September 28, 2017

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Double Chocolate Donuts ready to serve

Double Chocolate Donut RecipeA chocolate lover's delight may be these baked donuts. This page contains a double chocolate donut recipe.


Mini Greenhouse From Soda Bottles

How to Make a Mini Greenhouse from a Soda BottleClear plastic beverage bottles can be repurposed to create a controlled environment for seedlings and root cuttings. This is a page about how to make a mini greenhouse from a soda bottle.


Napa Cabbage Stir Fry on plate

Napa Cabbage Stir Fry RecipeNapa cabbage is the original Chinese cabbage with crinkled, long leaves that is used throughout the world for wonderful vegetable dishes. This page contains a Napa cabbage stir fry recipe.


Two avocados growing on a tree.

Soil Advice for Avocado PlantsIn general avocados thrive in fertile, well-drained soil. Although they adapt to most soil types, avocados prefer a light, sandy loam. This is a page about soil advice for avocado plants.


Shredded Paper

How to Compost Shredded PaperOnce shredded, unglossy paper is a great addition to a compost pile, where moisture and worms will turn it into a rich soil addition. This is a page about how to compost shredded paper.


Mop on a Linoleum floor.

Wet Paper Stained My Linoleum FloorWet printed or colored paper can transfer its dye to the floor, and be a challenge to remove. This is a page about wet paper stained my linoleum floor.


Homemade Laundry Detergent Supplies

Homemade Laundry Detergent Without BoraxMany laundry detergent recipes list borax as an ingredient, however there are many other recipes that do not. This is a page about homemade laundry detergent without borax.



Outdoor Bench Made Easy - bench in garden near fence

Easy Outdoor BenchThis outdoor bench makes for extra seating, not to mention a resting place when working in the garden! It is an easy, functional, and decorative addition to an outdoor space.


How to Reseed Bald Spots in Your Lawn - spot after grass has grown in

How to Reseed Bald Spots in Your LawnReseeding bald spots in your lawn is easy to do and fall is the time to do it.



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Refreezing Thawed CheeseWe had a power outage for several days. Can I refreeze shredded cheese?


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Value Mersman TableCan you tell me the value of a Mersman table style number 7735?


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Dog Peeing and Pooping on FloorMy 9 year old dog has been peeing and pooping inside within half an hour of being indoors, for the past 3 months. She had previously been house trained and never had a problem. Please advise; I'm at the end of my tether.


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Homeschooling a Third Grade ChildI am just starting my son in homeschool. He is a third grader. Can someone please tell me where to begin? I am very limited on money and can't afford a lot, but I also have no idea where to start. Can someone please help me?


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Notifying Medicaid of New Spouse's IncomeI got married on the 20th and Medicaid advised me to get down there by the 10th to notify them of his income. Does that mean I need to go before the tenth or can I go on that day? I am asking because I need to take the day off from work if it's before the 10th exactly.


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Name Ideas for Online Bath ProductsI am creating in online company for bath bombs and possibly soap. I'm just having a hard time coming up with a name for the online company. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I wanted to use the word "fetish" some how in the name, but it's not a requirement.


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Moving a Finch EggI have 4 finches, 2 females 2 males. The two that use the right side nest have been laying eggs. The two that have the left nest have been putting some of the fresh food snacks in their prepared nest. I found an egg in the middle of the cage. I wasn't sure what to do so I put it in the nest of the other couple's nest.


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Planning a Surprise PartyHow can you throw a surprise party without them figuring it out? Especially when you are walking up to a restaurant?


What Is This Plant? narrow leafed green foliage plant

What Is This Plant?Many of you are growing this plant, though maybe not this particular variety.


A brown chi pin puppy.

How Much Does an Adult Chi Pin Weigh?I just got a pup who I believe is a Chi Pin. He weighs about 2.5 pounds and is 7 weeks old. How big do you think he will get?


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Value of a Vintage Truetone AM/FM Stereo/Turntable and Tape DeckI have a vintage Truetone AM/FM stereo player with record player and 8 track tape deck. Are these stereo players worth anything these days? My mother had it like forever and it still plays the 8 track tapes and the radio still plays very well.


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17 Birthday Party IdeasMy daughter's birthday is on November 2nd and she is turning 17. I have no idea what to do for her. I didn't have a sweet 16 for her so I want to have something big like a sweet 17. LOL


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Yth1746 Husqvarna Mower Will Not StartI have a Husqvarna yth1746 that I bought second hand. It will not start nor turn over. I have replaced the battery, coil, positive cable, and ignition switch. The fuse is good and the wires ohm out fine. I jumped the starter and fuel shutoff solenoid and the mower starts. However it doesn't even click over when I turn the key.


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Getting Another Dog After Losing One to ParvoHow long must you wait to get another dog after having just lost one to parvo?


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