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Camping Recipes

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Good food is always appreciated when you are staying out of doors. This page contains camping recipes.


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July 2, 2009

Delicious, few ingredients and not much time; what's not to like?



Boil the water and add the rice, cover.

Turn on the oven to 350 degrees F.


Heat the Tablespoon of oil in a large skillet that can go into the oven. Cook the chicken for a few minutes on each side, then add the soup and milk. Stir it and let it boil, then put it into the oven. Let it cook until the rice is done (about 25 minutes total for most brands). If the sauce isn't thick enough, just pull out the chicken and let it cook a bit on the top of the stove. Then add the chicken back and serve it over the rice.

The following day I added another can of soup and milk, added the leftover rice, and served my new soup with crusty bread and a salad.

One pound of chicken served two hungry adults, twice. We all eat too much meat, so a recipe that tastes great with less meat is a good one.

I always stock up on boneless chicken at under $2 a pound, and Aldi's mushroom soup works just as well as Campbells, and costs .49.

When staying in a condo on vacation I'm always looking for new recipes that can be made with just a few ingredients. This one will definitely go with us next time.


Servings: 4
Time:5 Minutes Preparation Time
25 Minutes Cooking Time

Source: I made it up on a day I was feeling lazy.

By Jeneene from Cincinnati, OH

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March 2, 2009


  • 4 strips bacon
  • 3/4 lb. ham
  • 1 med. onion, diced
  • 1 can whole kernel corn
  • 1 can tomatoes
  • 1 can lima beans


Cut bacon and ham into small pieces and saute with onion. Add vegetables and mix. Simmer over campfire about 45 minutes or bake at 375 degrees F for 40 minutes.

By Robin from Washington, IA

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July 9, 2009

I am looking for simple, frugal meal ideas that are easy to make in a camper or over open fire. Thanks!

By haleyp from Centreville



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Best Answer

Spread two slices of bread with margarine, place margarine side down in heated pan. Add slice of swiss cheese or other favorite cheese and lunch meat. Put second slice of bread margarine side up and heat like grilled cheese sandwiches. These are very good, easy and tasty. A bit of a change from regular grilled cheese.

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Best Answer

My husband has done much campfire cooking with the Boy Scouts. He also teaches outdoor dutch oven cooking. One of his go to's for the "silver knight" or foil meals is the Reynolds Aluminum site. They have many recipes. You can pretty much do anything in the foil meals. Just remember to cut everything up about the same size, or keep in mind what cooks faster than other things and cut up accordingly. As much prep you can do at home, the better.


For breakfast, you can scramble some eggs in a heavy duty ziplock bag at home. Make sure you season the eggs. Then just drop it into some boiling water for a few minutes. When you take the bag out of the water just squeeze it a few times to break it up. Then eat the eggs on burrito shells. Less cleanup.

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My favorite breakfast is our 'Mama's Delight', bake potatoes before you leave home, cook sausage in a large skillet, drain, add chopped onions, chiles, your choice, add diced potatoes to the skillet, brown. Add # of eggs for family, stir to scramble, add cheese on top, season to taste. Yummy with salsa!

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July 9, 20090 found this helpful

I would love to have your ideas for camping recipes. What kind of recipes do you use while camping that are easy over the open fire? It's getting to be that time of the year and we are avid campers. Thank you.


Giney from Montgomery, MI


Camping Tips and Recipes

I'm getting excited about camping season starting too! I've gotten lots of recipes and ideas from the Boy & Girl Scout sites.

One of our favorites is the "Loafer" Burger. While prepping at home, patty up hamburgers made from your meatloaf recipe. Shape like a burger and when you cook them, place inside foil. Cut up a few potatoes with it and cook. I pre-patty all our hamburgers and place foil between and freeze till time to go. Keeps the cooler colder longer. (03/10/2009)

By Nelliebell

Camping Tips and Recipes

One thing that we like to do is make bush pies. This is something, for example a cheese sandwich, placed in a bush pie maker, and toasted over an open fire. A bush pie maker is two cast aluminum plates, shaped in a circle or a square, with long handles. They clamp together. It makes a wonderful toasted sandwich. You must butter the outside of the sandwich, the same way you would do to grill a cheese sandwich in a fry pan. We particularly like to put pizza fillings (tomato sauce, salami chunks, cheese chunks, chopped onion) into the bush pie. You can put canned pie filling in them for a dessert type pie. Or you can cook an egg in the sandwich for breakfast.

Absolutely anything that you like in a toasted sandwich can be cooked in a bush pie maker. Your imagination is the only limitation. For other ideas and tips, just google "bush pies".

You can buy these at camping stores, at True Value hardware, and at Canadian Tire. I would expect Walmart and any department store with a camping supply department would have them. Buy a couple of good quality ones -- don't cheap out on the thin ones.

Just as a caution, don't leave them in the fire to overheat. My sons have ruined a couple of cookers by jamming them in the coals and letting them get so hot that they warped, and the contents of course, were charcoal.

Here is another link from Wikipedia for all sorts of other types of cooking: (03/10/2009)

By louel53

Camping Tips and Recipes

My friend Karen has a Camping group. There is tons of camping recipes on it.

Teresa (03/10/2009)

By teresamod77

Camping Tips and Recipes

Two words, Dutch oven. Many boy scout sites have great easy Dutch oven recipes. I've made some delicious meals, with plenty of time to sit and read/relax while the meal is cooking!

Also, we often make "foil meals". You'll need heavy duty aluminum foil. I don't eat red meat, so I use chicken or turkey in mine, but often get stew meat pieces, or round steak, cut into bite sized pieces. Add potatoes, onions, sprinkle with dry onion soup mix, adds a really nice flavor.

Here's the part many people don't do, but I have found to be a great help in not drying out the meal. Add a couple ice cubes to each meal, fold up in the foil, seal the ends well (you'll catch on to the folding technique after a few tries!) and place on a grill for cooking! These are SO good. I've also included other veggies. If you use carrots, onions, potatoes and chunks of beef, will taste like roast and all the fixings!

Happy camping! (Kick the can ice cream is always a hit with my kids too. You can google for a recipe)

Pam (03/10/2009)

By bzladi

Camping Tips and Recipes

Who has ice cubes or a way to keep meat fresh while camping? Do you camp with a refrigerator? When I go camping or hiking, we're out in the middle of nowhere for as long as we can get away from the office, usually a week at least. Accordingly, we only pack one or two days worth of fresh fruits and vegetables, then the rest are dried.

I'll bring some cornmeal, some individual-serving soy milk in vacuum sealed boxes so it doesn't need refrigeration, MAYBE some powdered milk or dried meat (we don't mix dairy and meat products, keeping kosher, so we save space in the backpacks by only bringing one or the other).

We bring eggs in cartons, padded with our clothing to prevent breakage, but we only eat those on the first day because leaving them unrefrigerated for longer leads to spoiling. We make a lot of soups and stews in our lightweight camping pot, and of course lots of skillet fare in our bush pie pan.

We catch fish if we're near a river, and fry it in the bush pie pan, though I suppose you could wrap it in foil -- but then you've got to carry the fishy foil about for several more days, and that can lead to bacterial or insect infestations in one's backpack, which isn't good.

We also pack a lot of nuts, dried fruit, and fruit leather; some matzah, pita, or tortillas; and sometimes we'll bring under ripe fruits that will ripen as we walk, rather than spoil. Also, we bring a few bottles of spices. You never want to go camping for a week without salt!

Finally, don't forget at least one canteen per person, and refill it EVERY chance you get. Get a proper stainless steel canteen, not plastic or the harmful variety of aluminum. (03/12/2009)

By Chayil

Camping Tips and Recipes

Thank you all for the great ideas. I am also looking forward to the camping season. We RV camp a lot with grandchildren, love making those memories for them. Always looking for new recipes to try. Happy camping to all.
From Dallas Texas (03/13/2009)

By alomagene

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March 9, 20090 found this helpful

Camping Tips and Recipes. I am looking for some good camping recipes; using the campfire or gas camp stove. Recipes for breakfast, lunch and supper would be great! Also, any camping tips?

Deborah from Tennessee


Camping Tips and Recipes

A silver turtle is delicious! You lay out a piece of foil and into it you put ground beef, onions, veggies, and a dash of salt and seasoning. Layer the different ingredients. Then wrap the foil up and place on grille over fire. One of the most delicious meals you'll ever have! (08/04/2006)

Camping Tips and Recipes

Gotta have a stove. I have a cast iron frying pan and we always make sloppy joes when we go camping. Fry up the hamburger, add a can of brown beans and some BBQ sauce and serve on the buns. (09/12/2006)

By Terra

Camping Tips and Recipes

Campfire Pancakes have always been big hit with the kids. You'll need a good heavy griddle. I use a square aluminum lid off an old Maytag ringer washer. Make sure it's been cleaned and seasoned with bacon grease. You'll want to cook that first anyway. Build a good fire and get most of the wood burned so you just have hot coals, this makes for even heat. Only add small pieces of wood or charcoal if you need more heat. We like Bisquick in the shaker bottle it's convenient. We use real eggs pre-cracked in to plastic bottles, you could use egg beaters too. Leave some of the bacon grease on the griddle, pour one 4-5 inch cake and use it to soak up the extra grease. Then fold it and leave it in the corner of the pan to slide around the pan when the cakes start sticking. Bon apetite! (02/23/2008)

By Fat Boy

Camping Tips and Recipes

Something that is neat to have, is a Coleman oven, not a stove but an oven. We bought ours at a sporting goods store and it cost about $35.00. It collapses flat when you're not using it. It sets up in about 30 seconds. Place it on top of your Coleman stove and you can have baked potatoes, cakes, breads, all kind of things. We really loved ours. (09/20/2008)

By mjp2501

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September 6, 20040 found this helpful

I am new to camping and i need camping tips. We have a small travel trailer. I am looking for tips on how to make camping easier and outdoor cooking tips and recipes.



Coleman Stove and Lantern

Two things I love to take camping is a Coleman gas camp stove and a Coleman lantern. The ones I've used take Coleman fuel, much like unleaded gas for autos (but don't try to cheap out and substitute). Also a decent manual coffee pot, a couple of good sharp knives, a couple of pots and a skillet. If you plan to hike to your campsite these things may not be useable for you.

One suggestion is to carry a notepad and pen in your pocket for a day or two at home and jot down things you use that you just don't want to be without. Also consider where you plan to camp and what you can expect to be available there. Is there a good water source? If not either carry your own or bring some purification tablets with you. Alternately you can boil available water before use if you're not sure about it.

There are lots of variables depending on where you are going, how you get there, and how long you plan to stay. Two things I always bring are containers (plastic bags, etc.) to take my trash away in, and a good pistol. If it was an area one might expect to encounter bears and such I'd also have a good rifle. (09/07/2004)

By Alph

Toilet Paper

Oh, I forgot to mention: if you're really out in the sticks there won't be an outhouse. I'd suggest bringing a roll or two of toilet paper and a small camp shovel. Happy camping! (09/07/2004)

By Alph

Eggs in a Bag

Do a lot of your prep work at home like cutting onions and salad fixings. Pre-make it if you can,so you can spend more time with family. A good First Aide kit. And a small tool box with a hammer, rope, batteries duct tape. etc.

Eggs in a bag: The kids like doing this. Take no more than two eggs,
cut up fixings like bacon, onion, grated cheese. Squeeze most of the air out without squeezing the egg mixture out. Zip the bag squish the eggs and fixings together and drop in a rolling boil pot full of water. Check after 2 minutes and each minute after. (09/07/2004)

By c4hobbs

Soap and Shampoo

Depending on the shower available to you, you may want to get a plastic container with a handle on it to store your shampoos, soap, etc. all in one container for everyone to be able to carry back and forth to the showers. I bought one at Dollar General for $1. You may be able to get a clearance sand bucket this time of year as well. (09/07/2004)

By Jill

Recipe Sites


Although I don't camp, a quick search of the Internet found the following.

For general information, as well as recipes, check out Camping From David Sweet, Your Guide to Camping at

For more recipes, check out the following:

Camp Recipes

RecipeSource Camping Recipes

Camping Recipes - From The Camping Source

Happy Camping,
Kathy (09/07/2004)

By FlaKathy


My sister and I go camping a lot with our horses, so there's not a lot of time to make dinner when you gotta feed the critters too. One thing I've found that helps a lot is pre-cutting onions and pre-cooking meat. We like shish-k-bobs a lot, and I've found you can cut up the peppers, onions, mushrooms and meat and pour over store-bought "30 minute marinade" and put that in the tupperware in the freezer. The ingredients marinate while defrosting, but it also helps keep the other things in the cooler cold for a day or two.

Don't leave home without bug spray, hammer or hacksaw.

I've also found camping showers (probably on clearance at this time of year) helps not only yourself, but I'm sure those around you appreciate it too. Water heats by the sun's light. (09/08/2004)

By judgej

Buy Food Locally

I have spent a lot of time camping and of course there are many ways to help your stay be enjoyable. The tips about prep with food are some of the best ideas. What we do is buy everything at your local stores, it will be more expensive to run to a store while camping. I them separate all the meats into meal size baggies and freeze them separately. Aluminum foil can be your best friend. You can make meal packets, and just throw them onto the fire. I always bring some type of grill rack, to cook over the fire pit. I used to take my oven rack, as I used to be really broke. Cook with charcoal and then have your bonfire started over the hot coals. Also keep meals simple, you are camping after all. And as always, enjoy yourselves, and be careful. (09/08/2004)

Making Toast

For making toast over a gas or coleman stove... Cut both ends off a coffee can, cover one end with foil, place a small grill from a toaster oven over top, slice some holes/strips in the tin foil and put your toast on top (one or two at a time) Turn your stove on to medium and turn the bread with a fork until it's nicely toasted. Unless you don't watch it, you'll have perfect toast.( (07/12/2005)

By gouligann

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