December 27, 2017

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Brined Maple Turkey

Brined Maple Turkey with Cream GravyThis is a low calorie, delicious turkey and gravy recipe. This easy to make recipe would be perfect for dinner or even to serve for the holidays. This is a page about making brined maple turkey with cream gravy.


Butter Being Used in Baking

Using Butter Instead of Shortening?In many recipes, you can substitute butter for shortening. Here is some advice if you are wanting to try this substitution. This is a page about using butter instead of shortening.


A pair of cross country ski boots in need of cleaning.

Removing Mold from Cross Country Boots?This is a page about removing mold from cross country ski boots. If not thoroughly dried and stored properly, ski boots can grow mold. Here are some tips for getting rid of the mold and preventing it from coming back.


Value of Mickey Mouse Figurine - old Mickey figurine, maybe Steamboat Willy timeframe

Value of Mickey Mouse Collectibles?An old, rare Mickey Mouse figure can be worth quite a bit. This is a page about value of mickey mouse figurine.


Spinach leaves added to a small blender to make a morning juice.

Healthy Morning Juice RecipesMany people take fresh ingredients to make a healthy morning juice drink. It's a great way to get vitamins, minerals and other nutrients without a lot of sugar or fat.


A person creating a denture plate.

Getting Dentures Without Insurance?This is a page about getting dentures without insurance. If you don't have dental insurance it can be difficult to afford dentures. Here are some tips about finding low cost dental care.


Memory Foam Pillows

Make Your Own Memory Foam PillowsThis is a page about make your own memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows offer support for your head and neck, helping you get a good nights sleep. Here is some information for how to make inexpensive, memory foam filled pillows.


Toddler Fun Flowers

Toddler Fun With FlowersThis is a page about toddler fun with flowers. Many little kids love to pick flowers. One fun idea is to take them to a nursery and let them pick up the flowers that have fallen on the ground. It is also a great way for them to learn about the different types of flowers.


Washing out Clothing Stain

Removing an Unknown Stain from Cotton ClothingThis is a page about removing an unknown stain from cotton clothing. Finding a mystery stain on your clothing can be frustrating. Without knowing what caused stain, it can be hard to know what might remove it. Here are some suggestions to try.


Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll - red haired doll

Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll?Doll companies produce many dolls. Their value is determined by their condition and rarity. This is a page about value of a Knightsbridge Collection porcelain doll.


Christmas Cactus on Table

Give Coffee to a Christmas CactusThis is a page about giving coffee to a Christmas cactus. Coffee is a trusted secret that many people use to keep their Christmas cactus healthy and blooming each year. Just make sure its plain black coffee.


A wooden serving bowl that has been oiled with mineral oil to preserve it.

Preserving Wooden Bowls with Mineral OilThis is a page about preserve wooden bowls with mineral oil. Food-grade mineral oil is a great way to keep a wooden bowl looking nice. It keeps the wood from drying out, preventing it from cracking and splintering.


Breads Ready to Sell

Pricing Baked Goods to Sell?This is a page about pricing to sell baked goods. It can be hard to price homemade treats, because you want to ensure that you make a profit beyond the cost of the ingredients. Here are some tips for pricing baked goods to sell at a bazaar or bake sale.


Information on a Alt. Beck & Gottschalk Bisque Doll 1064 #0 - white bisque doll in Scottish attire

Finding the Value of Alt. Beck & Gottschalk Dolls?If you have one of these porcelain dolls, here is some information about how to find the value. This is a page about finding the value of Alt. Beck & Gottschalk dolls.



Virgo Adult Coloring Page - coloring page

Virgo Adult Coloring PageThe sixth sign of the zodiac is Virgo. Persons born under this sign, between August 23 to September 22, are know for their attention to detail. If this is your sign, enjoy relaxing with this coloring page.


Bridge Table with Cedar Boards - ready to work

Bridge Table with Cedar BoardsI recently had a small fold-up table between the two longer ones I have in my workroom. I kept hitting my knee on the leg, it would shake, coffee would slop, etc. Plus, I lost work space. I fixed this today.


mixing vegetable juice in jar

Mix Your Own Vegetable JuiceIf you like to sip at something during the day or prefer a light, between-meals snack, vegetable juice is an excellent option, hot or cold. Staying hydrated isn't always easy, and eating the recommended amount of vegetables every day can be challenging. Vegetable juice is a good solution, cold from the fridge or heated in a mug.



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Value of Pecan Trees?I have several pecan trees on my land. Two are very mature and not in a perfect location. I would like to know what they are worth, since pecan wood is a favorite fort barbecue smokers.


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Training a Pit Bull?Can I play "sock " with my Pit Bull? I have always done so with other breeds, but don't want to make my dog aggressive. I have always had good dogs. Is training a Pit Bull any different or is it just good common sense?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a floral dress and apron

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone have an idea how old this porcelain doll would be? I think it's three generations, having been handed dow, but have no indication of age, year it was made, etc.


Value of a Mersman 8726 Coffee Table  - mahogany finish coffee table

Value of a Mersman 8726 Coffee Table?I have Mersman 8726 coffee table and was just wondering what the value is.


Keeping a Kitten from Scratching Its Wound - tiger stripe kitten

Keeping a Kitten from Scratching Its Wound?My sweet little kitten, Henry, has a medium sized puncture wound on his neck. I believe most of the infection is out and it is trying to heal. Unfortunately he keeps wanting to scratch the wound. Is there anything I can use besides a cone to keep him from itching his wound open so it can heal?


Value of Collectible Memories -
Reesa Porcelain Doll  - doll wearing a fancy white satin dress

Value of Collectible Memories Reesa Porcelain Doll?I ask this question because I cannot seem to find Reesa anywhere. I am wondering if anyone knows how much she is worth. I see the other folks for sale, but not her.


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Cooking a Turkey and Ham at the Same Time?What temperature and for how long should I cook a 16 lb turkey and 10 lb smoked ham, if cooking together?


Identifying Little Bugs in Damp Bedroom

Identifying Little Bugs in Damp Bedroom?I had some water leakage problems lately which led to black mold on my bedroom walls. Now there are a lot of these little bugs in the still damp corners of the bedroom. What kind of bug are these and how do I get rid of them?


Buying Used Clothing - jeans

Buying Used Clothing?I have not purchased clothing in a store in years. I shop online and that is good. I am home so much I only had two pairs of jeans. I decided to go shopping at the thrift store. I bought these for $4 each. I thought that was a bargain. What is the most you will pay for second hand jeans?


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Replacement Remote for Balsam Hills Pre-lit Tree?I have a Balsam Hills pre-lit tree that had a three way (color, white, and both plus on and off switch). The switch was damaged (my dog ate it) and Balsam has no replacement available. Where can I find a replacement?


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Preventing Condensation Between Trailer Roof and Ceiling?I have a tin roof on my trailer. How do I keep the condensation out between my ceiling and the roof?


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Uses for a Broken Crock Pot?The pot is worthless to cook with, but that huge nice pot is too good to trash. What would you do with it? I am not in any way a hoarder, but that pot seems to have life left.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 13 in January. She has no idea what she wants to do for her birthday, but knows she wants to do something special. She wants friends over (about 8-10, boys and girls), but it's a challenge to have a party at our house.


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Repairing a Broken Key on a Smith Corona Typewriter?I have been calling around trying to fix a 1960 Smith Corona silent typewriter. I've been quoted about 100$ just to fix a typewriter that I purchased for 20$. So now I'm searching for some guidance. I have a key that is broken.


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2009 Yukon Denali Shut Down and Won't Restart?The readings of the dashboard of my 2009 Yukon Denali said 100 then started to countdown to zero and then my truck shut down. And now I can't even get it started and I can't seem to have anybody help me to understand why.


Feeding a Puppy Recovering from Parvo - puppy in a dog bed

Feeding a Puppy Recovering from Parvo?2 weeks a got we got our new dog and was told she was utd on her shots. This Tuesday she started getting sick, on Friday I realized it was parvo. She was rushed to the vet and he told me to put her to sleep. I wanted to give her a chance, so the vet put fluid under her skin, gave her antibiotics and steroids.


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Recovery Time for a Dog With Parvo?I took my puppy to the vet on Friday to just get his shots. He tested positive for parvo, so they kept him over the weekend. It's now Tuesday and we were told he is doing better. He gets up when he sees people and wags his tail, although, he isn't eating. Is this normal? Will he make it?


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Value of Ashley Belle Nelly Doll?I have googled the Ashley Belle porcelain doll named Nelly and came up blank. Does anybody know any info or the value of this doll?


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Daycare Name Ideas?My name is Felicia, but my family and close friends call me Kitty. I wanted some suggestions for the name of my at home daycare.


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Body Care Business Name Ideas?What should I call my business that sells body care products?


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Removing Unpleasant Taste from Metal Wine Growler?I just used a new insulated wine growler for the first time and my first glass of wine was fine, but my next glass had picked up a taste that was inside the growler. Any suggestions for removing that potential taste in the future?


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