June 9, 2016

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Wild Onion plant in bloom

Getting Rid Of Wild OnionsUnless you are willing to eat them out of existence in your yard and garden, getting rid of wild onions can seem hopeless. This is a page about getting rid of wild onions.


Piece of carrot cake against a white background

Making a Carrot Cake Recipe With Canned...Even if you don't have fresh carrots you can still make a delicious carrot cake. This is a page about making a carrot cake recipe with canned carrots.


Red lit burner on a glass top stove

Repairing Scratches on a Glass Top Stove?This is a page about repairing scratches on a glass top stove. Usually easier to keep clean than a conventional range, scratches can mar the glass surface.


Hands forming a bowl on a pottery wheel

Craft Activities for Blind People?This is a page about craft activities for blind people. Loss of vision does not necessarily mean an end to crafting.


Making Crocheted Nesting Baskets

Making Crocheted Nesting BasketsThis is a page about making crocheted nesting baskets. Nesting baskets are a great way to have extra storage when you need it, in your craft room or anywhere.


Glass of Grape soda with ice and a straw against a white background

Cleaning a Grape Soda Stain on CarpetThis page is about cleaning a grape soda stain on carpet. Food dye stains sometimes need creative solutions to be removed.


Hand pouring fabric softener into washing machine compartment

Cleaning Fabric Softener Build Up...This is a page about cleaning fabric softener build up from a washer. Fabric softener can build up and become a gooey mess in the dispenser on your washer.


Pot with burnt residue on the left and the same pot cleaned on the right

Cleaning Burnt Sugar from a Stainless Steel...This page is about cleaning burnt sugar from a stainless steel pot. When sugar is burned onto a pan, it can be a challenge to remove.


Home Deep Fryer with Fried chicken and chicken and sauces on table

Safe Oils for Deep Frying Foods?This is a page about safe oils for deep frying foods. Choosing the safest oil for your cooking needs can be confusing.


Sand Flea on sand

Borax vs. Salt for FleasThis is a page about borax vs. salt for fleas. Choosing the most effective, natural product to get rid of fleas can be confusing. It can also be frustrating if your first choice fails.


Macaroni and cheese being poured from a saucepan to a serving dish

Stove Top Mac and Cheese RecipesYou don't have to heat up the oven to have a delicious meal of mac and cheese. This is a page about stove top mac and cheese recipes.


Small room containing a cabinet that is too large for the space and a tilted couch that won't fit

Moving Into a Smaller HouseThis is a page about moving into a smaller house. Moving into a smaller house can be liberating, but also very stressful at least initially.



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Reduce Monthly Water Bill to $9.00Hey all. I don't have the option to save a lot on all my utilities, but I have learned to save a lot on my water.


Frozen Aloe Vera Gel for Sunburn

Frozen Aloe Vera Gel for SunburnIf you have a sunburn, hopefully this tip should help. Put aloe vera gel into a tray. Once frozen, you can apply onto the burn to give the relief of cooling, from aloe and ice.


Getting the stains out

Deodorant to Remove Underarm StainsI bought a beautiful white sweater at a yard sale. The challenge though was the sweater had large yellow armpit stains. I got all sorts of advice, use OXI, use vinegar, use lemon juice, use baking soda; they all failed. Then someone said use what "caused the stain", deodorant.


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Take Chapstick EverywhereMost of the time, you would carry around chap-stick in your purse, pocket, etc, for your lips. But it is also good to have for other purposes.


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A Different Perspective about RecyclingI was told to remove labels and wash out the can before smashing it and putting it in the recycle bin. I did that for quite awhile until my cousin asked me which was more valuable, the water to wash the can, or the tin recycled.


Homemade Meat Marinades

Homemade Meat MarinadeI love making marinades! Not only do they give meat flavor but also tenderizes meat. You can do this on shopping day before you freeze all your meat, using heavy duty freezer bags. Meat preparation on food shopping day!


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13th Birthday Scavenger HuntInstead of a scavenger hunt at the mall, my party was a scavenger hunt around the city! Everyone met at my house. My aunt bought four different colors of bandanas. Outside were 4-5 different cars waiting for all the teams We did stuff at gas stations, fire departments, KFC, we even had to stand on a 10 foot billboard and jump down!


My Five Labs

My Four Labs (Labrador Retrievers)They love to sleep, run, eat; repeat.


Homemade Meat Marinades

Marinating and Freezing MeatOn shopping day before you freeze all your meat, you can marinate it using heavy duty freezer bags.


Open Caps with Nut Cracker

Open Caps with Nut CrackerIf arthritis or just weak wrists prevent you or a loved one from opening some tough bottle caps, try a nut cracker. Works like a charm!



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Re-dyeing Hair?I have gone from golden/platinum blonde to maroon, 2 weeks ago. The red already washed out, but I really liked the dark brown color. Now it is at this medium brown with my roots still semi-maroon. I would like to re-dye my hair to a rich dark brown color instead of the maroon.


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Job Ideas for a 10 Year Old?My kid is 10 years old and wants to earn money because she is tired of being broke. What job is best, that is safe and good for her to do?


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Having a Power of Attorney Revoked Due to Abuse?My aunt has POA over my grandmother. After a recent yearly visit, I noticed bruising on both my grandmother's arms. The home carer also documented the bruising. When questioned my grandmother said to the carer, to ask her daughter about it. When I asked, she said her daughter sometimes grabs and shakes her.


brown and tan dog

Is This Dog a Belgian Malinois?Is this a normal dog or a cross Belgian Malinois? I'm about to buy it.


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Keeping a Dog on Your Property?How do I prevent my Rott from breaking his leash? I live in a trailer park and he has broken his leash. I put him on a chain and now he is breaking my shed. I don't know what to do to fix this problem. He gets excited when he sees people and is pulling on his leash.


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Killing Mold in Homemade Wrinkle Releaser?Could alcohol or vinegar be added to homemade wrinkle releaser to kill mold in it?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?We have a light green paint in the family room and I am not sure what color will complement it in the kitchen. The cabinets are oak wood.


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Cleaning Rate for Vacation Cabins?Here is my issue, I have been working at a resort cleaning cabins for a year now. I have been getting paid a salary of 686.62 for this year and now they want to change it up and pay me by the cabin. They want me to come up with reasonable prices and I have no idea what to charge.


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Keeping Cat Off Coffee Table?My 1 year old, male Siamese, strictly indoor cat keeps jumping on my coffee table and knocking cups with fluids in them over. No matter what I do he keeps doing it.


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Collecting Survivor Benefits for a Minor Child?My daughter just found out that her child's father passed away. He had never seen his daughter, but he did pay support for her through the court. How does my daughter go about getting her child survivor benefits? She has no information on him such as Social Security or death certificate.


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Repairing Ice Maker Shut Off Arm?I have an inside the freezer icemaker that was doing fine and now the inside part of the shut off arm keeps falling out of it's socket or whatever it's attached to. Anyone have any ideas about this?


flower pots on stands for cigarette butts, with shell decorations

Gluing Round Shells to Wood?How do you glue around conch shells to a piece of landscape timber without looking so ugly on the wood. I use hight temperature glue gun and it keeps falling off. I live in Florida and I'm glueing with low humidity.


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Repairing Keys on a Typewriter?I have a Smith Corona electric typewriter, the number 8 ad these keys o, i, & l will not type.


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Windshield Washer Container Leaking?I have a leaking windshield washer container problem on my Lincoln 2004 LS.


side view of bug

What Is This Bug?Does anyone know what these bugs are? They run along my counter tops and back splash in the kitchen. I have checked all food products and cleaned all the cabinets and drawers with bleach, but they are still showing up. They don't fly as far as I have seen, but they are really fast crawlers.


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Re-dyeing Hair?Yesterday the hairdresser used foils to lift the general colour of my hair (using toner instead of bleach), but the streaks are really obvious and are a mixture of blondish and ginger against my medium brown hair.


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Value of Ashton-Drake Dolls?I have the complete collection of heroines from the fairy-tales forests and wanted to know their value. Can anyone help me?


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Temporary Dentures Painful ?I had my all my teeth pulled in January and they gave me my temporary dentures. I wore them for about two weeks and then my mouth starting hurting. I had them adjusted. I thought it was fine, but it just got worse so I stopped wearing them. Will I be able to wear my permanent ones when I get them?


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Qualifying for Social Security Survivor Benefits?Does the deceased person have to have previois work history for the child to receive death benifits? My son's father recently passed away and I'm curious as to how I can get benifits for him.


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Keeping a Pet Roly Poly?Can a role poly live in a container with no sticks or dirt, just grass?


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14th Birthday Ideas?I'm totally stuck on what I should do with my friends for my 14th birthday party. I don't want it to be babyish, but I still wanna have a laugh. Any ideas?


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Receiving Survivor Benefits While in School?I am not passing my grades in school will this effect the amount of money I receive monthly?


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