January 29, 2017

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Covered book as Christmas gift.

Making a Christmas BookThis gift idea consists of a blank book covered in seasonal paper. It is perfect for using as a journal to record holiday memories, recipes, and more. This is a page about making a Christmas book.


A bag of bath salt with oranges.

Rejuvenating Orange Salt BathThis epsom salt and orange peel based bath salt recipe, will rejuvenate you, easing stress and minor aches and pains. This is a page about rejuvenating orange salt bath.


A pile of plastic grocery bags.

Knitting With Grocery Bags?Plastic grocery bags can be cut into strips to make plarn, a recycled product that can be used in place of yarn in many craft projects. This is a page about knitting with grocery bags.


Buttons attached to flat link chain with jump rings.

Making Christmas Button BraceletsButton bracelets are nice handmade Christmas gift ideas. They can be made in holiday colors or the favorite colors of the recipient. This is a page about making Christmas button bracelets.


A girl with a jar of honey.

How to Use Honey for Skin BlemishesThe antibacterial properties of honey can help some people treat their skin blemishes. This is a page about how to use honey for skin blemishes.


Two heart shaped red balloons in a blue sky with clouds.

Valentine's Day Float Ideas?Whether designing for a small scale school project or a community parade, there are many excellent ideas you can incorporate into making a Valentine's Day float. This is a page about Valentine's Day float ideas.


Cleaning solution being sprayed into a microwave.

Cleaning Chemicals Burnt Into Microwave?Cleaning products used in a microwave can leave stains and odors, if the oven is inadvertently used prior to rinsing them off. This is a page about cleaning chemicals burnt into microwave.


Vintage Button Bracelet

Making a Vintage Button BraceletSort through your button stash and make a lovely bracelet with some of your older more unique ones. This is a page about making a vintage button bracelet.


Eggs Benedict

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas?Churches and other organizations often plan special Mother's Day activities. This is a page about Mother's Day brunch ideas.


A spoon full of rolled oats or oatmeal.

Feeding a Dog Oatmeal?Oatmeal is a good source of fiber and can be fed to dogs with issues such as gas, diarrhea, or constipation. It is also beneficial for pets allergic to wheat or corn. This is a page about feeding a dog oatmeal.


Close up of black mold on a white surface.

Removing Mold from Non-Bleachable SurfacesVinegar is an excellent alternative product for removing mold on surfaces where bleach would not be safe. This is a page about removing mold from non-bleachable surfaces.


Heart Shaped Paper Penguin - closeup of finished penguin

Making a Heart Shaped Paper PenguinMany children really love penguins and crafts based on them. These unique flightless birds have become even more popular with the younger set as they star in several kids movies. This is a page about making a heart shaped paper penguin.


Wet N Wild Shine

Wet N Wild Shine Nail Polish ReviewsThis brand of nail polish, both color and topcoats, is much more economical than other options. This is a page about Wet N Wild Shine nail polish reviews.


A pair of scratched eyeglasses on a cleaning cloth.

Scratch Resistant Coating is Peeling Off LensesWhen peeling eye glass lens coating makes it hard to see you may want to remove it. This is a page about scratch resistant coating is peeling off lenses.


A humidifier blowing steam.

Adding Vinegar to Your HumidifierAdding a bit of vinegar to your home humidifier can help freshen the air. This is a page about adding vinegar to your humidifier.


Button pin with red background.

Making Floral Button PinsFabric backed button cluster pins are beautiful and can be worn as you would a corsage. They are fun to make and are perfect gift items. This is a page about making floral button pins.


A used stroller outside near steps.

Removing Mold Stains on a Stroller?The fabric on a baby stroller can develop mold stains if closed up and stored while wet or placed in a damp area. This is a page about removing mold stains on stroller.


Dawn and Peroxide

Dawn and Peroxide Homemade Stain RemoverThese two ingredients combine to make a very effective stain remover. This is a page about Dawn and peroxide homemade stain remover.


A couple of sample pocket pack baking kits as gifts.

Making Pocket Pack Baking KitsThese sweet gifts are made by placing a cake or cookie mix package into a linen towel bag. You can add tools and decorations, such as sprinkles, to round out the gift. This is a page about making pocket pack baking kits.


A woman getting a Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Assisted Living Residents?Older parents who reside in assisted living facilities typically do not have a lot of space for large gifts. Choosing a lovely thought gift for these moms is important. This is a page about Mother's Day gift ideas for assisted living residents.


Three young people working on a Bible themed craft.

Craft Ideas for Bible Study Class?Children's Bible classes frequently contain craft projects related to the story being studied at the time. This is a page about craft ideas for Bible study class.


A bunch of birds at an garden birdfeeder.

Keeping Things Tidy Beneath a BirdfeederThe ground underneath a bird feeder can easily become littered with scattered seed. This is a page about keeping things tidy beneath a birdfeeder.



Fruit Salad with Maple Lime Dressing - pouring dressing on fruit

Fruit Salad with Maple Lime DressingI love making this fruit salad. Its so colourful and has so many different flavours. The maple lime dressing gives it a vibrant zest but also helps keep the fruit fresh longer. The dried cranberries give it an elegant bite that reminds you of the winter season. Use a variety of your favorite fruits, as they will all go well with the maple lime.


Emory Hugs Lilly (Siamese Mix and Calico) - cats entwined on chair

Emory Hugs Lilly (Siamese Mix and Calico)Emory is a little guy we took in as a kitten, and Lilly is one of our kittens until I find the perfect home. If that never happens, she will always have a home right here ;)



Painting Countertops to Look Like Marble = light creamy tan countertop

Painting Countertops to Look Like Marble?I painted my laminate countertops. I sanded and primed. I painted with acrylic paint sponged to look like marble. It looked great. I painted with Minwax spar urethane clear gloss. There is one problem - the marblizing colors are coming off. What am I doing wrong? I am letting it dry completely between coats.


Roof Leaking in Mobile Home - water on wall and wiring

Roof Leaking in Mobile Home?My mobile home roof is leaking water how do I fix it? There is no water on the outside of the roof. Could it be condensation?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

House Trained Dog Pooping on Beds?My Chihuahua Yorkie breed is trained to go outside, but he continues to poop on the beds in the house. It's not just one, it's all three beds that I have. Also his hair is falling out by his bum area, but it feels as if it was shaved but it wasn't.


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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?I am the proud owner of the most rambunctious ten month old, blue nose Pit Bull, one may ever meet. Hence her name, Kalypso. Sadly however she was diagnosed with the Parvovirus around five days ago.


Is This Mold?

Is This Mold?Over the last few weeks, I have got really sick, and had to discard everything I own in my apartment. It's difficult to explain, and my land lord is denying any possible chance of mold. Is this mold under my flooring?


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Backing Option for Plarn Latch Hook Rug?Could you use the non skid rubber mats instead of latch hook canvas for this project? Would it help keep the mat in place better?


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