July 20, 2016

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Glam Shoes

Making Glitter High Heel ShoesThis is a page about making glitter high heel shoes. Glam up a pair of plain or older shoes by applying a coating of glitter.


Tealight candle burning in the dark

Camp Cooking With TealightsThis is a page about camp cooking with tealights. Depending on the type of camping you like to do, there may be several methods that work well for cooking your meals.


Pile of dried garbanzo beans on white background

Using Dried Garbanzo Beans?Using dried beans in your recipes can be an economical alternative to canned. This is a page about using dried garbanzo beans.


Red mug containing hot chocolate with mini marshmallows

Saving Money on Hot ChocolateFrom price shopping to making your own mix, there are ways you can save money on hot chocolate. This is a page about saving money on hot chocolate.


Old cemetery with tombstones and trees

Removing Tree Sap from a Tombstone?This is a page about removing tree sap from a tombstone. Tree sap can often be fairly easily removed from many surfaces, using a variety of products that act as solvents.


Homemade Iced Tea

Making Iced Tea at HomeThis page is about making iced tea at home. Save money and create your favorite iced tea beverage in your own kitchen.


Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruit

Frozen Yogurt Covered FruitThis simple recipe combines the delicious flavors of fresh fruit and yogurt for a tasty frozen treat. This is a page about frozen yogurt covered fruit.


Jello firecrackers in red, white and blue with a cherry.

Making Jello FirecrackersThis is a page about making Jello firecrackers. These festive tiny desserts will be a big hit at your 4th of July party. They can be made for children or in an adults only version.


Writing a check

Saving Money on ChecksThis is a page about saving money on checks. There are a number of options for buying checks, from your bank or retail suppliers.


Distressed woman in shirt that is white hombre to pink holding laundry detergent bottle

White Clothing Turned PinkThis is a page about white clothing turned pink. Clothing in the wash can pickup dye from other items and change color.


Puppy getting shots

When Do Puppies Need Shots?This is a page about when do puppies need shots?. There is a generally agreed upon schedule for giving your puppy his or her shots.


Decorated Rice Krispy Bunnies

Making Rice Krispy Treat BunniesRice krispy treat mix can easily be shaped into cute bunnies for Easter or other occasions. This is a page about making rice krispy treat bunnies.


Make Drawer Handles into Mini Frames

Make Drawer Handles into Mini FramesThis is a page about make drawer handles into mini frames. Photo frames can be made from a wide variety of repurposed items.


Top view of a jar of mayonnaise with spoon

Freezing Foods Containing Mayonnaise?This is guide about freezing foods containing mayonnaise. Mayonnaise tends to separate when frozen, making freezing food containing it an uncommon practice.


Camping Food Ideas

Camping Food IdeasThis is a page about camping food ideas. There are several things to consider when choosing the best foods to take on a camping trip.


Women's leg with black hose that have a run in them

Keeping Pantyhose From RunningThis is a page about keeping pantyhose from running. Panty hose seem to frequently get runs in them.


Orange tabby kitten in grass and flowers

Repelling Neighborhood CatsThis is a page about repelling neighborhood cats. Neighborhood cats can quickly become a nuisance, when they decide that your yard and gardens are their personal toilet.


Rice Krispy Nests

Making Rice Krispy Treat NestsAnother cute Easter treat can be made using crispy rice cereal to create bird nests to hold jelly beans or other small candy eggs. This is a page about Rice Krispy treat nests.


Geraniums with pink and white flowers

Repelling Mosquitos with GeraniumsThis is a page about repelling mosquitos with geraniums. Certain plants work well to repel various types of insects, both the ones that attack your garden plants and those that like to nibble on you.



chickens munching dandelions

Weeds for ChickensIf you have chickens, when you get done pulling weeds, toss them in their chicken coop. Chickens are especially fond of dandelions.


Carefully Read Food Ingredient Labels

Carefully Read Food Ingredient LabelsI've always read food labels. While I had no problems eating anything, I did tend to shy away from foods with a high salt content. Something else I looked for, particularly in meat products, was 'by products'. I avoided them entirely.


Mittens wearing glasses and false nose

Mittens (Cat)We got Mittens when she was 10 weeks old. A family was moving and had 4 kittens they were looking for homes for.


kayak hanging

DIY Kayak HangerI needed a solution to store my kayaks off the ground and came up with this. This project uses ratchet tie downs, which I had an abundance of, to hang kayaks off the ground.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Girl's 15th Birthday Party Ideas?I am having my 15th birthday in a few weeks and I want to have a party/get together with my friends, but I have absolutely no ideas about what to do. I have done BBQs, nails, cinema, etc. I would like it to not be expensive - the cheaper the better! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


tall multi branched plant with dark green leaves

What Is This Houseplant?Can someone tell me the name of this plant?


Identifying a Carved Wood Mask

Identifying a Carved Wood Mask?This wooden mask decorated with metal and beads looks African. It is hand carved with these dimensions 8 1/2 " by 25". Any information about origin and value, would be appreciated.


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Buying a Camera?Does anyone know of a great camera for under $250? I'm going to camp and want to take some really tumblr like pics with my friends. I would love them to be high quality and for it to have a timer, great zoom, and video. Waterproof would be nice, but that's doing more than pushing it.


partial photo of light brown dog

What Breed Is My Dog?Can anybody tell me this dog's breed?


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Dog Peeing on Carpet When Left Alone?I have a 10 month old black Lab who is relieving himself on the carpet when I'm at work. I work from 3 pm to 12 am. I take him out two times before I go to work, one quick potty break in the morning before breakfast, and then about an hour right before I go to work.


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Getting a Loan to Rebuild After a Fire?Can I use my property as collateral to get loan to rebuild a burned house? I have no insurance.


damaged area

Remedy for Scalp and Hair Damage from...I got a relaxer done at a teaching salon many years ago. It wasn't completely washed out of the top and back of my head. My hair fell out over the course of a week and left a bald spot. My hair has grown back, but that section is extremely frizzy, and it doesn't grow as fast as the rest of my hair.


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Information on Eclipse Reel Mower?I have an Eclipse Model H Ball Bearing reel mower that belonged to my grandpa. I currently use it to mow my yard and want to restore it. The paint that is left on it is silver and green. I'm not sure if these are original paint colors or if he painted it. I would also like to know the year of this model.


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Gift Ideas for Mother's Birthday?My mother's 45th birthday is tomorrow and I don't know what to give her! I am currently not able to leave my house. What am I supposed to make or arrange?


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Plastic Banner Stuck to Deck Railing?I bought a plastic red, white, and blue banner. I attached it to my deck vinyl railing and it stuck to my white railing. Any ideas how I can get the coloring off my railing? I tried a Magic Eraser with water, lemon oil, and Goo Gone and no luck.


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Comic Book Characters Birthday Party?I'm having a birthday party in December and the theme is comic book characters. We need to find a place to have this party at that is cheap and semi big. We are having about 15 to 25 girls over.


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Daycare Names and Catchy Slogan Ideas?I live in Atlanta. I'm in the process of opening a daycare. I want a name that has the word " achievers" in the title.


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm having my 17th bday party on the 31st of July, which is soon. I have no ideas on how to keep my friends entertained!


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Slogan Ideas for Daycare Business?I am looking for a good slogan/motto to go with "Kaitlin's Playcare"?


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Keeping Crickets Out of the House?Every summer we have at least one cricket enter our bedroom from the patio door. I am wondering if there was something I could spray to keep them from wanting to come inside that won't effect our cat?


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Geting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?I dyed my hair last year honey blonde. The roots have grown in and only the tips were honey blonde like I wanted. I recently dyed my full head of hair back to black, however, it turned out too black and looks blue. I tried Color Oops and now I have brown roots and the blonde tips are back.


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