February 10, 2019

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A pot of taco soup cooking on the stove.

Leftover Taco SoupWhen you have leftovers from a taco dinner, try making a yummy soup using the remaining foods. This page has leftover taco soup.


A purse that has been knitted from blue yarn.

Easy Elegant Knitted PurseDepending on how fast you knit, this straight piece can be done in a couple of days. It requires no shaping. This is a page about easy elegant knitted purse.



Easy Preserved Lemons in jar & bowl

Easy Preserved LemonsThis is a simple way to make preserved lemons. A little drizzle of this stuff goes a long way when making salads, using as a topping, or in your marinades. It's great because it doesn't have just a lemon flavour, it's also got the taste of the dissolved lemon rind, which is amazing. There's nothing quite like it.


Korean Inspired Fried Rice on plate

Korean Inspired Fried RiceThis is my version of a Korean fried rice. I took inspiration from the strong and spicy flavours you find in Korean barbecue and blended it with my usual fried rice recipe. The outcome is a very punchy rice with a comforting soft egg on top. Koreans typically place a raw egg yolk on top of their meals, but I'm not so keen on that. A fried egg, slightly on the over easy side, does just the trick. This was a huge hit with my friends!



Toy Helicopter/Airplane Landing Pad  - helicopter on top of the water bottle landing pad

Toy Helicopter/Airplane Landing PadWith a little imagination, your toddler can have an unlimited amount of landing pads for their toy helicopters, airplanes.


Kissmark Decorative Banner - banner hanging on wall

Kissmark Decorative BannerWe had this kind of decoration during the high school times when everyone's very fond of kissing booths. Here's a very simple decoration you can add to your walls to spread more love and kisses this Valentine's Day.



Value of a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a vintage dress

Value of a Porcelain Doll?What is this doll worth?


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Having Someone Care for Cats While You Are Gone?I have 2 cats that are sisters. I'm going on vacation for 7 days and have hired someone to come in daily to scoop litter, check their food and water, and try to play with them. My question is, will they be OK? I'm worrying so much I'm ready to cancel my vacation and it is my and my husband's 15th wedding anniversary trip.


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Finches Laid Eggs in Their Food?The finches laid eggs in their food, what do I do? There are 3 eggs in there, do I move the dish? Do I add anything so they can cover them? Do I just leave them alone and see what happens?


Toning Down Hair Dye - bright pinkish purple hair after dyeing

Toning Down Hair Dye?My wife just had her hair dyed burgundy, but it came out with a bright purple look. How can she tone it down asap?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?It's my 14th birthday this year and I'm stumped on what to do for it. My birthday is in March. I want a small birthday this year, maybe 2 or 3 friends. I want to do something that's not babyish and something that's not so common, for example bowling. I would like to go to the mall, but not all my friends are girly. I want something that my friends' parents will be OK with.


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Getting Rid of Head Lice?I have had head lice for months now. I've done all the treatments out there and home remedies too. I don't know what else to do.


Finding a Canister Lid Seal - closeup

Finding a Canister Lid Seal?I'm looking for a canister seal ring. Apparently, it is unusual in the replacement world in that the ring fits as a band around a part of the lid which inserts itself into the canister. I found lots that are horizontally flat or ones which fit like a washer into the lid threads. Mine is vertically flat with a flange (profile is a sideways "T" [-- shape).


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Removing a Candle Wax Stain on a White Stove Top?An olive color candle was on the top of my stove. The oven was on and the candle melted some down the front of stove. I got all the wax off, but it left a colored stain on the white stove (I think the dye, dyed the clear coat.) How do I remove the color?


Discontinued Graham and Brown Ceiling Paper - paper with flower motif

Discontinued Graham and Brown Ceiling Paper?I am looking for this ceiling paper that has been discontinued. Does anyone know where I can find it? Or does anyone have a spare roll laying around?


Value of an Antique Fainting Couch

Value of an Antique Fainting Couch?I inherited a fainting couch. My parents reupholstered it 30 years ago. They replaced the straw padding with foam and replaced the tattered cloth. The only identifying mark is a stamp that reads "P.U.L." I suspect it was made in north Georgia or a surrounding state. I do not know when or exactly where. Can anyone help me?


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Hand Held Sewing Machine Not Stitching Properly?My Handy hand held sewing machine will sew, but as soon as you move the needle from material the thread pulls completely out of the material?


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Suprise 16th Birthday Parties?My sister is turning 16 at the end of March. She says she doesn't think she should throw a party and she may go out with a few friends instead. I want to throw her a party though! She doesn't really like big parties, I don't know how many friends to invite. I also don't know what theme or things to do for the party. In all is this a good idea or should I not do it?


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Softening White Sugar?How do I soften a bag of hardened white sugar?


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Dog Peeing in the House?I have a four-year-old male blue Staff. And lately, probably for the back past eight months, I am struggling with the times I have to clean up around my house even though he has a dog flap where he can go in and out at will.


Is My Dog a Chiweenie?

Is My Dog a Chiweenie?This is my foster dog. She's two pounds and clearly has some Chihuahua, but has floppy ears and her tail is a tad longer and is more straight. What do you think?


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