August 4, 2016

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Squirrel wrapped around feeder containing peanuts

Squirrel RepellentsThis is a page about squirrel repellents. Although squirrels are delightful to watch, they can be a nuisance. Finding a way to keep them out of your home and garden can be a challenge.


Three golf club covers

Uses for Golf Club CoversThis is a page about uses for golf club covers. Find helpful new uses for golf head covers when they are no longer needed for the clubs.


Cherry car air freshener dangling for car rear view mirror

Uses for Car Air FreshenersThis is a page about uses for car air fresheners in the garage. Your vehicle's scented air freshener can give a cleaner smell to other places around the home.


Finished Air Freshener

Mason Jar Air FreshenerAn inexpensive room deodorizer can easily be made in an attractive canning jar. This is a page about Mason jar air freshener.


Lawn shaded by a large tree

Growing a Lawn in the ShadeThis is a page about growing a lawn in the shade. A soil test will help you know if your shady soil needs amending to grow nice grass.


Grass up against a flower bed

Keeping Grass From Growing in a Flower...This is a page about keeping grass from growing in a flower bed. Weed grass seeds can be carried by the wind, birds or be already in your soil ready to sprout when they get water.



An orange and brown butterfly.

Butterfly with Autumn ColorsThis little beauty landed on the railing of a walkway in a local forest area. This was taken in the beginning of November in Nebraska. That year it got to 80 something degrees that day. Most of the leaves were already gone from the trees, but this little guy gave us some fall colors.


No More Frayed Bracelets

No More Frayed BraceletsEvery young girl loves friendship bracelets and we all know they always end up fraying and falling apart. To keep this from happening just simply grab a lighter, literally any type of lighter will work.


flexible paper fish

Moving Paper Fish CraftA great project for home, camp, Scouts, and babysitting. The fish has a spine that bends. You can make a whole school of them!


using scrubber on sink

Denim ScrubbersWhen you shorten jeans or have a pair you no longer want, you can cut them up and make little scrubbers for cleaning. They're perfect for cleaning bathtubs or sinks because they have just the right amount of abrasiveness but won't leave a scratch.


moth on hand

Giant Silk Moth (Polyphemus)As I was making beer munchies in my kitchen, I heard a light thumping on the window. I opened the curtain and saw this gorgeous, huge freaking moth. I looked him (her, actually, I think) up and discovered she was part of the giant silkmoth family called Polyphemus, after the Greek cyclops.



Beautiful Laurel FallsThis waterfall is a very popular reason that our area (Tennessee) is blessed with so many hikers each year. They usually love to go see the Laurel Falls. No matter what season, this waterfall is absolutely stunning! The hike there is a bit of a challenge, but so worth it.


display of beach sand, sea glass, and tiny sea stars

Small Sandy Beach DisplayMake a cute display of your sand and shells collected from wherever you please that you could even make into a magnet and hang it on your fridge.


Making Small Amounts of Homemade Bisquick

Making Small Amounts of Homemade BisquickI like to make my own Bisquick because it is more economical, and I can't always use an entire box before the expiration date. A lot of the recipes to make it at home make very large quantities. I was really happy to find this recipe. It makes 1 and 1/2 cups.



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ASPCA Mobile Vaccination Van Schedule?When will the truck be in Harlem 125st west side?


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Re-dyeing Hair?I colored my hair and it is not as dark as I wanted it. How long do I need to wait to do it again?


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Riding Lawnmower Won't Start?My Husqvarna lawn mower won't start. I have now replaced the battery and solenoid and 20 amp fuse and still nothing when key is turned on. It shut off yesterday when my wife was cutting the grass and now is silent as a sleeping newborn baby when the key is turned on.


doll holding a balloon

Value of Westminster Porcelain Doll?I have a Westminster porcelain doll with the number 1 on her neck. It is a girl with curly auburn hair wearing a blue flowered dress, sitting n a white wicker chair. She is holding a blue balloon. I still have the box and I believe I still have the paper of certification.


light brown dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I rescued this dog. I am wondering if he is a full Pit Bull, or a mix of what breeds. Thank you.


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Potty Training a Guinea Pig?Is it possible to train Guinea Pigs to poop in one part of cage?


living room

Curtain Color Advice?We recently bought curtains that once put up looked very similar to the wall color. We are debating whether to keep this color that blends with the wall color or to put up rust colored curtains similar to the pillow flipped over on the couch on the left in the same style.


black puppy with white on chest and feet

Is My Pit Bull Puppy Full Blooded?Is this puppy a full-blooded Pit Bull dog?


before photo

Silk Wedding Dress Turned Yellow?My white silk chiffon wedding dress turned yellow. I sent it to the dry cleaner and the stain got darker and spread out all over it. I tried a lot of things to clean it, till finally I tried white vinegar, it works, but not 100%, it's still yellow.


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Donating Plaques?Where in the East Brunswick, NJ area can I donate or sell plaques?


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Car Engine Missing and Losing Power?My Ford 1.6 Zetec motor is missing and losing power. I changed the plugs checked plug wires and it is still doing the same thing. What could be the problem?


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Canning Kohlrabi?I am looking for a recipe to canning my kohlrabi and cannot seem to find one. Any suggestions?


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Autistic Adult Receiving SSI?I'm the mother of an autistic adult. I moved to North Carolina from New Jersey. Ii don't work, but I receive child support. Will my son's SSI benefits decrease because of the move?


black dog with white on chest lying down

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull Terrier?What breed is my dog; is she a full blooded Pit Bull? She's 4 months old.


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I am wondering how much The New Encyclopaedia Britannica Volume 7, Founded 1768 15th edition is worth.


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17th Birthday Ideas?I don't want to be over the top. I'm more of a simple kind of girl and I don't really have any plans for my 17th birthday this November. I was wondering if any of you may have some ideas because I don't.


What Breed Are My Puppies?

What Breed Are My Puppies?I rescued these stray puppies and momma dog; they were starving. I've been feeding them like two or three weeks now. They're mixed breeds and I am wondering what breed they are?


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Getting Rid of Fleas in Furniture?What are some effective flea treatments for furniture?


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Free Sites for Finding Lost Relatives?My mom died 2 years ago. I last heard from my brother not long after mom died. I have an awful feeling he may be deceased. If not, I would like to contact him. When I go into "free" search sites, the end of the road always ends up requesting payment information to get a full report.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?We had gotten this plant at a funeral a number of years ago. One of the plants is a peace lily, but what is the other one with small purple flowers?


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