July 18, 2016

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Hands using a tablet displaying the words "Online Banking"

Online Banking AdviceThis is a page about online banking advice. Today much of your banking transactions can easily and securely be done online.


Peeling Ginger Guide

Peeling GingerThis is a page about peeling ginger. Prior to using fresh ginger root in a recipe you will need to peel it.


Buying Awesome Cleaner

Buying Awesome Cleaner?This is a page about buying Awesome cleaner. Awesome is an all purpose cleaner, degreaser, and spot remover. It is available from several retail outlets and on-line.


Dump cake (cake with canned mixed fruit  in it) on a white plate.

Quick Dessert RecipesOftentimes you want to have a recipe for a quick dessert to make for dinner or for a popup occasion.This page contains quick dessert recipes.


Decorative Decoupaged Letters

Making Decoupaged LettersThis is a page about making decoupaged letters. Wood or paper letters from a craft store can be decoupaged to create a unique decoration for your home or to give as a gift.


Pineapple-habanero sauce in a glass jar

Pineapple Dessert Sauce RecipeThis is a page about pineapple dessert sauce recipe. Homemade pineapple sauce can be served with a variety of desserts.


Cutting Wine Corks in Half

Cutting Wine Corks in Half?This is a page about cutting wine corks in half. Wine corks are often used in crafts. For some projects they need to be halved. Cutting them cleanly in half can be difficult.


Close up of a chicken sandwich with dressing pouring out from between the buns

Sandwich Dressing RecipeThis is a page about sandwich dressing recipe. Creating your own sandwich dressing is simple to do using any combination of ingredients to suit your taste.


"You're Invited" Spelled out on a napkin

Family Reunion Invitation Ideas?This is a page about family reunion invitation ideas. Consider creating your own family reunion invitations. That way they can be unique and specific to your family event.


Value of a Set of The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls

Value of a Set of The Bookshelf for Boys...This is a page about value of a set of, "The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls". Some vintage children's books have value, while others have very little.


Ladle holding Italian Salad Dressing

Olive Garden House Dressing (Copycat)This is a page about Olive Garden house dressing (copycat). Recreating a favorite restaurant's house dressing can be hit and miss.


Slices of frosted banana cake

Frosted Banana Bread SquaresThis is a page about frosted banana bread squares. These banana bread squares are dressed up with a delicious frosting.


Trivet (hot pad) made from wine corks inside metal hoop

Making a Wine Cork Trivet/CoasterWine corks are perfect for keeping heat off furniture surfaces. This is a page about making a wine cork trivet or coaster.



bird nesting on light about hospital entrance

Feathered Welcome Wagon - Nesting BirdThis little darling sits atop what appears to be a light and greets each person who walks through the doors of the emergency room. All the nurses loved it! I hope they let this little one stay here, since she has been here the whole time I have been staying here in the hospital with my mom.


crock pot outside

Keep Cool By Cooking OutsideInstead of heating up my kitchen, I do a lot of cooking outside on the porches. I've enjoyed using my George Foreman, crockpot, toaster oven, and grill to help keep the house cool during this hot weather. I have an old hot plate that I may be dragging out soon.


mantis watching spider eat caterpillar

Mantis Watches Jumping Spider Eat...Yesterday while inspecting my clematis, I came across an amazing scene, in miniature, of nature at her most wild. At the top left of the photo you'll notice a baby praying mantis. He is intently interested in what you'll notice at the bottom right of the photo, a jumping spider making a meal of a caterpillar.



foliage plant with light green leaves with darker stripes

Identifying a Houseplant?My house plant has a little bundle at the base, dark green thin stems, with oval shaped lighter green leaves with darker green stripes going through them. It's very easy to take care of and I want to buy more!


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Helping Dyed Hair Fade?I dyed my hair in the beginning of this month, and I wanna know how long will it take to fade all the way out, or to start fading? Is there any way I can make it start fading myself?


dark haired doll wearing a dark maroon coat with white fur collar and cuffs

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I have this beautiful doll in great condition I would like to sell. However, I cannot see any markings or tags. She comes with a stand. How can I identify this doll and find out the value - if any please?


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Giving Away Trees for Lumber?I live in Pulaski county Kentucky, close to Somerset. I have several big oak trees and some pine as well. It might be tricky cutting them down, but I've seen some done before. They are free for the safe cut and haul, with no clean up. I can cut the limbs or burn them. How do I find someone to cut them?


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Mail Sent USPS Not Received?My sister sent a priority mail containing an international passport to me from another state. We tracked it and showed that it was scanned into my mail box, but I didn't find it in my box. I've complained to the USPS, they promised to investigate, but I've yet to hear any positive news about it from them.


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Rock Stuck Between Washer Plastic and Tub?There is a rock stuck between the washer plastic and tub. It is a Whirlpool Duet Sport. Is there an easy way to get the rock out? I can see it, but the tub doesn't move to get it out.


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Keeping Dust Down in House?My home is constantly dusty. I have an electric furnace with a heat pump. How do I keep the dust down so I don't have to dust everyday?


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Finding Free or Low Cost Veterinarian?I can't afford any payments until the first of the month, but my cat has been bitten by a Pit Bull and is really hurt. She's walking, but not eating, is sore, and won't eat. She's missing a tooth and her jaw is kinda hanging! I can make payments and always pay on the first but I need to take her in now.


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Cleaning a Wooden Banister?How do you clean a wooden banister?


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Cleaning White Board?My fiancé and I bought our daughter an easel for Christmas. It has a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other. I decided I was going to clean it so it would be nice and shiny when our daughter found it Christmas morning. I used Windex. Now I can't remove markers without using it each time.


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Bobbin Thread Catching and Tangling?I'm ready to throw my Singer Tradition sewing machine out of the window. I'm about two thirds of the way through making a dress and now the thread keeps getting caught above the bobbin so that there are several threads coming up through the hole and everything jams.


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Selling a Doll Collection?I have numerous Franklin Mint dolls and was wondering how to go about selling them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Cleaning White Baseboards?Our home has white baseboards which need to be cleaned often. I have RA and can't get down to clean them. How do I clean them and is there anything I can apply that will keep them cleaner longer?


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Is Stepparent Responsible for Child Support?I am going to be marrying, my soon to be husband, and he is on SSI and has kids that he sees once a month. He went to the courts before I met him and they ruled that he did not have to pay child support. Can his ex come after me for child support?


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Donating Fabric and Patterns?I want to donate fabric that I did not use. Can I donate patterns also? Where can it donate these sewing items?


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Dye Bled Onto Dress in Wash?I have a white lace dress with a black zipper. It says dry clean, but I washed it in cold water. The dye as come from the zipper onto the lace dress. The dress is just lace no underskirt so it's see through. How can I get the dye out?


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Older Dog Not Eating and Vomiting?We have a 14 year old dog that has always been healthy. He started eating less which we associated with age. The past week plus he stopped eating altogether. After a visit and overnight stay at the vet, all tests came back negative.


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