May 31, 2018

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Close up of ripe peaches on a tree.

Peach Tree PhotosThe lovely light pink to light purple blooms of peach trees herald the delicious fruit to follow. This page contains beautiful peach tree photos.


Toilet paper on a wood floor.

Use Toilet Paper for Small MessesTo keep your kitchen tidy you can clean up little spills with toilet paper, instead of wasting a big paper towels. This is about use toilet paper for small messes.


Blue and white striped beach towel.

Removing Dye Transfer from TowelsWe have all experienced the frustration of having fabric dye transfer in the wash to other laundry items. Removing the offending dye can be difficult. This page offers some solutions for removing dye transfer from towels.


Aluminum pot on white background.

Using Aluminum CookwareAn anodizing process produces a hard, dark gray finish on professional aluminum cookware. Acidic ingredients cooked in some aluminum pans can change the color of the food due to a chemical reaction. This page is about using aluminum cookware.


Electric lawn mower cutting grass

Mower Battery Hooked Up to Wrong Terminals?Mistakes happen and hooking up battery cables on your mower to the wrong terminals is unfortunate, but possible. This is a page about what to do if you hooked up your mower battery to the wrong terminals.



Avocado Chocolate Mousse on plate

Avocado Chocolate MousseEasy to make avocado chocolate mousse. Enjoy a light, delightful dessert.


Guacamole mixed in bowl

GuacamoleGuacamole is everything to me! I love avocados. You can use guacamole with so many foods; sandwiches, burgers, tacos, chips, salad, vegetables, crackers, eggs, etc.



A outdoor pool surrounded by trees.

Relaxing Low Maintenance YardThere were actually no plants on the property when I purchased it. After the pool and fencing was done, I planted everything; 99 Areca palms, many fruit trees, mango, coconut, avocado, orange, tangerine, lemon, lime and figs. In 3-5 years, that's the payoff.


Making Confetti from Magazines and Shopping Catalogs

Making Confetti from Magazines and Shopping CatalogsI receive the latest shopping catalog trends, but I never purchase anything because of the high retail prices. The quality of the color/paper is nice, so it'd be a waste to toss! You could make confetti or paper filling/stuffing to be used for scrapbooking, gifts, arts and craft projects.


Upcycled Tie Necklace - creator wearing the tie necklace

Upcycled Tie NecklaceI originally started upcycling my dad's ties when I'd realized I'd made a poor fashion choice when getting him one for Father's Day. Now, I upcycle them so I can continue his own stylish legacy, with his permission, of course! Dad's one of my favourite people and I love to wear things he no longer wears.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Interior Design Company Name Ideas?My name is Arun Sooraj Kurian. I would like suggestions for a name for my interior design company. I would like a nice name.


Removing Colour Transfer on Multicoloured Clothing - dress with blue bodice and white skirt with blue stains

Removing Colour Transfer on Multicoloured Clothing?My husband thought it would be a good idea to wash our daughter's blue jean and white cotton sundress with my multi-shade blue skirt. The skirt is handwash only because the dyes run whenever it's washed. He didn't check the dress before throwing it in the dryer and now it has blue splotches on the white skirt.


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Turtle's Water Cloudy Soon After Changing It?I have a 2 inch long male red eared turtle. His tank is 5.5 gallons. I use about 2 ml of a water conditioner that removes chlorine and chloramines. I changed his water last night and when I got home from work this afternoon it's cloudy again.


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Home Repair Help for Low Income Families?I live in NE Oregon and just came up on a trailer and we need help to fix it. I'm disabled with two kids and on a fixed income. My husband can fix it we just need resources and maybe some help for my husband so we can move in and live in it instead of a motel.


Assembling a Micromaster Microwave Pressure Cooker

Assembling a Micromaster Microwave Pressure Cooker?How do I assemble my Handy Gourmet Micromaster microwave pressure cooker?


Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper Border - sun and moon motif

Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper?I need just one more roll where can I find some?


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Removing Smoke Odor in Condo?I moved into condo that wreaks of stale smoke. The previous owner slapped on a couple coats of paint and neglected to share that they were hard core smokers. Only a month in and the place wreaks of stale smoke and wet dog and I look like the stay-puffed marshmallow man lol.


Getting Rid of Bugs in Garage - small brown bugs

Getting Rid of Bugs in Garage?I swept them up last week and there are more now in my garage.


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Having an Antique Sewing Machine Repaired?I have a 1874 Domestic sewing machine. Where can I go to get it repaired? I would like to also know what it is worth, just curiosity, not selling.


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Name Ideas for a Handyman Business?My sister and I are starting a small business and we need a name! We plan to do small handyman type renovations, examples are laying flooring, small paint jobs, etc. We want something fun and catchy.


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Kohler Riding Mower Keeps Stalling?I have a Kohler riding mower which after a few minutes shuts off. After it cools down it will start again, but with the same results. I replaced the air filter, fuel filter, and the spark plug, but still the same thing. I later put on a new ignition module and new carb, but still the same thing.


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Selling a Porcelain Doll Collection?How do I contact a list of buyers for the collections my mother left me? I need to sell them.


Identifying a Painting and Artist  - corner shop painting - possibly

Identifying a Painting and Artist?Does any one recognize the signature on this painting? Can any one make-out the letters of the signature? Does any one recognize the painting?


Trunk on Avocado Tree Turning Brown and Dying -  trunk

Trunk on Avocado Tree Turning Brown and Dying?I have had an avocado tree for over a year now and this spring I noticed that the trunk was getting brown. I wouldn't want it to die as it is part of my family. Any suggestions?


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Steam Iron Doesn't Work After Cleaning with Salt?How do I repair a steam iron that stopped working (won't heat up at all) after cleaning it with salt?


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Finding Free Furniture?I am looking for a free love seat and chair in the Peoria, Illinois area. Any suggestions on how to find free furniture?


Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd? - black and tan puppy

Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd?Recently I got a GSDd puppy. Does she look purebred to you guys ? I know you can't really know without papers, but the only papers the breeder got are medical papers that say both parents' breed is German Shepherd. Do you think it can be trusted?


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Remedy for Strong Odor from New Furniture?I purchased a 5 piece of new all cherry wood Amish bedroom set. It came with a very strong odor which is so strong I feel like I could pass out from the smell. What is the cause of this?


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Using Blue Dawn Dish Soap?Blue Dawn dishwasher soap is recommended in all the helpful hints I read, but is there really a difference between the blue and the other colors of Dawn?


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