February 21, 2018

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A speckled homemade candle made from crayons.

Crayon CandlesRecycle those broken crayons by making colorful candles. This is a page about making crayon candles.


A tool being used to carve a pattern into leather.

Leather Carving TipsMaking craft projects that involve carving leather can take some time to complete. In addition to tips for the actual carving of the leather there are storage ideas for the unfinished project to keep in mind. This page contains leather carving tips.


Closeup of hands holding 3 tomatoes.

Tips for Tomato GrowersEven though the tomato is the most popular garden crop in the US, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure the best crop possible. This page contains tips for tomato growers.


Two rainbow dyed easter eggs, one partly peeled.

Coloring Peeled Eggs for EasterColor your hard boiled eggs after the peel is removed to take that color to your meal at the table. This is a page about colored peeled eggs for Easter.


A wooden record player cabinet.

Finding the Value of an Antique Denison Record Player?This is a page about finding the value of a Denison record player. Records and record players are making a come back. New players rarely have the beauty that old ones do, so working vintages are often a sought after item. If you have an antique Denison record player, here is some information that may help you determine its value.


Supplies for making curtains.

Make Your Own Thermal DrapesThermal drapes can be pricey to buy. They do however do a great job of helping to regulate the temperature inside your home. You can add thermal linings to your existing drapes using repurposed items such as shower curtains or plastic table cloths. This is a page about how to make your own thermal drapes.


Coffee creamer being added to a cup of coffee.

Shopping for WalMart's Great Value Coffee Creamer?This is a page about shopping for Walmart's Great Value coffee creamer. Are you having trouble finding you favorite flavor of Walmart's Great Value coffee creamer? Here is some information that might be helpful.


Capricorn or Sea Goat Twelve Zodiac

Flower Astrology?Signs of the zodiac are associated with specific birthday flowers. This is a page about flower astrology.


A dress shirt that has a bad odor after being laundered.

How to Remove Ethanol Odors from Clothing?This is a page about removing ethanol odors from clothing. Simply washing clothes does not always eliminate odors. Here are some tips to try, if you haven't been able to remove ethanol odors from clothing.



meat and veggies cooked in bowl

Hot PotWhen going out to eat hot pot, it could easily be $15-30 per person, but you can easily prepare hot pot at home for less. What I love about hot pot is that it is very customizable to your liking. You can add anything in the broth from meats, vegetables, seafood or noodles.


A glass of potato and beet juice.

Potato and Beet JuiceThis is a specialized health juice that helps the liver, kidneys, and general metabolic health. Care must be taken to use new potatoes that have no eyes, or as few eyes as possible.



Removing Candle Wax from Holder - broken bits of candle wax popped off after freezing

Removing Candle Wax from HolderTo remove the candle wax, left over after burning a candle, I put the container in the freezer. When the wax is frozen, it's easy to pop loose leaving the container practically clean. All that's needed is a good washing.


Pretty Weeds - pink five petal flowers and white and yellow daisy like ones

Pretty WeedsI don't even know what these weeds are called, but they are so pretty that I don't pull them out. They add lovely colour to my garden. If fact I have heard it said that a weed is any plant which grows where you don't want it to.


Making a Woolly Monster

Making a Woolly MonsterWoolly monsters are cute, not scary. They just want to be loved. make your own woolly monster to love. It's easy peasy for kids and adults. Hope these give you a lot of fun.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Building a Duck Pond?I found someone giving away a 300 gal pond. It looks like it is the same plastic as this tank is made out of. It has a drain hole. I live in Illinois where it gets quite cold. I am wondering if I need to do anything special to be able to keep it going all year. Should I put something soft under it, like mulch or sand?


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House Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am 72 years old and really need help getting my house repaired. I live in Punta Gorda, Florida. I just moved back to my old house and cannot get homeowner's insurance until the repairs are made. Between Charley and Irma and damaged done by others I cannot afford to pay for the repairs.


Is My Dog a Purebred Husky?  - tricolored puppy

Is My Dog a Purebred Husky?The owners told me that those were her parents, but can Huskies have 3 solid colors in their coat? I'm just curious on what breed she is.


Curtain Color Advice to Coordinate with Sofa

Curtain Color Advice to Coordinate with Sofa?What curtain colour will suit my Palladian Blue (looks like mint green) sofa? My dining room is a light wood colour, my TV desk is grey wood. I didn't buy my coffee table or book rack or rug yet so any suggestion on these are also welcomed.


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Age and Value of a Mersman Table?I have a table from Mersman. All I can find or read number wise is 57-2. Any other numbers are faded out. I can only make out 25 as last two numbers.


Value of a Mersman 6658 2 Tiered Table - mahogany table

Value of a Mersman 6658 2 Tiered Table?Would you know the value or what I should pay for it second hand?


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Dealing With an Abusive Spouse?I'm 27 and my husband is 28. We have been married for 7 months. I'm a stay at home wife and currently can't work. Before marrying my husband I had my own apartment, car, income from my family and was going to college. When we fight he doesn't fail every single time to tell me that I'm surviving through his mercy.


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Replacement Hinges for Gott 50 Cooler?I need replacement hinges. Anyone know where I can get them? I am in Canada.


What Breed Is My Dog? tan and white dog with erect ears

What Breed Is My Dog?I got my dog from the Humane Society and they said she is a terrier mix. I've looked up everything and nothing matches her description! She is about 18 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds. Her ears are always pointed up, only when she's sleeping or in trouble do they go back behind her head.


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Smoke Detector Starts Chirping Below 63 Degrees?Why does my wired in smoke detector begin to chirp when the temperature drops below 63 degrees? There are no batteries. It is hard wired.


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