if a complete set of Funk and Wagnalls Standard encyclopedia from the early 1900s has any value?


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Adding Cream Cheese to Peanut Butter Frosting?I make a peanut butter frosting from scratch and was wondering if I could add cream cheese to make the frosting a wee bit more sturdy, yet tasteful.


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Water in Door Seal of Maytag Washer?My Maytag Maxima xl washer has a bunch of water in the door seal after completing the wash cycle. Any thoughts?


Skinny German Shepherd

Skinny German Shepherd?Roxy turned nine back in September, but she has been awfully skinny for the past few years. Lately it seems worse than usually. She has long fur, so it's hard to tell unless you pet her. She's probably around 45 pounds. She hardly eats her food without us putting something in it to make her want to.


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Remedy for Dog with Stinky Fur and Flaky Skin?I recently rescued a male Pit Bull from off the streets. I live in Newark, New Jersey and one night I was parking my car and he (Rocket the Pit Bull) was standing outside in the cold. I thought he was lost so I brought him inside. He stunk and was literally skin and bones (I could count his ribs).


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Smoke Alarm Keeps Beeping?I have a Kidde model 12060 hardwired smoke detector with battery back up. I came home and the unit was beeping. I put in a new battery. That was no good; it is still chirping. I tried a 2nd battery and the same thing. I turned off the circuit breaker, took out the battery, and it is still chirping.


tan and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?The people I got him from said he was a Shepherd/Husky mix. He is right at 8 weeks old, but he's still small. Is he mixed with something else?


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Removing Epoxy Glue from Skin?What is a good way to remove epoxy glue from hands?


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Information About Parvo Virus?My granddaughter purchased 2 six week old pups. At 9 weeks the male started having symptoms of parvo. He is in treatment and was quarantined at the vet's yesterday. The sister started vomiting this morning and has been rushed to the vet.


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Repurposing or Reusing Socks?Anyone know of ways to reuse or repurpose socks? I have a lot of men's socks not being used, so ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Making a Tin Man Wind Chime?I located instructions on how to make a tin man out of cans. How would I go about making a tin man wind chime?


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Kitchen Tap Water Smells for 15 Seconds?For the past two months our kitchen faucet water has started to smell like decayed organic matter. It tastes funny too. But it happens for only the first 15 seconds or so. We use the water after we let it run for first 15 seconds. We also checked all the other taps in our home, but none of the other taps smell.


No Power After Installing New Ceiling Fan?I am puzzled, I just installed a fan with light kit replacing an older fan that also had a light kit. The new fan worked for about 3 minutes then I lost power to that room. I reset the breaker in the breaker box and nothing, no power.


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Pattern for Bath Towel Jacket?I am looking for the 1950s Jamara bath towel jacket pattern, that uses 2 large bath towels. It would be nice to just have the pattern, or a printable pattern?


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Dog Piddling in Her Bed When Lying Down?I have a five year old Lab who is properly house trained. She has been drinking a lot of water the last couple of months and has also started piddling in her bed when she is lying down. She gets up sniffs her bed then goes upstairs. We have had her to the vet who says there is nothing wrong.


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Storing Celery in the Refrigerator?What is the best way to store cut pieces of celery in the refrigerator?


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Storing Cauliflower in the Refrigerator?What is the best way to store raw cauliflower in a refrigerator?


dark pink bump

Bump on German Shepherd?I have a 7 month old German shepherd. I just found this lump/bump on him recently. I just wanted to see if anyone knew anything before I went to the vet. It's very small and has a scab on it and it seems to hurt him when I poked at it a little. It's on his back closer to his neck.


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