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Camping Food Ideas

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There are several things to consider when choosing the best foods to take on a camping trip. This is a guide about camping food ideas.


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July 16, 2010

I am looking for ideas for good campground food.

By Nathan from Sioux Falls, SD


July 18, 20100 found this helpful

I have several old favorites we have used while camping over the years, it is all according to what type camper and equipment you have. Ours is a motorhome, fully stocked. I love chicken leg quarters I get on sale and freeze. I pop however many we need into our crockpot, seasoned with dried rosemary, thyme, a dash of salt and pepper, and cook all night. Next day, use the juices to make a nice thick gravy, and have over rice,with biscuits (We go to Hardees or somewhere for breakfast and buy our biscuits extra for our meal and take them back with us.) and corn on the cob. Can't beat it anywhere.


Another recipe we love is Bubble & Squeak, a one pot layered, simmered meal of chopped cabbage, sliced potatoes, and a kielbasa or polish sausage cut into wheels. Layer until you use it all up in a large pot or frying pan. Add 1/2 to 1 C water, cover and simmer until potatoes and cabbage is done. Recipe will feed Pharoe's Army, my family says, about 6 or 8: if you have a large cabbage and potatoes, will feed about 12 at a potluck dinner. Only one pot needs cleaning, no sticking or messes.

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July 20, 20100 found this helpful

We always stayed in tents and cooked on the campfire. On our first night we would always have foil dinners. We would make them at home and put them in the ice chest. Tear off a long piece of heavy duty aluminum foil and lay out on counter. Wash and slice a potato into round slices about a 1/4 inch thick. Lay in the middle of the foil. Add chopped celery and sliced carrots. Make a hamburger patty from ground beef or a pre-frozen patty. Lay on top of vegetables. Slice an onion into slices about a 1/4 inch thick and lay on top of hamburger. Add salt and pepper. Bring edges up around mixture and fold down to seal on all sides. You can place these directly on the campfire to cook. Check periodically to see if they are done. You can substitute chicken breasts for the hamburger.


We always liked this for the first night because everything was already prepared and all we had to do was cook it.

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September 5, 20160 found this helpful

We like foil dinners we call Hobo Stew. I make them in foil pans purchased at the Dollar Store, makes it easier to handle especially when there is juice involved in the recipe. Take beef cubes and add to the pan (we do individual pans and make each one to the person's taste). Cut up a potato and add along with cut up carrots, celery and mushrooms if desired. Add beef broth to come up half way through the pan. Cover with foil and place on the campfire grill for about an hour. Make biscuits on a stick and you have a complete, filling meal after a hard, fun day at camp.

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July 16, 20100 found this helpful

I would like to get recipes and storage ideas for camping and RV-ing.

Lynn T from Central AR


Camping Food Ideas

Scones can be made with no fridge ingredients.

  • 3 cups self raising flour
  • 1 cup UHT cream
  • 1 cup lemonade

These are a nice quick treat, you can add cheese, bacon bits, etc. to make them savoury or just serve with butter and jam for sweet. (05/26/2008)

By moncarroll

Camping Food Ideas

I find that Suddenly Salad is a great, inexpensive make-a-head and serve cold side dish. I found a coupon for a dollar off of 2 in the Sunday paper and Walmart had them on sale for $1.19 each. I always see them advertised in circulars. (05/26/2008)


By hserra84

Camping Food Ideas

I always have my cast iron pot and lid. You can bake anything in the hot coals like our ancestors did. It keeps food warm for a long time, too. Try roast, fish, stew, soups, chili, or a big pot of hot chocolate, too. (05/28/2008)

By Cariboo Lady

Camping Food Ideas

I always have electric skillet when camping RV or tent either one. Most sites these days have plug-ins unless you get a "primitive site" which has neither. I's also a good thing to have poly hot pot or other electric coffee maker, especially if it's the tall kind. You can heat corn on the cob inside one or make hard boiled eggs. I've done both!

If your good at camping like my mom was, then you can wow everyone with fried canned biscuits! They taste great. Everything cooked outside is better. Lightly grease the skillet and put in canned biscuits. They will darken, but won't rise. Good tasting, too.


Eggs: boil a few at home and keep cold until snack time or time to make tuna sandwiches. Break them into a storage container and freeze. If you plan on using 4 for breakfast then break 4 into a Ziplock or something. Make French toast at home then when it cools put it back in the bread sack until you need it then reheat it in the toaster!

Nobody I ever knew likes to shop at camp stores. A lot of times in the town nearest the campground we stopped and got things we would either eat that evening or in the next couple of days, even ice cream. Plus campground store prices are normally higher then other stores. You might keep in mind, too, that the kids or grandkids really don't need a Popsicle everyday or any of the candies because Saturday night we will all drive to town for an ice cream sundae.

Don't use round containers if you can help it, your space is better used with square ones. We always parked close to the shower house/wash house/playground so my mother used her tiny RV bathroom/shower for extra storage. The short walk to the RR didn't kill anyone.

Another thing that is expensive at camp is firewood. One of our first "jobs" when we got their was for my sis and I to gather kindling and wood for that night, or pay their price for only a few sticks.

One last thing: if you like to leave your coffee cup on the picnic table at night you might thank me for telling you that overnight, a coffee cup will collect a variety of bugs. Turn it upside down. Early morning coffee doesn't have to start with a scream when you look down and see several winged creatures drowned at the bottom.

Happy camping ! (05/28/2008)

By melody_yesterday

Camping Food Ideas

Two ideas: homemade Bisquick-like product, and also when we hit a washboard road it vibrated our rig so much, I will always have padding under our cupboard items to prevent breakage. (05/28/2008)

By kimhis

Camping Food Ideas

Ziplocks are amazing. Let's say we plan to make pancakes, measure out all dry ingredients and put in one bag. If it is a really short overnight then I put all wet ingredients in another (make sure your seal is tight!). I put my meats in them, Ziplocks, with the marinade I want or spices for rub, that way I do not have to carry the spice containers with me. We used to camp with a family that used old Pringles or Lay's round-ish empty containers to repack for space savers. She would mark on them what it was and what to do with it. Their kids even had snacks doled out in their own personal containers. They had secure lids and kept the bugs out they said. Make sure to have fun and experiment. (05/29/2008)

By 3-4-T

Camping Food Ideas

I'm not sure how primitive you will be, but you can cook lots of things at home and wrap in foil to be reheated over an open fire. We really like to make what we call a hobo meal. In a piece of foil put your hamburger patties, potatoes (sliced), carrots (sliced), onions (sliced), and or any veggies you might enjoy and seasoning. Wrap the foil tightly and lay these in the coals around a hot fire. It takes about an hour to cook. Enjoy.

By Carol

Camping Food Ideas

Don't forget to bring solar lights/lanterns, you know the ones in your yard. Some even have on/off switches on them. Charge them during the day and set around during night. You never need to replace batteries camping and people/kids feel safer being able to see around the camp at night. Save a couple for the kids to carry around, also. (06/25/2008)

By mountain grandma

Camping Food Ideas

If you use ice chests use block ice (not cubes), it will last much longer. And freeze some water in plastic milk jugs, you have drinking/food water as it melts. (06/25/2008)

By mountain grandma

Camping Food Ideas

Oh, mouthwash in a spray bottle, sprayed around camp keeps skeeters and such away and you can use on yourself. Fyi, rubbing alcohol in sprayer is the best and cheapest bug killer and it's good for emergencies. (06/25/2008)

By mountain grandma

Camping Food Ideas

Best idea! Marinade shrimp the night before, put them on skewers. Wrap in plastic wrap and then foil. Freeze. They will thaw and you can cook them on the grill, or over the fire with the long hotdog skewer thingy. Yum! (07/11/2008)

By j*me

Camping Food Ideas

Our favorites mostly come for the Handy Pie Iron, as well. We make anything from sandwiches to eggs to pies in these. We also bring along a mini propane BBQ which we cook any meat or my all time favorite veggie pockets on. To make the veggie pocket you just wrap your favorites in foil (broccoli, cauliflower, peas, onions), add butter and salt and you have yummy veggies. Happy camping! (07/18/2008)

By Beka

Camping Food Ideas/breakfast

I have been camping for 40 years and every year gets better and better.
I prepare some of my meals at home and put them either in containers or zip bags.
My favorite is: Sausage gravy and biscuits.

Brown 1 lb of sweet and 1 lb hot sausage in a roll. Add a couple splashes Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, hot sauce, a tsp. of beef flavoring, and a splash of browning sauce.

Once browned, sprinkle 1/2 cup or so of flour over top and mix well. Cover meat mixture with water (just to cover it) and let it come to boil to thicken and it is done. Put in container or bag.

Prepare store bought biscuits and place in zip bag and you have your breakfast. A good hearty one to keep you going all morning.
Enjoy! (08/28/2008)

By Sharon

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May 25, 20080 found this helpful

Any food ideas for camping. My family bought a camper last year, and at the end of the season we were tired of eating Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. We do not have a lot of storage, as it is a Pop Up, with a small fridge. Any recipes, suggestions would be appreciated. I have a picky one, that will not eat fish, so ideas that don't include fish would be great.

Thank you,
Lisa from Westland


Camping Food Ideas

If you have an ice chest / or plenty of room in your refrig in camper, I suggest making casseroles ahead of time and them re-warming them for a nice meal. Bake potatoes ahead of time and them fry them up along with sausages / eggs for a yummy breakfast. I have also taken canned soups along for a quick lunch along with sandwiches. Making cookies /cakes ahead of time (freezing them) this makes for a good snack too. (05/16/2007)

By czechlady

Camping Food Ideas

Check out these sites they have some easy recipes - go to - - look over the campfire recipes . or check out www.ilove they have plenty of recipes there. Some pasta salad would be easy to make, throw in some tomatoes and dinner is done. Enjoy the camp time with your family, it is memories that will last a life time. more people should try camping it is so fun. (05/17/2007)

By couponmama

Camping Food Ideas

Pre cook some hamburger meat with taco seasoning at home, bag it in a ziplock bag. Bring along to the campsite with lettuce, taco chips, tomatoes, cheese and a vinagarette dressing. Wah Lah...taco salad. Kids love it. (don't forget sour cream). Enjoy. (05/17/2007)

By Monica

Camping Food Ideas

You could invest in "pie irons". They are about $10 each. We have 2 for our family of 4. You butter the iron and then put in two pieces of bread with whatever fillings you want and cook them over your campfire. There are many possible recipes. Our most requested is pizza sauce with pepperoni and cheese. You could also do ham and cheese or even pie filling with cinnamon. You could also soak some corn on cob (in the husks) and cook them over your fire. There are a lot of web sites with camping info and recipes. Some are devoted to pop-up campers. I am jealous :) We have been camping for years with a two room tent because we can't afford a camper but we have a great time none the less! Have fun! (05/17/2007)

By Cindy S.

Camping Food Ideas

I can't wait to hear more ideas! We just received as a gift, a tent trailer from our pastor at our church. It's an 81' but very well maintained and was refurbished a few years back. My daughter is itching to get going in it! I can't wait to try it out! (05/17/2007)

By michawnpita

Camping Food Ideas

My family and I love to make scrambled eggs in a ziplock bag. Put 2-3 or more (depending on how many you have in your family) and put whatever you want in the bag...such as; chopped onions, shredded cheese, chopped ham, or whatever you like. It takes about 5 minutes (use a potholder) to hold the bag. Remember to crack the egg just as if you were cooking on the regular stove. The boys love this. I hope this helps for your breakfast meals. (05/17/2007)

By Bonnie

Camping Food Ideas

We have a family of 7 and this was always a big thing to hunt out different recipes. We now have 14 grandkids added to that so it's still an important but fun, job. I do shish-ke-bobs at times. What ever kind of steak meat is on sale or sometimes even clearance, I cube and soak overnight in a zip lock baggie of A-1 or some other sauce. Soak the larger sized wooden sticks in water then spear on the meat and/or veggies. I do some that are nothing but meat. Double bag these (with a tiny cube of potato at the sharp end to keep from piercing the bag) or use a plastic container if you have one that will fit these and put in the cooler. I try to zip lock baggie most all my food items so I can have more cooler space. Even though we now still use nine large coolers! Many times we'll take deli type lunch meats, hoagie buns and have cold sandwiches for lunch when it's usually super hot out. Sometimes we opt to make those in the evening if it's still muggy out. Make the sandwich, wrap in foil and toast on the fire or grill. I could tell you so many more ideas!! Wonder if you can email me directly? (05/17/2007)

By Nelliebell

Camping Food Ideas

For something quick and a little different we use Johnsonville brats. They have a bunch of flavors and are already cooked. You may also want to look into a sandwich maker/pie iron. Then you can have any type of warm sandwich like pizza and the only thing you need in the cooler is cheese. We also love to make cheesy chicken foil packs but they take longer. Thaw and bring cut up chicken with you. What you do is take 2 large sheets of foil and make an x out of them one on top of the other for each person (adult) eating. Then spray with a non stick cooking spray. Cut up any veggies (we use red onion and peppers) and red skin potatoes none of these need to be refrigerated if you use them at least your 2nd night out. Put half of the mix on the packets then lay the chicken on top for each then fill with the rest of the veggies. Add a half a can of cheddar cheese sauce and fold it up. Bake on hot coals for around 40 min on each side. (05/17/2007)

By Angela

Camping Food Ideas
There is a section devoted to camping foods. They sound great and there are things you wouldn't think of eating/cooking while camping.

We had a popup when I was a kid and we went camping all the time. We had a propane stove with 3 or 4 burners and my mom would just bring stuff frozen in zip lock bags that would stack easily in an ice chest; spagetti sauce and things like that. (05/17/2007)

By j

Camping Food Ideas

One of my favorites was always "Campfire dinners" - take 2 layers of heavy duty foil for each serving and put in the middle:
1/8-1/4 lb uncooked, ground hamburger
small cut up pieces of carrots, potato and onion.
Salt & Pepper
Seal the foil in small packets and set on a grill over charcoal or wood fire for about 40 minutes (varies depending on the heat). Turn occasionally.

You can do similar meals with Chicken, potatoes, and mushrooms, or anything else you like at home that might be adaptable.

You can make and freeze these ahead, then throw in the cooler to thaw over a day or so. (05/17/2007)

By DownSouth

Camping Food Ideas

Couscous would be good. It is quick, and easy. You can make it savory (broth instead of water with added veggies and meats) or sweet (with apple juice instead of water and raisins). I like to make it with tomato juice instead of water, topped with salsa and cheese. You can eat it cold too; it is great with vinaigrette dressing, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese as a Greek style salad.
Marta (05/17/2007)

By ThriftyFun

Camping Food Ideas

RE: The post from Bonnie:
Make sure the zip lock bag is made for boiling. It usually takes 12 - 14 minutes in hot boiling water. I've done this before and it's delicious. Add anything you would like in an omlette that you would order in a restaurant. Onion, green peppers, mushrooms, tomato, black olives, cheese, ANYTHING you like. Bon a petite.

By maggie3956

Camping Food Ideas

I used to take my crock pot with me. I would make anything from meatballs and sauce to ribs. Have fun I miss camping so much.

By Jo-Ann

Camping Food Ideas

I always make soup from a packet. Usually all you do is add water and your choice of meat. (05/18/2007)

By hatfieldnomore

Camping Food Ideas

We like to make Pizza on the grill when we're camping. We used to buy the pre made pizza shells like Boboli, but now it is hard to find the small ones and they are expensive. I discovered that making pizza dough is really very easy. I put a bunch of toppings in a bowl and let the kids make their own. Even the little ones love it. Then they bring it to dad who puts it on the grill for about 7 minutes and everyone loves it. Crust:
In large mixing bowl combine:
2 cup + 2 TBL AP flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp Baking powder
2 tsp Olive Oil
2 tsp Dark Corn Syrup
1/2 cup + 2 tbl water
Mix until thoroughly combined - Dough will be very stiff. makes enough for two (2) 12 pizza pies. The dough is ready to use as-is No need to rise or kneed. Divide the dough in half, shape into a round ball and roll out paper thin.

This is a St. Louis style crust. Thin and dry like a cracker. We love it.

By TC in MO

Camping Food Ideas

Try chicken cordon blue. Buy some canned chicken breast 1 jar Alfredo and lunch ham. wrap chicken in ham and pour warmed Alfredo over it serve on a base of chicken flavored ramen noodles. (05/19/2007)

By sandra

Camping Food Ideas

I always use the pie irons, it's not camping if you cant cook it over a fire. Our favorites are the hot ham & cheese, pizza's, and pie's (my favorite is cherry with powdered sugar!) but we also make bagel sandwiches for breakfast. You cook the egg in the pie iron, toast the bagel with hot dog forks over the fire, and we bring microwave bacon and warm it up on the hot dog forks too. Put it all together and add cheese. We make taco ones too! Using the pie irons just butter the pans and add crescent roll dough or bread and add taco meat (I pre make it but you can cook it first on the stove or campfire). Then when it's brown add all the toppings all over the top and eat with a fork. It's so good! (04/14/2008)

By stacie

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