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Recreation tips and ideas about saving money on camping.

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Camping Cooler

Camping Cooler Tips and TricksWhen roughing it, maintaining your food and beverage's temperature for safety and refreshment can be a challenge. This is a page about camping cooler tips and tricks.


Backyard Campout

Planning a Backyard CampoutCreate a summer night to remember in your own backyard camping with the kids. This page is about planning a backyard campout.


A lantern in front of a stack of wood.

Saving Money on Camp LightingThere are a some great options for camp lighting, including solar lights and crank flashlights, in addition to the traditional battery powered ones.


A coffee cup in front of a campfire.

Frugal Camping TipsCamping is a great way for families and friends to gather in the great outdoors. It's easy to spend a mint on fancy supplies but that is not necessary. Planning and smart shopping can make camping the most frugal vacation for a strapped budget.


A sports drink with a light behind it, making a lantern.

Emergency Light from a Sports DrinkAttach a regular light to a bright colored Gatorade or other energy drink to amplify it as an impromptu lantern. This is a page about making a emergency light from a sports drink.


White Plastic Bucket

Using a Bucket as a Camping ToiletIf you camping in a primitive space, a bucket can easily be used as a toilet. This is a page about using a bucket as a camping toilet.


Campfire Chicken and Dumplings on Picnic Table

Campfire Chicken and Dumplings RecipeCamp outs are a perfect time to make this easy chicken and dumplings dinner for your hungry campers. This page contains campfire chicken and dumplings recipe.


Lighting a fire with waterproof matches.

Homemade Waterproof MatchesWaterproof matches can be a handy thing to have, especially if you are out campaign or hiking. This is a page about homemade waterproof matches.


Lighting a match on a box of matches.

Lighting Matches in the WindEven a light breeze can make lighting a match a battle with nature, unless you come up with ways to shelter the flame. This is a page about lighting matches in breezy areas.


A pill keeper containing different spices.

Use Pill Minder for Camping SpicesWhile keeping the other 6 days closed, spoon in the spice of your choice. Once filled, making sure they are snapped closed, turn it over and mark your spice with a felt tip marker.


Easier S'mores

Making Two Ingredient S'moresWhen you use chocolate covered graham crackers or cookies, you won't need to buy the chocolate bars to still have delicious s'mores. This is a page about making two ingredient s'mores.


Camping Food Ideas

Camping Food IdeasThis is a page about camping food ideas. There are several things to consider when choosing the best foods to take on a camping trip.



Tealight candle burning in the dark

Camp Cooking With TealightsThis is a page about camp cooking with tealights. Depending on the type of camping you like to do, there may be several methods that work well for cooking your meals.


Emergency Aerobed Inflation

Inflating an AerobedAn inflatable airbed is convenient to use for camping, sleepovers, or out of town guests. This is a page about inflating ann Aerobed.


Camp Cooking with Tealights

Camp Cooking with TealightsToday I cooked scrambled egg on toast and coffee, using two "burners", and had it all piping hot and delicious at the same time. I used the top of my kettle to keep the buttered toast hot whilst I was cooking the scrambled egg.


Painted Rock Camp Craft

Games and Craft Ideas for Camp?This is a page about games and craft ideas for camp. There are many fun games and craft projects that are suitable for a camp experience.


a girl doing crafts outside

Craft Ideas for Camping?This is a page about craft ideas for camping. A variety of craft activities can be brought along on a camping trip.


Ice Cubes

Making Ice Last LongerThis is a page about making ice last longer. The ice in the cooler you use for camping or picnics often seems to melt too quickly.


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Dryer Sheets To Deter MosquitoesTake a box of dryer sheets along with you camping. Tear the sheet neatly in half and hang within 10 feet of your sitting area. If you use four or five half sheets surrounding your area, you will be mosquito free!


Eating dinner at a campsite.

Washing Hands at the CampsiteThis is a page about washing hands at the campsite. While great fun, camping can require some ingenuity when it comes to providing a few of the comforts that you are used to at home.


Two raccoons find a cooler at a campsite.

Keeping Raccoons Out of a Campsite?This is a page about keeping raccoons out of a campsite. Getting away to the great outdoors for a camping trip does mean that the wildlife may visit your campsite, perhaps looking for a nice snack.


A pot cooking over a fire.

Camping RecipesThis page contains camping recipes. Good food is always appreciated when you are staying out of doors.


family camp out

Preparing for Campouts?This page is about preparing for campouts. When you can anticipate everything you may need, it helps make your adventure a success.


A child eating smores at a camp site.

Camping Dessert IdeasEnjoy your camping trip even more with fun fire side treats. This page contains camping dessert ideas.


girl camping

Campout Ideas for Girls?This is a page about campout ideas for girls. Having a campout is great fun, whether it is in the back yard or a campground.


Mesa Verde Nation Park

Camping at National ParksThis is a page about camping at national parks. Some of the most beautiful places for camping, in our country, are protected as part of the National Park system.


Camping With Pets

Camping With PetsThis page is about camping with pets. When bringing your pets with you on a camping trip, there are a number of things to keep in mind to make sure everyone is comfortable.



Children Laughing in Campground

Camping with ChildrenThis is a page about camping with children. Camping can be a fun family activity, however, camping with children does require some extra planning and considerations.


Washing Clothes While Camping

Washing Clothes While CampingThis is a page about washing clothes while camping. When on an extended camping trip, in particular, it is often necessary to wash your clothes at your campsite.


Single use salve made from straws

Single Use Salve Packs for CampingIf you are camping and going to be hiking or even just traveling, these will come in handy. Place a straw over the opening of the ointment and squeeze a small amount of it, about one quarter of an inch.


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Tips For Forgotten Camping ItemsIf you forgot the filters for your coffee pot, tear off a piece of paper towel or use a paper napkin in the bottom of the basket. Add the grounds, and water and go ahead with your normal coffee routine.


Scenery: Campfire in New Hampshire, at night

Starting A CampfireThis page is about starting a campfire. Whether your fire is for cooking or heat, getting your campfire established quickly makes your camping experience more enjoyable.


Cooking Over Camp Fire

Camping Cooking TipsThere are many ways to make simple, delicious meals on your adventure. This page contains camping cooking tips.


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Use Wet Wipes Instead Of Toilet Paper When CampingWe go camping in our travel trailer almost every weekend during the summer at a place where it is parked in a remote area with no water hook-ups.


Girls roasting marshmallows over a campfire while camping.

More Frugal Camping TipsCamping can be an inexpensive and fun way to travel and spend time with family and friends. Check out all the money saving tips and tricks that have been sent in by our active members.


Orange camping tent pitched near a mountain lake.

Tent Camping TipsThis is a page about tent camping tips. Tent camping is a very different experience than motor-home or trailer camping. This more primitive camping choice can be made even more enjoyable by incorporating a few important camping tips.


A row of camping tents.

Organizing Camping SuppliesThis is a page about organizing camping supplies. When you go camping, you need to bring all sorts of supplies that you take for granted when you are at home; like equipment for cooking and cleaning, first aid, sleeping and more.


Mom and 3 girls Camping in the Rain

Camping in the RainThis is a page on camping in the rain. Without the proper gear or preparation, camping in the rain can be miserable. Knowing the right gear to bring can make a rainy camping trip a fun get away.


Blue and Yellow Dome Tent

Buying a TentThis is a page to buying a tent. Purchasing a good tent is an important part of getting the most out of your camping adventures.


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Making a Folding Camp End Table?How do I make a folding camp end table?


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Bring Eye Wash CampingBring lots of eye wash when going camping! If you get something in your eyes, there really isn't anyway to rinse out the debris in the middle of nowhere.


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Use Film Canisters for SpicesWhen camping, place spices in empty film canisters. Once you get the campsite set up, poke holes in the lids for shaker tops if desired. Film canisters are also good for storing fish hooks, etc.



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Foil Pocket MealWhen camping in the summer, it is too hot to fire up the oven to cook when in a camper. I like to put my meat and veggies in a foil pocket and cook them over an outside grill.


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Camping HamburgersPlace a tablespoon of catchup on a piece of foil large enough to make into a bundle. Place a hamburger patty on top of catchup, then a slice of onion, some diced carrots and diced potato, salt and pepper.


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Check Unused Campsites for Fire WoodOnce we arrive and get our assigned campsite, my husband begins to unload and the kids and I go to nearby deserted (checked out) campsites and look for leftover firewood.


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Girls Campout Ideas?I am looking for ideas for a girls campout.


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Designing a Portable Camp Kitchen for the Tent Camper?I like to tent camp and I like to cook. I have been thinking about a portable camp kitchen where all your essential stuff is self contained. The commercial ones are so expensive and I don't really care for fancy, just functional.


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Campfire Foiled Chicken DinnerThis is a favorite summer meal.


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Campgrounds in Saskatchewan?Has anyone been to a nice campground in Saskatchewan lately? We usually go to La Ronge but I would like to try something new. We like quiet, secluded campgrounds. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


Recycled Camping Lanterns

Recycled Camping LanternsOur Cub Scout Pack is involved in Fall Camping. We made lanterns out of recycled plastic peanut butter jars. We used modge podge and affixed the Scout Promise to the outside. We used glow sticks to light their way. Loads of fun in the tent or outside after dark.


Use Freezer Baskets In CoolersI bought some freezer baskets at a garage sale to use in my upright freezer. I had a couple left over and thought of a great idea for them. I cut the corners off and then I folded the ends up and I use them in my coolers for camping.


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Disposable Camping ToothpasteWhen I go backpacking and don't have one of those tiny travel tubes of toothpaste, I'll make my own so I don't have to cart the large tube of toothpaste with me.


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Be a Workamper to Cut Camping CostsA fun way to cut your vacation costs is to be a workamper. What that means is that you go to a campground and help them with whatever they need help with. In exchange, they let you stay and use the park for free.


A large tent for camping

Camping Advice for Cooking, Set-Up and MoreI look forward to camping each year. Although I now camp in a Pop-up camper, when my children were little, my husband and I would take them Tent camping. Cooking over a campfire can be one of the most challenging things you will ever do.


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Keep Cooler Odor Free with Baking SodaAnother great way to keep camping cooler fresh and odor free between uses is to wash and dry, then sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of baking soda inside before closing the lid.


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Cook Two Things In The Same WaterWhether you camp or not, here is a great way to cook two items in the same water. I tried this and it was perfect!


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Tips For Car-Camping Or BackpackingIf you're like me, you're going camping/hiking with friends/family this summer (or wishing that you'd be able to). Here's a few tips for your summer car-camping and backpacking trips:


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Plastic Plates For CampingTo save money and the environment, I purchased "picnic" plates from the Dollar Tree. They are made of thin plastic, making them easy/light to pack.


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Spider Dogs For Campfire CookingDon't make plain old hotdogs over the fire when you are camping, make SPIDER-DOGS! Place hot dog on a flat surface. At one end, cut lengthwise all the way through to about 1/3 of the way up the hot dog.


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Pack Away Camping Supplies TogetherI place all the little things for camping in marked totes and keep them packed so that I am not trying to hunt everything down when needed. This also keeps me from paying for things again when they can not be located.


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Save Juice Cartons for Camping IceIf you like to camp, rinse well and save empty quart and half-gallon cardboard orange juice cartons. Fill with water an inch from the top and freeze.


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Easy Premade Grilling PacketsTake foil, cut it in about 6x6 inches. Make a hamburger patty, add the seasoning you like, add thick slices of potato, onion, carrots. Put another layer of foil on this, fold all sides over a couple times to seal tight and freeze.


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1998 Coleman Niagra Pop-up Camper?We just bought a 1998 Coleman Niagra pop up camper. The dinette table is missing. No big deal, but i think it was used to make the extra bed. Does anyone have pics of their camper with the extra bed in use so that I could get an idea of what I might use to make the bed workable.


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Homemade Waterproofing Spray for a Tent?I was wondering if anyone has/knows of a homemade recipe for a spray to waterproof our tent? I hope I explained that right. We bought a new tent and want to spray it with something to insure waterproofing it in case of rain.


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Bring Baking Soda on Camping TripsTake a box of baking soda with you on a canoe trip/camping. You can use it to clean your hair, as under arm deodorant, to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth or as a soap in the shower. You can also sprinkle it in your shoes at night or in your damp suitcase.


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Burgers for CampingWhen camping I always put my ground beef into a one quart ziploc bag and press flat before we go. When we're ready to cook burgers I just score the bag with the spatula, cut the bag open and I have patties all made up. Sometimes you have to push the sides in so they'll hold together, but it sure saves your hands from getting greasy.


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Bringing Electronic Devices When CampingIf you are bringing electronic devices or flashlights, remove the batteries before packing and store them in a ziplock bag. That way if something accidentally gets flipped on, you won't run down your batteries.


food cooking on camp stove

Food for the Family Camping TripNo camping trip is complete without an old, green Coleman stove. This propane-powered stove has kept generations of campers well fed in the most adverse weather conditions. Because they are so common and virtually indestructible, it should be quite easy to find a used one in a second hand shop or the classified section of your local paper.


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Baby Wipe Clean Up When CampingAfter a day of camping, spraying bug spray, and using sunscreen give your self a quick bath using baby wipes before you hop into your sleeping bag. Save the baby wipes and they can be used to wipe up the tent floor before you pack it away.


Homemade Camping Picnic TableWe found a pattern for a picnic table constructed from 1 piece of 3/4 inch plywood. It will seat 4-6 people and is small enough to fit in the back of a SUV.


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Inexpensive Camping BowlAn empty plastic soda bottle, cut off to a convenient height, will work as a camp bowl. You may want to sandpaper the cut to smooth the edge.


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Inexpensive Fire GrillGrills from old ovens or barbecues can be used for fire grills. Don't use refrigerator shelves as they will release toxic gasses when heated.


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A Flag or Marker For Your TentWhen you are camping all the tents look alike to a kid. So that they always know where their tent is, attach a flag type identifier on the tent as high as you can.


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Storing a 5th Wheel Trailer?I am new at camping. I have a 5th wheel trailer and want to know any winterizing or cleaning tips to prepare it for winter. It will be stored until May '06.


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Marking Pans, Dishes and Utensils For Group Picnics Or CampingWhen we go picnicking/camping with other families, we usually mix cooking and eating utensil together for eating and dishwashing. Saves on water and fuel.


A small boy in a tent overlooking a valley.

Frugal Camping TipsMany plans for vacation travel and events have been cancelled this summer, causing a renewed interest in camping trips. Camping is seen as a cheap way to vacation but the costs can really add up if you are not careful and wind up buying forgotten items. Here are some tips to keep your camping trip affordable and enjoyable for all.


marshmallows over a campfire

Money Saving Camping TipsIt's almost camping season! Here are tips for saving money on camping trips from the ThriftyFun community.


Backyard Campout

Plan a Backyard CampoutWhen the idea of stargazing, s'more toasting and campfire singalongs beckons, but time and money are in short supply, consider a backyard campout.


grilling meat

Using a Grill SheetIf you decide to grill while camping or at a local park, you may find that the grills are pretty gross. One way to avoid contaminating your food is to use a grill sheet.


Use Leftover Candle Wax for Firestarters

Use Leftover Candle Wax for FirestartersI save our empty toilet and paper towel tubes, stuff them with waste paper and junk mail or even pine cones. Then I melt my small, leftover candle pieces in a old candle warmer just until it melts.


Campfire Foil Packets

Campfire Foil PacketsMy husband used to have his campers make these foil packets when he was a camp director. Now we make these when camping with the kids. It's a favorite; so easy to make and healthy too, which is good considering this is usually followed by s'mores for dessert.


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Camping Food Ideas?I am looking for ideas for good campground food.


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Camping Recipes?I am looking for simple, frugal meal ideas that are easy to make in a camper or over open fire. Thanks!


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Craft Ideas for Camping?We enjoy camping and would like some ideas on some craft ideas to do while on a 3-5 day camping trip. Recently, we took a 5 day camping trip and made the bowling ball garden ornament.


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Keep Mosquitoes Away With Listerine?Has anyone every tried the homemade remedy for repelling mosquitoes using Listerine? If so, does it really work? I tried it and it didn't seem to work. How is it made?


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Reserving an RV Spot for a Travel Trailer?When booking an RV spot to use with a travel trailer, do we reserve a spot that is big enough for both the truck and trailer, or just the trailer length?


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Making a Portable Pop-up Privacy Curtain?I am planning a road trip out in the desert with a group that will include men and women. There is very little tree or shrub cover and the trip will be several days long with very little "civilization" for many hours at a time.


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