April 18, 2018

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Hand feeling the air coming out of a car vent.

Car Vent Only Blows Hot AirCar air conditioning systems are made to produce both hot and cold air depending on the setting and cab temperature. When this system fails it may require a trip to your local mechanic. This is a page about car vent only blows hot air.


Storing Crayola Air Dry Clay - plastic tub of the clay

Storing Crayola Air Dry ClayThis is a page about storing Crayola air dry clay. Seal the leftover clay in a vacuum bag to prevent it from drying out before your next project.


Round white rug in livingroom.

Shelf Liner for Securing Throw RugsThis is a page about using shelf liner for securing throw rugs. Foam shelf liner can be used to keep rugs from slipping on hard floors.


Craft paper rectangle with a  piece of masking tape.

Homemade Post-it Notes?This is a page about homemade Post-it notes. Using your own paper you can create unique handmade Post-it Notes. There are several glue products that work especially well for this purpose.


Swiss Chard with Cannellini Beans on a white plate

Swiss Chard with Cannellini Beans RecipeThis page contains a Swiss chard with cannellini beans recipe. Sauté garlic and shallots, add beans and heat. Add chopped chard and wilt. Toss in some chopped tomatoes and you have made a delicious side or even main course dish.


Handcrafted Rag Made From Old Shirts - insert a piece into the hole and tie to another strip

Handcrafted Rag Made From Old ShirtsThis is a page about making a handcrafted rag made from old shirts. Grab two old cotton t-shirts and a pair of scissors to make this nifty recycled cleaning rag. This is an excellent way to reuse old clothing.


Red jacket on white background.

Removing Garage Door Grease from Jacket?This is a page about removing garage door grease from a jacket. Treat this type of stain as you would any other grease stain. There are speciality products for removing grease from clothing and you can also try Dawn dish soap, a known grease cutter.


Woman standing next to a riding lawn mower.

John Deere Lawn Mower Won't Turn Left or Right?This is a page about John Deere lawn mower won't turn left or right. Having a riding mower that will only move straight forward is not very workable. You can either take it in to a repair shop or search the internet for the available videos on repairing the steering.


Party accessories on wooden table.

Planning a Jack and Jill Wedding Party?This is a page about planning a Jack and Jill wedding party. A Jack and Jill wedding party is the perfect event to help the couple raise money to cover the expenses of their upcoming wedding. Party guests purchase tickets. There are typically games and plenty of food.


Plastic resin crystals necklaces.

Buying Liquid Plastic for CraftsThis is a page about buying liquid plastic for crafts. Known under several names this acrylic or plastic film was very popular in the 60s and 70s for making wire flowers. Check out the possible products, some still available, in this page.


Trivia card deck in a box.

Prize Ideas for a Trivia PartyThis is a page about prize ideas for a trivia party. There are lots of fun options for trivia party prizes suggested in this page. Check them out and you may be inspired or find just what you want right here.


Bisque or porcelain dolls.

Finding the Value of Bisque Dolls?This is a page about finding the value of bisque dolls. Trying to identify and determine the value of a bisque doll or figurine requires research. One possible place to start is eBay.



Pistachio Lemon Rainbow Trout on plate

Pistachio Lemon Rainbow TroutTrouts are an excellent source of protein and omega 3s, and usually much cheaper than their other fish counterparts. When choosing trout, look for shiny scales, and meat that is firm to the touch. Pan-frying this fish makes for easy bone and skin removal (but some of us enjoy the crunchy skin). It's nicely paired with a bright and zesty sauce that does not have added oils or butters, as it's rather rich on its own. This takes around 15 minutes to throw together, so it's great for busier days.


Orange Chicken on rice with broccoli on plate

Instant Pot Orange ChickenA delicious, tasty meal. Very easy and fast. I made brown rice in the pot earlier in the day to go with it. I halved the meat, but made the same amount of sauce. Next time I will use the amount of meat specified in the recipe to get more leftovers.



Decorative Stone Cactus - small terra cotta pot with super cute stone cactus

Decorative Stone CactusMy parents tease me because I've always been such a lousy gardener. They say I've got a touch that could kill a cactus. This craft is in their honour: a cactus plant I can't possibly ruin because it's made of stone! You can make this cute little forever-plant with items you may already have around the home.


Skewer Starburst Decor - top view down on the starburst project

Skewer Starburst DecorStarburst decor is very trendy right now, but often comes with pretty silly price tags. It's quite easy to put one together, especially if you're like me and have loads of extra wooden skewers in the utensil drawer! All you need are some skewers, paint, and half a Styrofoam ball.



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Allergic to Medical Adhesive?What do you use if youre allergic to medical adhesive? I am a cardiac patient and now I can't get an EKG done, or cover my wound from surgery? Any ideas?


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Swiffer WetJet Solution Bottle Won't Stay Attached?I followed all of the directions and the bottle came with the WetJet kit. I got it to click in, but it immediately pops back out. Is there any way to fix this?


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Lawn Mower Won't Start?I put a new battery on my mower, but it will not turn fast enough to start.


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Hair Turned Black After Removing a Dark Color and Applying a Lighter One?I used a professional color remover in my salon. I removed a darker color from my client's hair. She wanted a light to medium brown color. She was a level three. I removed the color, reapplied a level five, and it turned black! What went wrong?


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Removing Hair Dye Stains from Clothing?How do you get red hair dye out of a white taekwondo uniform?


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Pruned Lilac Tree Not Leafing Out or Flowering?I trimmed my lilac tree by mistake in the fall of last year. I have buds on the tree now April 18, 2018, but they look like old buds and they are not opening up. My other lilac tree has opened buds now. I am afraid this tree is in shock, but do you think it will produce at least leaves for me this spring?


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Finding the Serial Number on a New Home Ruby Sewing Machine?The only number I can find on an old New Home Ruby treadle sewing machine is on the front needle plate. Is that the serial number for the machine?


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Making a Peach Cake with 7UP?There is a peach cake mix calling for 1 can of 7UP. How many ounces is the can of 7UP?


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