July 23, 2018

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Open wall calendar with rustic October image, female hand ready to write in square with pencil.

Making a Wall CalendarMonthly wall calendars are fun to make for yourself or as a thoughtful gift. This is a page about making a wall calendar.


Tin of green Bag Balm.

Using Bag Balm for Diaper RashBag balm is good for soothing many types of skin blemishes and irritations, including diaper rash. This is a page about using bag balm for diaper rash.


Clear awning with brick wall in the background.

Removing Tree Sap from a Vinyl AwningRemoving tree sap from various items is a common cleaning chore. The process may vary depending on the item onto which the sap has transferred. This is a page about removing tree sap from a vinyl awning.


Cleaning Windows Outside

Cleaning Windows OutsideAlthough it can be challenging to clean the outside of your windows, it needs to be done regularly. This is a page about cleaning windows outside.


Breaded and fried zucchini on a plate

Freezing Breaded ZucchiniBy breading sliced zucchini and frying it until the coating is just beginning to harden, but has not browned yet, you can freeze it for later meals. This is a page about freezing breaded zucchini.


Small aloe plant in a green pot.

How to Give an Aloe Plant as a GiftAloe vera is a great plant for gifting due to its growth of new baby plants. Potting the pups in their own containers provides new plants for your home or to gift to friends and family. This is a page about how to give an aloe plant as a gift.


Empty kindergarten classroom.

Creative Ideas for Setting Up a Kindergarten ClassroomKindergarten classrooms should be set up to stimulate young minds and active imaginations. This is a page about creative ideas for setting up a kindergarten classroom.


Aloe plant in a plastic pot.

Caring for an Aloe Vera PlantAloe vera is an attractive succulent with a healing gel inside every green lobe. This is a page about caring for an aloe vera plant.



French Onion Salisbury Steak on dinner plate

French Onion Salisbury SteakA delicious change of pace from hamburgers using ground beef or a mixture of ground beef and ground chicken.


Kale and Potatoes

Kale and PotatoesI have a bumper crop of kale. This dish can be a meatless meal, a side dish, or a filling for omelettes. It is quick and very cheap, especially if you grow your own vegetables. Measurements do not have to be precise. I made enough for two servings. Use more kale than you think, as it cooks down a lot.



Upcycle a Kraft Paper Store Bag - finished bag with tissue paper inside

Upcycle a Kraft Paper Store BagNeed a last minute gift bag? Or a way to repurpose all those kraft paper store bags you may have collected/laying around? You can do so by using any magazines you have (or even newspaper, a great way to recycle!).


Butterfly Suncatcher Using Unique Lids - hanging in window

Making a Butterfly Suncatcher Using Uniquely Shaped LidsI have a storage room. During every season, I need to eliminate the moisture. So I buy these as the Dollar Tree. They are called, simply enough, Moisture Eliminators.



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Information on a Mersman Game TableI have a Mersman game table #8345 in fair condition. I have been trying to locate one on the internet, but have not been able to find one. I would appreciate any info you could give me.


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Feeding a GoldfishI am getting a goldfish tomorrow and I really don't know what to feed it. Could you please tell me something that doesn't cost a lot of money and is not hard to find.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - crying doll

Identifying a Porcelain DollCan anyone tell me anything about this doll or doll maker? I know nothing about dolls, but was intrigued by her at a thrift store and bought it for $5. She has Morning marked on her neck. She's so creepy and cool! She has tears and all.


Identifying Insect Eggs

Identifying Insect EggsMy vegetable plants have been very healthy overall and I check them every day for aphids, spider mites, etc. One day one plant had two or three of these little egg sacs? They look kind of like dead bits of a tapeworm parasite that has fallen off a dog or a cat. They are stuck on the top of the leaf pretty tightly.


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Teaching Children the Value of MoneyHow do I show a child the value of money? Mom used to sit with me and pay bills with me. Now, everything is all on auto payments. Does anyone have suggestions for how to explain how things work?


Gray Roots Even After Bleaching - closeup of roots

Gray Roots Even After BleachingI am 65 yrs old. 6 wks ago I went to a beauty school where they bleached my hair. It turned 3 different blonde shades. I went back and they fixed the shade, but the roots in front were gray. I waited 4 wks went back and had them do my roots. When I came home the roots were still gray?


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing a red dress and coat with white fur edging

Identifying Porcelain DollsI have four porcelain dolls and I don't know how to identify them. I'm kind of curious what their names are or serial numbers or what they're worth if anything?


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Name Ideas for a Luxury Interior CompanySuggest a name for a luxury interior company. It is a big company. The name should start with word Head.


Identifying a Small Brown Insect

Identifying a Small Brown InsectCan anybody tell me what this is? They are on my bed, furniture, and in the car.


Value of a Porcelain Doll - antique looking doll in long white dress

Value of a Porcelain DollI was given this doll. I would like to find out its value.


Identifying Tiny Brown Oval Bugs

Identifying Tiny Brown Oval BugsI have noticed there are some tiny dark brown oval curved insects in my apartment recently. They are everywhere, in the closet, kitchen, bathrooms, and even on the ceiling. They don't seem to fly nor jump. They just walk, not really fast and it's easy to catch them.


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Transmitting ParvoI was in contact with some puppies yesterday that had the parvovirus about a week and a half ago. I work at my parent's office and they bring their 2 dogs to work with them everyday. I'm feeling absolutely horrible right now because I do not want to transmit the disease to them.


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Causes of Sudden Death in DogsMy healthy 6 year old Jack Russell moved on to a better place last week. It was sudden & unexpected. He was barking at the door as he heard someone coming, once he knew who it was he turned and walked away, then suddenly his legs went from underneath him and he fell to the floor, he jolted a couple of times and then nothing.


Value of an Old Webster's Dictionary - cover page

Value of an Old Webster's DictionaryI have a complete and unabridged,The Little & Ives Webster's Dictionary and Home Reference Library International Edition, Edited by Henry Cecil Wyld, 1867. It's in good condition.


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Value of Collier's New EncyclopediasI was wondering what a set of Collier"s New Encyclopedias, copyright 1921 would be worth if anything?


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Bleach and Hard Water Made Whites BeigeBleach + hardwater (high iron) caused whites to turn beige. How do I get them white again without using Iron-Out which is not available here, or any ready made product for such problems. I've already used baking soda. It didn't work. What else can I use? Perhaps something from the chemical shop. A DIY solution?


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Caring for Zebra FinchesI just adopted 8 zebra finches, they arrived in 3 cages. They come from a breeder they say, but the cages look like it's been a very long time since they were deep cleaned. They are from the same place. I have a big cage 44 x14 x18, can I put them all together? I have 5 females and 3 male.


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Copycat Recipe for McCormick's Grill Mates Fiery 5 PepperMcCormick's discontinued my husband's favorite seasoning. Does anyone have a copycat recipe?


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Slogan Ideas for a Daycare BusinessI am opening a family day care named "Little Astronauts". Please help me create a slogan for my business.


Causes for Blood in a Puppy's Stool - fluffy white and tan puppy

Causes for Blood in a Puppy's StoolMy puppy is 2 months old. She has a small amount of blood in her stool. I am at the hospital with my dad who is 89 years old. I have been here for 13 days. My son text me about this today. What might be wrong with her?


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Early Learning Center Hashtag SuggestionsCan you suggest a few hashtags for my early learning centre?


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House Training and General Dog Training AdviceWe have just adopted a Lab mix. She is 10 months old. How do we potty train and train her in general? She was spayed the day before we could bring her home. We have had her 5 days now. She keeps peeing/pooping in the house. She very seldom goes potty outside. She will pee outside, but not often.


Value of a 1904 Webster's Dictionary

Value of a 1904 Webster's DictionaryI own a 1904 Webster's dictionary. It has all pages, but the first page is detached. It is in horrible condition, barely still bound. Is it worth fixing? Would it have any value to someone else?


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Home Painting Assistance for Low Income HomeownersMy elderly mom desperately needs her home that she's lived in for 52 yrs. painted. It's only been painted twice in all those years, I think. What she needs is someone to scrape and prepare the outside, my husband can spray paint it. My mom is very low income and can't afford much. I am looking for help for her.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - baby doll

Identifying a Porcelain DollThe doll has a porcelain head, hands, and half porcelain legs and feet. The body is cushioned. The dress, body, and painting looks like it's been done by hand. On the back of the dress are little metal buttons attached with little string. On the feet are little socks. Underneath the dress is a gown with lace on the bottom.


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