November 28, 2016

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finished spool and pipe cleaner reindeer

Making a Spool ReindeerThis is a page about making a spool reindeer. Thread spools can be used to make many craft projects.


Stick wreath hanging on the front door.

Making an Autumn Stick WreathThis is a page about making an autumn stick wreath. Crafts made from nature are inexpensive as well as unique.


Finished bracelet.

Making a Crocheted BraceletThis is a page about making a crocheted bracelet. You can make lovely jewelry if you know how to crochet.


Noel Ornament made from Scrabble pieces

Making a Scrabble Tile Christmas OrnamentThis is a page about making a Scrabble tile Christmas ornament. Tiles from old Scrabble games are great for making various crafts, from jewelry to Christmas ornaments.


Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper Wreath for Kids

Making a Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper WreathThis is a page about making a recycled Christmas wrapping paper wreath. Recycle your Christmas wrapping paper into a pretty holiday wreath.


Closeup of tree.

Making a Christmas Tree With Junk CDsMake a lighted tree shaped decoration using old CDs. This is a page about making a Christmas tree with junk CDs.


front view

Making a Tassel Angel OrnamentThis is a page about making a tassel angel ornament. Decorative tassels lend themselves to creating beautiful angel Christmas ornaments.


pink piggy bank

Making a Gallon Milk Jug Piggy BankThis is a page about making a gallon milk jug piggy bank. A gallon milk jug is perfect for making a cute piggy bank.


CD Wreath

Making a CD Christmas WreathCDs lend sparkle and shine to a homemade holiday wreath. This is a page about making a CD Christmas wreath.


finished chunky rainbow crayons

Making Rainbow Crayons from Broken PiecesThis is a page about make a rainbow crayon from broken pieces. Recycle old broken crayons into new pretty rainbow crayons.


finished project

Making a Butternut Squash Print PaintingThis is a page about making a butternut squash print painting. Cut vegetables can be used to make fun prints that you can use as part of a larger painting or to decorate cards, fabric, and more.



Artisan Country Bread

Artisan Country BreadThis versatile recipe makes a soft, wholesome bread with a fine crumb. It's perfect for dinner rolls, shaped loaves, and slicing with jam or honey. Enjoy!


Leftover Turkey Soup

Leftover Turkey SoupUse every bit of your turkey with this flexible recipe that uses the carcass and the neck. You can also add any leftover gravy and vegetables. This Thanksgiving I had no gravy or leftover vegetables since my gang ate it all up!



yellow rose with pink tinge on edge of petals

Autumn RoseI've posted pictures of roses from this bush, before. If you checked the link, you will see that the only similarity of the two, is that they both are single. While the linked rose is a true deep pink, as you can see, the rose pictured here is a brilliant yellow with petal tips of pink.


table top rolled newspaper Christmas tree

Table Top Newspaper Christmas TreeThis is a craft I learned from You Tube. I tried to make one to put on my own desk for Christmas decoration. This project is made of rolled newspapers.


closeup of yellow rose with dark background

Sunny Yellow RoseI received this rose bush, which is a tea rose, the buds flourished with colors of bright yellow hues and the blossoms unfolded into sunny beauty.


egg slicer on a plate with sliced olives

Use Egg Slicer To Slice OlivesOn French bread toast, I spread a liberal amount of neufchatel cheese that has been allowed to come to room temperature. Atop the cheese, I spread a layer of sliced, ripe olives. That's it! Simple, but very good, especially if eaten while the toast is still warm.


bumble bee on butterfly bush flower

Bumble Bee On Buddleia BloomI ran across these pictures today and thought them good enough to share. Now that I won't be outside much, I will spend some time looking over the pictures I have taken this season. It helps ward off claustrophobia and melancholia, and gives me ideas as to what I want to plant in my gardens next year.


grinding spice into jar lid

Using Spice Grinders with Hot FoodSteam can cause a spice grinder to become blocked over time. It is therefore a good idea, especially with salt, to grind your seasonings straight into the lid and then sprinkle it from your fingers rather than hold the grinder over the steamy hot cooking food.


applying nail polish to cut

Heal Paper Cuts Quickly with Clear Nail PolishI am constantly getting little paper cuts with all the crafts I make. The sooner they heal, the better, so here's a quick tip: Clean the cut and wait a few minutes for your skin to completely dry. Then swipe a stroke of clear nail polish over the cut and allow it to dry.


Dusty dressed as a wolf for Halloween

DustyWe got him from a family that was moving and they couldn't take him with them. He likes to go to the dog park, chase the ball, run around with our son, and cuddle.


Product Review: Nemex 2 for Worming Cats and Kittens

Product Review: Nemex 2 for Worming Cats and KittensThis is a worming medicine that is designed for dogs. It kills all intestinal worms except for tapeworms. The taste is acceptable to all 11 of my cats and they put up little resistance to taking it. Dose according to weight of animal.


Beautiful Fall Display

Beautiful Fall DisplayI bought all these little decorations for under a dollar at the Dollar General. I used a Halloween candy bowl covered in fabric to match the season. After I put it all together I was happy with it. However, I made one change. You will see it in the picture.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Getting Rid of Biting Gnats?Does anyone know how to get rid of the biting gnats (not fruit flies, not normal gnats)? These are not attracted to cider vinegar, soap, or fruit. These are not killed with "flying insect killer" (biting gnats are the one exception listed on can). I tried it anyway, but it didn't work.


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New Electrical Fixture Throws the Breaker?I have two leads coming from the wall, two white and two black. I joined the whites and blacks together. I added a new fixture by connecting one black wire and one white wire to the supply in wires. The breaker light comes on in the "off" position. When I move the switch to "on" position the breaker pops.


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Removing Dog Urine Odor from Laminate Flooring?I have laminate floors. How can I remove the strong smell of dog urine from my floors?


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Making Organic Fertilizer?I want to begin organic fertilizer production, but I only know a little about fertilizer production. How could I begin it?


What Kind of Snake Is This?

What Kind of Snake Is This?I live in Orlando Florida. I was getting ready to hop in my car to leave for work and this guy fell out. Can you please help me decide what kind it is?


Super Fresco 13115 Wallpaper

Super Fresco 13115 Wallpaper?I am looking for 1 roll of Super Fresco 13115 wallpaper. I purchased it 10 years ago. See photo which shows pattern. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks.


light green stalk with flat leaves every few inches

Identifying a Garden Plant?I got this plant over the summer and it has grown since this picture, but this is the last one I have. The shop I bought it from has no clue what it is. I'm hoping someone can help so I know the best care plan.


black and tan puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?I found this puppy on the side of the road and I'm curious about what she is. Now that I can't find her owner, she is going to be mine. She still has her baby teeth so we don't know exactly how old she is, but the vet is guessing around 4 months.


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Colour After Dyeing?I got my hair dyed grey awhile back and now I am wanting to get it back to my natural colour which is a mid brown. I want to know if it is possible? I really want my natural hair back without having to go back and forth to a hair salon.


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Using a Flat Iron on Permed Hair?I was thinking of getting a loose perm, but I would still like to occasionally straighten it. Would it still straighten OK with a flat iron?


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Removing Permanent Marker on DVD Player Screen?I have dark blue permanent marker on a portable DVD player screen. What do I use to remove it?


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Value of 1960 Children's Britannica?I have a complete set of the 1960 Children's Britannica in decent condition. What is the ball park figure in terms of value and the best way to sell if I decide to?


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Plastic Cover Left Red Stain on Kitchen Cabinet?A year ago I covered my kitchen cabinet with a plastic cover, but when I removed it, I saw that the red color had transferred to the cabinet. I could not clean the color off. What can I do in this situation?


Identifying Houseplants

Identifying Houseplants?Many of my plants were passed down to me from my grandmother and I no longer have any idea what they are. Here are a few photos.


profile of dog

House Trained Dog Pooping Inside?I have a two year old Husky/German Shepherd mix who has been potty trained since he was two months old. Within the last two months or so my Husky has started pooping inside, but when I am home.


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Making Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge?The chocolate part was oily. I melted 2 cups of chips, 2 Tbsp. butter, and 1/2 can condensed milk. It seems the butter separated from the chocolate. I absorbed some with a paper towel after spreading it over the peanut butter. I just put it in the fridge. I don't know the end result yet.


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House Training an Adult Dog?I adopted a 4 yr old Chihuahua. He was never house broken. I take him outside a lot and we will walk. He just seems to sniff and mark here and there. Then when we are home he will poop and pee in the house.


tall light to medium green succulent type plant

What Is This Houseplant?The leaves are spiked and somewhat thick like a succulent. The trunk is thick too.


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