January 29, 2018

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Forest Fungus

Moss and Fungi PhotosWe are all wowed by beautiful flowers and graceful trees, but don't overlook the beauty of the numerous varieties of moss and fungi present in nature. This page contains moss and fungi photos.


Elderly Man Sitting at Table Eating

Preparing Your Home for Elderly GuestsIf you are expecting elderly guests, there are some steps you can take to make their visit safer and thus more enjoyable. This is a page about preparing your home for elderly guests.


Planting Seedlings

Starting a Vegetable GardenPrior to planting your first vegetable garden you will want to do some homework. Choose a good sunny location. Research the quality of your soil and ways to improve it if necessary. Find out the best types and varieties of veggies for your region. Talk to a neighbor who has a garden, an expert at your local nursery, or to a master gardener, if possible, and read up on the topic. This is a page about starting a vegetable garden.


Woman Selecting Paint Color from Sample

Picking Colors When DecoratingIf you do some research you will find numerous suggestions for how to pick colors when decorating. All will ultimately take into consideration the color of existing furnishings, drapes, carpets, and walls. Then the new wall or furniture colors, etc. can be chosen to complement or contrast based on your desired color scheme. This is a page about picking colors when decorating.


Family on Road Trip

Keeping Your Car Clean on a Road TripTypically on a road trip you and the kids will be eating and snacking on the go. One idea for keeping the seats clean is to cover them with a sheet that can be shaken out at stops. This is a page about keeping your car clean on a road trip.


Woman Tending her Vegetable Garden

Preventative Medicine For Your Vegetable GardenIt is always preferable to prevent problems than to have to remedy them after they occur. This is also true of a vegetable garden. Proper care and maintenance, such as watering, fertilizing, weeding, and pest elimination can help keep your garden growing and producing well throughout the season. This is a page about preventative medicine for your vegetable garden.


Perennial Flowers

Help Choosing PerennialsBecause they will grace your garden season after season, choosing perennials for your garden can have an enduring effect on the overall appearance. Native plants are a good choice as are plants that do well in your area. Check neighbor's gardens, the local nursery, or contact a master gardener. This is a page about help choosing perennials.


Cleaning Wood Cabinets

Removing Permanent Marker on Wood Cabinets?There are many recomenations for different products to use for remedying this mishap. Read on to decide which one sounds best to you. It is a good idea to make sure the product used will not damage the finish; do your research. This is a page about removing permanent marker on wood cabin


Spider Plants Outdoors

Can a Spider Plant Survive Winter Outdoors?While spider plants can generally spend the spring, summer, and early fall outside, surviving through the winter is less assured. Considerations such as lowest temperatures in your area, winter protection, and more can help predict their success outside during the colder months. This is a page about, "Can a spider plant survive winter outdoors?".


Dinner Rolls

Recipes Using Frozen Dinner RollsFrozen dinner rolls can be used to make both sweet or savory bread dishes. Here we have a sweet pecan roll idea. This page contains recipes using frozen dinner rolls.



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Using Sugar and Dish Soap as a Hand CleanerThis does make a great hand cleaner. It is made using dish soap and sugar. Place some dish soap in your hand and then pour some sugar on the dish soap in your hand as well. Use like 2 tablespoons of dish soap and a teaspoon of sugar or even mix the same amount of dish soap and the sugar.


A pitcher of fruity sangria.

Fruit SangriaI made this for a summer party just after harvesting my cherry tree. Many people loved it but some thought it was too sour. You may want to consider increasing the sugar if you like it sweet. It is a strong and fruity flavor so be sure to adjust the ratios to best suit your tastes.


A bouquet of edible flowers on a wooden table.

A Bouquet of EdiblesThree wonderful sunny days this week tell me that the darkest days of winter are behind us. The seed catalogues landing in my inbox and in my postbox are filled with possibilities to make even more colourful and tasty edible bouquets than the ones I created last summer.


Skyai (Golden Retriever/Lab Mix) closeup of dog's face

Skyai (Golden Retriever/Lab Mix)My brother's dog had puppies and this one won everyone's heart. She's a sweet dog and her favorite place to get a drink of water is the bathtub faucet. Her name is Greek for shadow, which is her mom's name and she looks like her mother.


Use Toothpaste for a Clean and Fresh Kitchen Sink

Use Toothpaste for a Clean and Fresh Kitchen SinkHere is a nice way to clean your sink. Before you think it's expensive it's not. The drug store has coupons through email. There are coupons in the store, as well as coupons in the paper. You're always able to luck up on a sale.


DIY Arm Warmers from Socks - sock arm armer

DIY Arm Warmers from SocksI got these cute LOVE socks from the dollar store. The only problem with words written on socks is that the letters tend to stretch out to the shape of your calves, and I've got shapely horse legs! I thought they'd look much cuter as arm warmers, especially with their longer length.


Mini Pop-up Valentine Card - finished pop up heart card opened

Mini Pop-up Valentine CardShow some love this Valentine's Day season by making your own simple mini pop-up card. Kids can participate and you can also teach them to make their own and be creative.


A recycled oven rack being used as a drying rack.

Use Recycled Oven Racks for a Drying RackIf you have extra toaster/oven racks, you can make yourself a drying rack. The oven rack is elevated and underneath you can put a towel to absorb the water.



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Getting Bitten by Unseen Bugs?For several months now I have been getting bit by something. I know what it's not. It's not bed bugs or fleas. These bites welt up like mosquito bites, but they're not mosquitoes either. It is too cold for them. Anyhow, the bites turn up in weird places like my elbows, toes, and tops and bottoms of my feet.


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Buying a Vintage Set of the Encyclopedia Americana?Where can I buy a 1950s edition of the Encyclopedia Americana in good shape?


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Amana Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water or Ice Cubes?I have an Amana Refrigerator, model ASD2624HEB. The ice dispenser stopped dispensing cubes, but will still give crushed ice. Then about 6 months later, it stopped dispensing water (we still get crushed ice). We bypassed the filter and still no water. I think we verified that the lines are not frozen.


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Buying an August 1931 Edition of Popular Science?I am looking for only 1 Popular Science magazine, the August 1931 edition.


Value of Goldenvale Porcelain Dolls

Value of Goldenvale Porcelain Dolls?I have these John Deere dolls made by Goldenvale. There are no boxes or stands and the male is missing a shoe. Both have hats, but I keep her's put up other than that they're in good condition.


Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Veterans - water damage

Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Veterans?I am a 60 year old veteran with no money and a part time job. I have a ten year old son whose room was affected by hurricane Matthew. The room is leaking and I cannot afford to fix it. How or where can I get assistance?


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