October 2, 2018

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Dry spaghetti.

Use Spaghetti Instead of ToothpicksIf you find yourself out of toothpicks, uncooked spaghetti makes a great substitute. You can hold rolled foods together or even test a cake with a piece of spaghetti. This is a page about using uncooked spaghetti instead of toothpicks.


Piñata hanging in front of a green wall.

Piñata Tips and TricksAdding a piñata to your child's party can be great fun. You can make your own or purchase one. Then there is the candy and toy selection and rules for usage to handle. After that the kids can start swinging. This page contains piñata tips and tricks.


doll wearing a gingham dress in a box

Finding the Value of a Hillview Lane Porcelain Doll?This is a page about finding the value of a Hillview Lane porcelain doll. Here are some tips for finding the value of a porcelain doll online. Remember you always have to take into account the dolls age, condition, and rarity when trying to determine its value.


Hand opening a freezer door.

Finding a Replacement Handle for a Refrigerator?This is a page about finding a replacement handle for a refrigerator. It isn't easy to use a refrigerator if it is missing its handle. Here are some tips about how to locate a replacement handle.


Group of friends playing pool and drinking beer.

Activities Ideas for a Beer and Wine Pool Hall?This page contains activities ideas for a beer and wine pool hall. Offering activities such as a trivia night, karaoke, darts, and shuffleboard can bring in patrons throughout the week.


Berry glazed chicken with cranberry on rosemary garnish.

Black Raspberry Glazed Chicken RecipesThese simple recipes are easy to make but are perfect for a fancy meal. The sweet tanginess of the raspberry preserves and whole raspberries is the perfect pairing for chicken. This page contains black raspberry glazed chicken recipes.


Naked berry cake surrounded by berries.

Berry Cake RecipesIf you have a bunch of fresh berries on hand or have frozen berries just waiting to be used, here are some delicious berry cake recipes to try. This page contains berry cake recipes.


Crumb Pie

Cream Cheese Vanilla Crumb PieThis creamy pie has a caramel layer and is baked in a flavorful crust. Give this recipe a try the next time you are looking for a pie recipe. This page contains a cream cheese vanilla crumb pie recipe.


Half a loaf of brown bread.

Microwave Boston Brown Bread RecipeBoston brown bread has a unique flavor from the molasses and raisins that it contains. Boston brown bread is commonly found in a metal can, that you open and then heat up the bread. This page contains a microwave Boston brown bread recipe.


Shape of a house from construction tools.

Organizations that Help Vets With Home Repairs?This is a page about organizations that help vets with home repairs. It can be expensive to fix a home that is falling into disrepair, especially if you are on a limited income. There are numerous organizations that can help vets repair their homes at a low cost or even for free.


Hand pouring liquid fabric softener into washing machined soap dispenser.

Fabric Softener Dispenser Won't Drain?This is a page about why a fabric softener dispenser won't drain. If the fabric softener dispenser is clogged, it can become filled with water. This can cause foul odors and other issues with the machine.


Tire on the ground outside near trees.

Growing Potatoes in TiresThis is a page about growing potatoes in tires. Tires make great potato planters. As the plants grow, you can easily keep adding tires to build a potato tower.


Father helping his sons with worksheets.

Saving Money on WorksheetsThis is a page about saving money on worksheets. Photocopying worksheets is expensive and wasteful. Slipping a worksheet into a page protector is a great way to make the worksheet reusable. You can use dry erase pens on it to do the work, then you just wipe it clean to reuse it.


Crumb-Topped Blueberry Cake

Crumb-Topped Blueberry CakeThis delicious and simple blueberry cake is topped with a nutty crumb topping. You can use either fresh or frozen blueberries, making this a recipe you can enjoy year round. This page contains a crumb-topped blueberry cake recipe.


Someone cleaning a toilet seat with a large sponge.

Removing Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stains from a Toilet Seat?This is a page about removing liquid toilet bowl cleaner stains from a toilet seat. Liquid toilet bowl cleaner often is bright blue in color. The dye in the cleaner can easily stain non-porcelain parts of the toilet, such as the seat. Here are some tips for removing the stains.


tomato and basil brushetta.

Crusty Tomato-Basil Bites RecipeThis recipe combines plum tomatoes with delicious Italian seasonings to create a wonderful appetizer or light snack. These crusty tomato-basil bites are easy to make and perfect for your next party. This page contains a crusty tomato-basil bites recipe.


Person spraying a carpet stain.

Using Ammonia for Carpet StainsThis is a page about using ammonia carpet stains. Ammonia can be quite effective on carpet stains, from food stains to pet stains. If you are having trouble with a stubborn stain, give it a try.


Stack of disposable diapers.

Use Diapers as Filler in Potted PlantsThis is a page about diapers for potted plants. A disposable diaper at the bottom of a pot can help hold in dirt and moisture.



Lebanese Roast Chicken on bed of parsley

Lebanese Roast ChickenI tweaked an old Lebanese kabob-type recipe and used a whole chicken so I could just marinate it, throw it in the oven, and forget about it. I served it with some warm flatbread and yogurt. I love using the roasted chicken's super flavourful bones and pieces to make a hearty chicken broth for another meal. I butterflied my chicken for more uniform cooking. You also get better results for crispy skin this way, if you're into it.


Stewed Beef in crockpot

CrockPot Stewed Beef and GravyThis recipe is gluten free. It's good left over and the last little bit served on a bed of rice. None is wasted at our house. This is one of our favorites to have for dinner.



Q-Tip Painted Fall Trees - tree with falling leaves

Q-Tip Painted Fall TreesThe most beautiful part of fall is when the leaves begin to change colors. I think it is breathtaking! It is difficult to capture the beauty in a painting, but it's definitely fun to try. And in the classroom, a unique way to paint these fall trees is to use Q-Tips instead of brushes. It's a fun and easy activity for any age!


Karma and Numi at Snackle Time - cats waiting for a treat

Karma and Numi at Snackle TimeThey were both adopted; Karma from the Humane Society and Numi from a no kill cat shelter. This is the stare down when it is treat time.



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Name for an Organizing Decorating and Home Staging Business?I love to organize, decorate, stage houses, and refinish furniture. I just recently quit my job as a restaurant manager to pursue my love of decorating. I want something catchy, but sophisticated. My maiden name is Magi and I want to incorporate that into my business name.


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Christian Name for My Day Home Business?I'm in the process of opening a Day Home. Kindly help me find a Christian name for my Day Home, if it's possible that my name and my husband name were included. My name is Mary Grace and my husband's name is Joel.


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Information on a Century Ball Bearing Antique Reel Mower?We have found a Century Ball Bearing lawn mower, has anyone seen one before?


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Repairing the Winch on a Jayco Pop Top Camper?We have an older style Jayco pop top, the winch has gone on one of the corners. We are looking to fix this. Has anyone done this themselves before?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 this year and I am inviting 5 girls to celebrate. This will be happening on a Friday afternoon (after school), probably from 3:30-7. I am thinking of going to Dave and Busters and then to Demetres. Does anybody have any other ideas on what I could do?


Whitening a Yellowed Wedding Dress - bodice of the dress

Whitening a Yellowed Wedding Dress?My daughter was married last year and me being the person I am, I'm planning ahead for any future babies so that I can have a christening gown made out of my dress. It was heirloomed back in 74. Anyway, it is no longer white and I was wondering how and if I can get it white again.


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Handcrafted Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I'm starting a handcrafted jewelry business and I'm having a hard time thinking of a name. My shop will have beaded jewelry, raw stone jewelry, dream catchers, and beadloom jewelry. I like anything to do with nature, bohemian, earthy, etc. I'm thinking simple, and not too trendy or cutesy.


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Getting a Christmas Cactus to Bloom for the Holidays?How do I care for my Christmas cactus to have it bloom for Christmas?


Value of a Mersman Half Circle Table - view from slightly further away

Value of a Mersman Half Circle Table?I have a Mersman 4593, I/2 table and would like to know the value. I bought this table at a second hand shop and was told it was valuable. It is in good condition except for the top.


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Crocheting a M&M Pattern for a Halloween Costume?Any suggestions on how to crochet a M&M pattern for an adult Halloween costume?


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Value of a Vintage Sunbeam Electric Lawnmower?I came into a Sunbeam electric lawnmower and need to know if it has value or what. I have never heard of this machine.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is next year, but I'm starting to collect ideas and plan early. I want to invite boys and girls. I'm not planning on going to a swimming pool or celebrating at home. There is no beach nearby. Also, I personally don't like things such as bowling, lasertag, paintball, going to-the movies, or theater, etc.


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Green Pepper Jelly Too Hard?I used home grown peppers and followed a recipe exactly. The jelly set up so hard it's barely spreadable! Is there a way to fix? I used 1/2 pint jars and did not process in a water bath.


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