August 14, 2018

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Hand squeezing glue onto a white paper.

Alternate Uses for Puzzle Glue?If you have leftover puzzle glue it can be used on paper, fabric, and other porous surfaces or when working on a decoupage project. This is a page about alternate uses for puzzle glue.


Pressure washing outdoor wooden chair.

Removing Tree Sap from Outdoor Furniture?Garden and patio furniture is in danger of having tree sap drip on the frames and cushions. This page contains several suggestions for removing tree sap from outdoor furniture.


Information on Shih Tzu and Doberman Mix

Shih Tzu and Doberman Mix Information?It is hard to predict what a mixed breed puppy will look like when it is fully grown. How big it might get and its temperament are also attributes that will unfold over time. Enjoy the mystery. This page contains Shih Tzu and Doberman mix information.


Reindeer bag sitting on the back of a chair or couch.

Making a Reindeer Gift BagAdd some paper antlers, eyes, and a nose to a brown paper bag to make this cute seasonal gift bag. This is a page about making a reindeer gift bag.



Early Signs of Spring

Early Signs of Spring (Apricot Buds)I am not very keen on cold weather. In South Africa, we are used to warmer weather, so this winter was particularly cold and unpleasant.


Cute Little Paper Bird Craft - finished pink paper bird decoration

Cute Little Paper Bird CraftHere is a cute craft for the summer months! This little bird will look great as party décor when hosting a garden party. This fella' is quick to make, so you can have a whole flock of birds to help you to celebrate in style. You can make the birds in different colors to add a fun element.


Happy Birthday Printable Banner - part of the banner reading "Happy"

Happy Birthday Printable BannerHave an upcoming event or party to plan? You can make any custom banner easily with Microsoft Word. I made this simple Happy Birthday banner and I'm here to share how I did it.


finished Strawberry Tart

Blooming French Strawberry TartMany of my family members live in France. One thing I look forward to having every time I visit is the classic French fruit tart. It's got a delicate crust topped with a custardy pastry cream (crème pâtissière), with fruit arranged beautifully on top to resemble a blooming flower. I finally learned how to make it myself so I don't have to long for it between visits. It's worth the effort, and I hope you give it a try!


3 Butterflies and a Bee on Echinacea - pretty purple cone flowers with pollinators

3 Butterflies and a Bee on EchinaceaAfter reading how important planting native plants are to the health of bees, butterflies, birds, native animals and the environment, I am adding more native plants to my little "Mom's Memorial Garden".


Loving a Chicken - tan and white hen closeup

Loving a ChickenI save my food scraps to take to my neighbor's chickens. There is one little hen that gets out of the pen most every day. When she sees me coming, she runs down the path to meet me and follows me to the pen. She lets me pick her up and put her over the fence back into the pen. She wants to eat too.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Value of a Print of Garden of Prayer By Thomas Kinkade?I acquired, back in 1998, a 18x22 Garden of Prayer Renaissance edition 179/400 with an authentic lighthouse sketch by Thomas Kinkade on the back of the canvas. I am in a situation where I am looking to sell. What would be a fair market price for it?


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Re-dyeing Hair?So today, I went to a hair salon and told the hair stylist that I wanted a blonde balayage and he gave me horrible blond highlights instead. I had him tone the top to my natural color so it looked more like what I originally wanted, but it still looks horrible.


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TV Streaming Services Nearly as Expensive as Cable?Thanks to the many "subscription streaming" services, I gave up expensive cable packages long ago, but I now find that I have half a dozen various streaming services Netflix, PBS Passport, CBS, Acorn, etc., and I find myself paying nearly as much as the cable packages used to charge.


What Breed Mix Is My Dog? - small tri-color dog with large ears

What Breed Mix Is My Dog?This little girl, Boo, is joining our family and we are so excited! She is beautiful and sweet. Does anyone know what she might be mixed with, we know she has some Min Pin. Maybe Rat Terrier or Basenji? I just love those ears. She is already 20lbs. Just curious.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with long blond hair

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?What kind of doll is this? I have no idea.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - boy doll wearing a cap, plaid shirt and overalls

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone identify this porcelain doll? There are no markings that I can see. Thanks.


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Value of Mersman End Tables?I have 2 beautiful Mersman end tables in excellent condition. #7070 stamped on the bottom. How much would these be worth?


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Disney Inspired Daycare Name Ideas?I am opening an in home childcare center and need your help. I am a huge Disney fanatic and would like to name it something that has to do with Disney or Disney World. I dont like cheesy names, but rather something sophisticated and classic, but still unique.


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Social Security Disability and Back Child Support?I was injured in the military and got approved for SSDI. I've paid child support on time and lived on limited income. I told the SSA that my child lives 50/50 with both parents. The SSA sent my ex the back pay for the child, how can that be legal?


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Bobbin Thread Keeps Breaking on Jones Sewing Machine?What makes the bottom spool on my Jones sewing machine keep breaking? It's just driving me mad as I've tried everything to rectify it.


Identifying Houseplants - jade plant

Identifying Houseplants?I've recently acquired a bunch of plants with no names - I'd like to know what they are in order to properly care for them! I think one of them is a jade plant, and there are two Hoya kerrii other than that I'm not sure so any help would be appreciated!


Identifying a Household Bug - tiny two color bugs found under laminate flooring

Identifying a Household Bug?I found these under laminate floors I was removing. There were a ton. What are they? And how do I get rid of them?


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Value of Franklin Mint Little Women Dolls?How much is my perfect condition (still in box, never been opened) Franklin Mint Little Women doll set worth?


Identifying Household Bugs - dead bugs

Identifying Household Bugs?Can anyone shed lights what these are please. They have been on my window sill?


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Significance of Birth Dates?I was born 1/9/1980, and I realized recently that my birthday month and day, is also my birth year. Does that have any meaning?


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Prognosis for a Dog with Parvo?My German Shepherd puppy is 3 and a half years old and she is infected with the parvo virus. Her treatment is going on. She is receiving an IV daily, morning and evening. Can she survive?


Removing a Water Based Polyurethane Mark on Floor

Removing a Water Based Polyurethane Mark on Floor?Like an idiot I placed the can of water based polyurethane on a part of the floor I wasn't working on and it left a mark. Any suggestions or thoughts on what I can do with this would be greatly appreciated.


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Name of a Hymn?There is a song that I sang in church. The words I remember are: " the quite heart is the hidden sorrow that the eye can not see." Does anyone remember the name of it?


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Finding Free Packing Peanuts?I am looking for free unwanted packing peanuts.


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How To Tell if Your Dog Is a Full Blood Pit Bull?Is my puppy an original pit bull, because I love him and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. He is super naughty. If he is an original breed how do I see that?


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Value of Seeburg Vogue STD160 Jukebox?The jukebox is a Seeburg Vogue STD160 purchased in 1989. The outside is in fairly good shape, the chrome has some spots and chips on it, the glass is intact, it just needs some cleaning. All the lighting works. The record selector functions as it should. I can hear the record playing, but the speakers don't seem to work.


Value of Antique Parlor Table  - ornately carved small table

Value of Antique Parlor Table?My grandparents are trying to sell this table, but are not sure how much it's worth. They don't know much about it other than it's really old.


Removing Rotted Rubber Glove from Plastic Container - glove residue in the bottom of the container

Removing Rotted Rubber Glove from Plastic Container?How can I clean a rotten old 'gluey' rubber household glove off a hard plastic kitchen utensil strainer? The glove residue is still quite tacky, thus I am not sure how to go about this.


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Cleaning a Coach Purse?I'm wondering if I can put my Kristen Coach purse with sequins in the washer?


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