February 8, 2017

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The corner of a wood cabinet door.

Restaining Old Kitchen CabinetsRather than replace old kitchen cabinets consider restraining them. You can have a new clean look for a lot less money. This is a page about restaining old kitchen cabinets.


A kid with paint all over his face and clothes.

Stain Removal GuideFrom oil stains to grass stains, this stain removal guide contains step by step instructions for how to get stains out of clothes, carpet and more.


A man trimming between his eyebrows.

Trimming Your EyebrowsThere is no need to see a professional to get perfectly groomed eyebrows. Get tips on how to trim your eyebrows in this page.


Children washing their hands in a school bathroom.

Removing Urine Odors in an Elementary School Bathroom?Elementary School bathrooms are known for having a certain scent. This page has tips on removing urine odor in elementary school bathroom.


A line of ants on a white background.

Using Talcum Powder to Deter AntsThis is a page about using talcum powder to deter ants. Ants will avoid walking through this soft mineral powder.


A termite or white ant with eggs.

Getting Rid of White Ants?These white ants are most likely termites and it is important to deal with termite problems quickly. This is a page about getting rid of white ants.


A man using a tablet to pay bills with a credit card.

Paying Bills With a Credit CardIf you don't currently have credit card debt, you can save money and gain rewards if you pay bills with a credit card. Learn more in this page on paying bills with a credit card.


A squirrel next to a blue flower.

Squirrels Eating FlowersAs cute as they may be squirrels can also make themselves into pests and lose their welcome in your garden. This is a page about squirrels eating flowers.



A hand applying cornstarch to a boy's back.

Cornstarch for Treating Heat RashHeat rash is very common in children, especially in summer when the weather is hot and humid. To treat this at home, go to your kitchen and grab your cornstarch. Use this as a powder to their bodies or where the rash is present, whether on their back, chest or neck. It's simple and safe.


Hibiscus Love Mural Decoration - finished heart hanging

Hibiscus Love Mural DecorationThe hibiscus flower symbolizes beauty, and pink is a color associated with romance. Combine these two together to make a great decoration for Valentine's Day. The beauty of this decoration is that it can still be used after Valentine's Day.


A old wood barn with a white roof and a blue sky beyond.

An Old BarnUp on a hill lay an old barn that in all aspects of things, is truly breathtaking. From the hundreds of birds that visit every day to the sun that gleams its bright happy glory.


Yarn Wrapped Valentine's Plant Holder - painted soda bottle wrapped with yarn

Yarn Wrapped Valentine's Plant HolderI save plastic soda bottles. They are useful to me. I also save fast food plastic cups, and cut the tops off of them. These make tiny plant pots. These are what I put in the bottom of the pretty plant holders I make out of soda bottles.


baked Tortang Talong in bowl

Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelette)An eggplant omelette is called "tortang talong" in my local language. It is basically cooked eggplant and egg served at breakfast time. Here's my twisted version of the tortang talong.


Toy Wheelbarrow as Flower Planter - planted with a watering can, gardening fork, and trowel in barrow

Toy Wheelbarrow as Flower PlanterI went to my favorite thrift store in search for outdoor decor. Towards the back in the toy section, I saw this metal and very sturdy child's wheel barrel. I had a vision of making it into unique garden decor.


A dish of chicken salad with curry next to it.

Add Curry to Chicken SaladFor a nice change of pace, add some curry the next time you make chicken salad. Penzeys makes a mild curry, called sweet curry, which I enjoy.


An antique silver dessert cup holding a red rose.

Vintage Dessert Cup from Hotel Peabody (Memphis, TN)I was employed by the Hotel Peabody in Memphis, Tennessee in the late 60s. The hotel was sold to another hotel chain and I was given this dessert cup as a souvenir. It is silver and has the name "Hotel Peabody" engraved on the bottom. I had picked a stunning rosebud in October and placed it in the dessert cup and placed it on my buffet. It brought back nice memories of my time at the hotel.


Wear Gardening Gloves For The Unexpected - pampas grass

Wear Gardening Gloves For The UnexpectedSome time back I wrote an article on the importance of wearing gloves while working in areas that might be infested with black widow spiders. One might do well to consider gloves when working in other areas, too.


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Keep No-See-Ums from BitingI was at my wit's end, allergic to the bites of no-see-ums. I was driven to tears. I am the only one in my house affected by these bugs. I finally found a remedy. I use a mixture of the original Listerine (gold type), witch hazel and tea tree oil.


Minion Reading Pointers - finished Minion pointers

Minion Reading PointersWhen learning to read, children lose their place frequently. In the classroom, the teacher usually has students use their index finger to point to each word as it is being read. When the boredom ensues, it's time to break out fun reading pointers, like these Minion wands.


A tapestry being hung with clothespins.

Easily Hang a TapestryTo easily hang tapestries on your walls, just take a clothespin and add a Command strip on the back of it. Stick the command strip to the wall and clip the tapestry in the pins. Add decorative tape to make the pins match your design and color.



What Is This Houseplant? - scraggly potted plant with a couple of leaves at the tops of multiple stems

What Is This Houseplant?Does anyone know what I have here? I want to know how to treat it better.


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Finding Free Furniture?I just moved to South Carolina and I don't have anything. I'm a single mom of 2 kids and I really need furniture like beds for my kids.


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Emancipation and Life Insurance?My nephew's mom and dad got a divorce when he was 17. His dad emancipated him at that time. 7 years later when he was 24 my nephew passed. His dad happen to have life insurance on him. He is now collecting this money. Is this legal?


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Effect of Freezing on Vitamin C in Carrots?Does freezing have any effect on the amount of vitamin C in a carrot? What is the effect?


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Finding Free Furniture?I am in need of a full size couch and love seat. I also need a queen size bed. I just moved into a new home with my 13 year old and we are sitting on a broken futon and my bed is broken also. Any suggestions?


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Value of 1913 Arthur Mee Children's Encyclopedias?I have 2 sets of Arthur Mee encyclopedias from England from about 1913. The title on one set is Children's Magazine. The other is Children's Encyclopedia. Is there a market for these? I am down sizing and will nor have any room, but do not want to throw them out.


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