January 14, 2019

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Bowl of cooked white beans.

Freezing Cooked BeansFreezing leftovers is a common way to preserve them for meals down the road. This is a page about freezing cooked beans.


Water going down a sink drain.

Cleaning Wax Poured Down a Drain?If melted candle type wax is accidentally poured down one of your drains there are a couple of common approaches to resolving this problem. One is to dismantle the plumbing or you can try hot water, vinegar, and perhaps the addition of baking soda. This is a page about cleaning wax poured down a drain.


A collection of antique rings displayed on a pink display.

Buying Vintage Jewelry Instead Of NewJewelry can be quite expensive to buy new. Searching for vintage jewelry at thrift stores and resale shops may lead you to finding a lovely piece for much less. Minor repairs can often bring it back to like new appearance. This is a page about buying vintage jewelry instead of new.


bowl of potato salad sprinkled with paprika

Classic Potato Salad RecipesThere are many variations on the preparation of potato salad. Some have egg or mustard while others do not. This page contains classic potato salad recipes.



Transfer Labels with Clear Packing Tape - examples of messages that can be transferred and then applied to journals, etc.

Transfer Labels with Clear Packing TapeThis is a good way to make labels, but I use them for my beautiful journals. This is a fun craft to do with any age.


Foam To Fix a Leak in a Store Room - insulation up against the base of the wall

Foam To Fix a Store Room LeakThe store rooms in my complex were add-ons. They are about 10 years old and were not made very well. Because of this, and our gutters not being cleaned out as often as needed, they bring down rain that often leaks under a wall and half the door.


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Use Sticky Rice as Postage Stamp AdhesiveDon't you hate it when you incorrectly address an envelope you have already applied postage too? Then peel off the stamp and it no longer has adhesive?


Put the avocado halves in a zip top bag and freeze.

Freezing AvocadosAvocados do not last long, and you can freeze them to take advantage of sales.


Magic Eraser to Clean Glass Cookware - small burned on food spot on glass baking dish

Magic Eraser to Clean Glass CookwareDon't scrub your glass cookware to clean off baked on food. The Magic Eraser (or knockoff) will remove it in seconds.


Repurpose Spent Water Filter Cartridges - charcoal from a water filter in an aluminum baking pan

Repurpose Spent Water Filter CartridgesWater filters contain activated charcoal and after mine expire I cut open the cartridge (CAREFULLY with a steak knife) and pour the contents into my cats' litter box to reduce odor. I could also use it in my chicken coop for the same reason.


A floral arrangement with a straw for watering.

Water Floral Arrangement with StrawWhen I receive beautiful flower arrangements, my first thought is "How am I going to water this without getting water all over the table or tablecloth that it sits on." In fact, it worries me so much I don't water them as often as I should. All you need to do is save your plastic straws. Insert one of the straws into the floral form and pour the water through it. No more water on the table and it's easy enough that you can do it every day until the flowers need to go out to the compost pile! Works on all floral arrangements. If your hands are shaky, use a smaller glass to pour the water into the straw.


Grease Measuring Cup for Sticky Ingredients

Grease Measuring Cup for Sticky IngredientsIf you need to measure sticky things like molasses, syrup, honey, or peanut butter, lightly grease your measuring instruments first. This will allow the contents to slide right out without any fuss.



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Removing VHS Tapes from Their Cases?I wanted to do a project using the ribbon film from my old VHS tapes, the only problem is that there are around 100 tapes. Does anyone know a fast way to get the ribbon out?


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Value of a Murphy Swiveling Desk Chair?What is the value of a Murphy #263 swiveling desk chair?


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Using a Broken Refrigerator to Store Dishes and Flatware?Our refrigerator just broke a few days ago and I was told it can't be repaired anymore. I don't want to just throw it away so I'm thinking of making it a dish cabinet where I can put all our plates, glasses, spoons, forks, and other utensils.


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Removing Pen Ink from a Wood Table?My daughter has got a pen mark on my new wooden table and has slightly engraved it! How can I clean it off and fix the indentation?


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Value of My Thomas Kinkaid Painting?I have a limited edition, #68/105 large gilce print of "Snow White Discovers The Cottage." The physical dimensions are 27" X 17" with the beautiful frame the overall dimensions are 34" X 24". I'd like to get a value for insurance purposes.


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Adjusting the Tension on a Singer Merritt 2404?I have just bought one of the above machines at a yard sale. I don't know what all the dials mean. It worked at first, but is now making bad stitches. The front of the stitch is OK, but the back has loose loops, they are not gripping the fabric. If I pull one end of the thread the whole thing comes out.


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Montessori Preschool Name Ideas?How does Busy Bees sound for a montessori preschool name?


Finding Donated Fabric for Charity Project

Finding Donated Fabric for Charity Project?Utah Youth Village, a charity that takes care of troubled foster children, has a tradition of giving each graduate a handmade quilt. We have found an organization who wants to make the quilts, we just need fabric. Any ideas?


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Bleaching Colored Clothing White?So I have purple leggings and I want to tie dye them, but I don't want to use bleach what else can I use to make them white?


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Kids Constantly Fighting Over Xbox Controller?My kids fight over the Xbox game console all day long. I've taken it away, put them on restrictions, tried talking to them, but nothing works. I really want to do bad things to that Xbox. Should I?


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Removing Personal Information from Cell Phones and Tablets?I have a drawer containing a few cellphones and a tablet. They all have cracked screens and such. I want to recycle them, but I really don't trust tossing them into the trash, because I feel that my personal information is still on them. What should I do?


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - small tan dog

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?I rescued this pup. The people I got him from say he is a full blooded Chihuahua. He weighs 11 lbs and is 6months old. I have been told he looks like a Weiner mix or Corgi mix. He is very stocky. His front legs like his elbow area are turned out almost how Bull Dogs are.


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Finding Rental Space for a Montessori School?I am a Montessori trained teacher. I want to open a pre-school, but I have no idea as to how can I find rental space.


Value of a Porcelain Doll - face of a porcelain doll with blond curls

Value of a Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll with markings under the hair on her neck - with ROSE 1-50000. What does this mean in value? Would it be Rose from the Titanic movie?


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Pit Bull's Ears Stand Up?I have a 6 month old red nose Pit Bull. The ears are not cropped, but he looks like a rabbit. His ears are always fully open is it normal, will they fall later?


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Shopping for an Inexpensive Computer Desk?Where can I find a used or new computer desk for an inexpensive price?


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Value of a First Edition 1950 Set of Collier's Encyclopedia?I have a first edition 1950 Collier's Encyclopedia, full set of 20. What might this be worth? I see many listings on eBay of later editions being priced at a few hundred $, but who knows if they are actually selling. The volumes are all in good condition and I haven't found any other first editions listed online.


Value of  John Bruener Velour Chairs - tan round back upholstered chair

Value of John Bruener Velour Chairs?These velour chairs are in great shape. I am the original owner. I am trying to determine their value.


Value of a 16" Porcelain Vanessa Doll - doll wearing a red coat and dress trimmed with black and a black hat

Value of a 16" Porcelain Vanessa Doll?My mother bought me this doll years back. It is a vintage 16" porcelain Vanessa Doll Collection Series 1995. It is dressed in a red and black coat and skirt. I was wondering how much it could go for now.


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