September 17, 2018

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Flowering Chickweed

How Do I Get Rid of Chickweed in the Lawn?Getting rid of and preventing the re-invasion of your lawn by chickweed requires not only an herbicide, but also the maintenance of a thick healthy lawn. Or you can simply eat it away. This is a page about, "How do I get rid of chickweed in the lawn?".


Steam Iron

Cleaning Steam Iron of Calcium DepositsUsing tap water in your steam iron can result in hard water deposits on your steam iron. Vinegar is a good product to use for this cleaning job. You can also try the paraffin method. This is a page about cleaning a steam iron of calcium deposits.


Cleaning a silver ring.

Using Toothpaste to Clean SilverThe mild abrasives in toothpaste make it an inexpensive cleaner for silver including some styles of jewelry. This is a page about toothpaste for cleaning silver.


Cement piece with name painted on.

How to Paint a Last Name Yard RockUse either a large stone or even a slab of concrete to create a unique welcome sign for your garden or drive, incorporating your last name into the design. This is a page about how to paint a last name yard rock.


Lazy Susan in a refrigerator.

Using a Lazy Susan in Your FridgeIf you are looking for a new way to use that lazy Susan that is collecting dust in a cabinet or the garage, use it in your fridge. There are also new ones that can be used this way as well to help organize and make foods more accessible. This is a page about using a lazy Susan in your fridge.


Red Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer Heater Doesn't Work?Auto heaters can fail in varying ways. Perhaps there is no heat being generated or the blower is not working. You can try to troubleshoot these issues yourself or take it in to a repair shop. This is a page about Ford Explorer heater doesn't work.



cut Breakfast Bars on plate

Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast BarsIt seems I'm the only quinoa fan in my family. Sometimes that causes me to have leftover quinoa hanging around. One way to get my family to enjoy some of this high fiber, vitamin-packed grain is to put it into breakfast bars. This recipe uses leftover or freshly cooked quinoa, and makes a great grab-and-go breakfast treat that everyone loves!


cooked Thai Chicken Drumsticks

Thai Chicken DrumsticksThese are quick and easy Thai chicken drumsticks. Toss all ingredients in a bag, allow to marinate (an hour or overnight) and grill later. These are perfect to make for parties.



Baby Dove on Nest - dark feathered baby bird

Baby Dove on NestA pair of doves made a nest under the roof of our veranda. It has been incredible, watching them from day 1 when they started to build the nest, seeing mom sitting on the eggs and eventually, the first time we saw her bringing food to feed the little ones. I took the photo this morning when the mom flew off to find food.


Tinkerbelle (Syrian Hamster) - in her exercise ball

Tinkerbelle (Syrian Hamster)While shopping at a local pet supply store for my dog and two cats, I decided to look around and discovered the small pet section. I had recently lost the second in a pair of male gerbils, and I missed caring for them. Although I was still grieving that loss I decided to adopt a hamster.



Information on a Mersman Side Table - three tiered table

Information on a Mersman Side Table?Do you know anything about this table? It is walnut with a Formica top (?).


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Removing Nail Polish from Sweatpants?I just got new sweatpants, and I accidentally spilled reddish pink nail polish on them. What do I do and how can I get it out?


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Spool Pin Won't Pull Up on New Home Machine?I have a New Home sewing machine and the spool pin is pushed too far down to be able to pull it up. Any ideas how to fix this?


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Hens Not Laying?I got my chickens in May. Why are they not laying?


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Removing the Ice Maker from a Fridgidaire Refrigerator?How do I remove the ice maker from a Fridgidaire Electrolux mdl #lfht1831qp0?


Value of an Old Reel Riding Mower - vintage mower

Value of an Old Reel Riding Mower?I have an old reel rider mower made by Gemcoe. It was manufactured in Buffalo by, I believe, General. It works. What's it worth and what year was it manufactured?


Value of an Ashley Belle Collection Doll - doll in a box with certificate

Value of an Ashley Belle Collection Doll?I have an Ashley Belle collection doll named Monica, design number 697. How much is it worth?


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Name for a False Ceiling Business?I want to start my false ceiling (POP) business, it is sub category of interior designing. Please suggest a Desi type name.


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Teen Birthday Party Ideas?So, my daughter's birthday is in November, like late November. She wants to have a birthday party with about 10 friends, but doesn't know what to do. No pool parties or parties at the house or anything that cost too much money since it is close to Christmas time. But also nothing babyish because she is a teenager.


Value Mersman Side Table - hexagonal table with ornate leg support

Value Mersman Side Table?Where can I find the value of this Mersman side table?


What Is This Bug? - bugs on tape

What Is This Bug?What is this bug? I found three and have bites on my body?


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Bath Products Brand Name Ideas?I'm starting a bath products line and I'm stuck between a few names.


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Bleeding Around Dental Implant?I had a dental implant a few years back. It was all fine until last month when I had severe pain around the implant. At first, I thought the pain was from the wisdom tooth extraction I had from Brampton a few weeks before the pain started. I called up the doctor and he was so affirmative that it was not the wisdom tooth.


Value of a Vintage White Sewing Machine - portable sewing machine in case

Value of a Vintage White Sewing Machine?I would like to know what a White brand sewing machine Model #35355 is worth. Here is a picture of the machine and it is in it's original carrying case.


Is My Pit Bull Mixed? - white and tan puppy

Is My Pit Bull Mixed?She is 7 months old and my family thinks shes mixed, but I'm not sure.


Value of an Antique Theater Seat - folding wooden chair

Value of an Antique Theater Seat?I was told in the early 80s this theater chair was very old and valuable. I can't find anything remotely similar. This is doweled together. Upholstery is original with brass tacks. The seat flips up. Hinges still working. Help?


Identifying Tiny Flying Bugs in House - tiny bug on bed

Identifying Tiny Flying Bugs in House?I have found 3 of these in my bed. I was just wondering if anyone knew what kind of bug it is. They are very very small and fly or jump? Please help!


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How Can I Get Fabric Donations?I am working on a craft for animal shelters by making fleece blankets for the animals. But I am in need of fabric and I do not know who would be willing to donate fabric so I need some ideas. I am located in Lima, OH. I need your help. Who do you think would donate fleece fabric?


Value of Book of Knowledge Annuals - two volumes

Value of Book of Knowledge Annuals?How much are the Book of Knowledge annuals worth?


Identifying a Flying Bug - small long brown bug

Identifying a Flying Bug?Anyone know what this bug is? I found one on a new mattress in my house and then in the shower. They seem to have wings which I have read bed bugs do not. They are very fast crawling bugs. We are also seeing them on us outside now that we have become super aware of them. Are they just an outside bug getting in?


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Puppy Aggressive When Disciplined?What should I do about my Australian Shepherd puppy who aggressively barks at me after my disciplining him?


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