March 12, 2019

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top view of glove on hand

Super Easy Fingerless GlovesWith yarn, an H crochet hook and a little extra time you can make these fingerless gloves that leave your fingers exposed for using your phone or other tasks. This is a page about super easy fingerless gloves.


Rewiring a Living Room Lamp - finished lamp with shade and turned on

Rewiring a Table LampRewire a lamp and save money. Keep track with your cell phone photos of how your lamp comes apart. This will help you reassemble it properly. This is a page about rewiring a living room lamp.


baked Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

Hashbrown Breakfast CasseroleHere's a breakfast casserole with hashbrowns, meat, eggs and cheese that is easy to get prepped ahead of time. This page contains a hashbrown breakfast casserole.



piece of Cereal Coffee Cake

Breakfast Cereal Coffee CakeI'm the only one who eats breakfast cereal in my house. By the time I get to the end of the box, it's not always so fresh. Now I like to incorporate cereal into some of my recipes for a fun twist. This coffee cake has been well accepted. I used a cereal that had dried fruit and clusters with the cornflakes. You can use any type you like.


Steamed Cod , potato & broccoli on plate

Steamed Cod with Ginger and ScallionsAn easy and healthy recipe. I cut down on the ginger, but will write the original recipe.



Coffee tubs and other recycled containers being used for organizing tools.

Coffee Tubs As Tool StorageThere were some pretty drawers in the kitchen where I kept some tools there and some in another place and still some in some other place. Well, it was getting a bit silly. So today, I sat a coffee tub inside the drawer and it fit, then I figured out another 3 fit.


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Rubber Band for Slippery Shampoo BottleShampoo, body wash and other bottles in the shower are really slippery. Today, I dropped one and it cracked and a favorite and expensive product went down the drain. I finally thought to put a wide rubber band from produce on the bottle which provides a secure grip. Easy effective and free


A sock being used as a DIY phone armband.

DIY Phone ArmbandYou can make your own mobile phone armband out of a sock. Just cut the sock at the heel, roll onto your upper arm, put your phone in, and roll the bottom of the sock up over it. I use this when I want my phone on me when I'm walking around the house, cleaning or exercising.


An apple slice with strawberry glaze topping it.

Mock Candy AppleI love candy apples but have not eaten one in years. I don't want to take a chance on breaking a tooth or a crown. I had a little strawberry glaze left over after making a Strawberry Delight cake from a recipe on Thriftyfun. (Link below)


3-Step DIY Hair Treatment - three supply bottles

3-Step DIY Hair Treatment TipThis at-home hair treatment works like a charm on all hair types; even the frizziest of locks. It helps your hair retain moisture and keeps your mane looking super shiny. All it takes is a liquid, an oil, and a cream. The great thing about this method is that you can even use some of the cheapest products around your house.


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Removing Spots on Pots and PansI found an otherwise nice large pizza pan with perforated holes in the free box at a moving sale. It was covered front and back with dried on grease spots (the tan sticky kind) and I wondered if I could save it because it was a nice heavy aluminum one, good for crispy crusts.


Making an Egyptian Headdress - smiling child wearing the headdress

Making an Egyptian HeaddressA very last minute activity was assigned to me. This was urgent so I had to gather random materials that could be used to make an Egyptian headdress.


A parking meter that has a green light, denoting that there is time left.

Find Parking Meters With Time LeftIf there are parking meters in your area and parking is not limited, try to pull into a parking space that still has some money left from the previous car.


Homemade Thread Cone Holder - finished thread cone holder

Homemade Thread Cone HolderI started back to sewing and couldn't find my cone holder, so I made one for until I find it. The pictures below are pretty self explanatory. The supplies needed, include one plastic hanger, hot glue, an old glass or jar, scissors or a node to score the plastic hanger to make it snip easier.



Identifying Porcelain Dolls - clown dolls

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?What are these porcelain dolls worth and what are their names? I got them at a thriftstore.


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Bleached and Colored Hair Is Falling Out?I bleached my hair once, and it turned green, teal, pink, and white. Yep you read that right. So I bleached it again and then I dyed it a pastel purple. Then the nightmare began and it started falling out left and right. I don't know what to do and I am freaking out!


Identifying a Porcelain Doll With No Markings

Identifying a Porcelain Doll With No Markings?I recently bought this porcelain doll, but it has no brand name. I do not know how to identify it. Someone know?


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Repairing a Toyota Sewing Machine?My Toyota sewing machine seems jammed. When I press the pedal it makes noises, but doesn't move.


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My Shih Tzu Won't Eat?I have a 7 month old Shih Tzu. He has not wanted to eat for a couple of days. He just drinks a little. I already took him to the vet. His weight is falling down from 7 kilos to 4 kilos and his not that active now.


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Finches Not Nesting?My zebra finches are adults, but why they are not building a nest if I have kept nesting material available.


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Value of L'EChalote Corningware?I have the L'EChalote cookware by Corning. I am wondering what the value is.


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House Training an Abused Dog?I just adopted a 3 year old Boxer Cur mix and was told she has been abused. She is not housebroken and she's scared to death of the leash.


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My 3.5 month old puppy has been diagnosed with parvo. He's been at the vet for almost a week now. A few days after taking him home, I was notified that his litter mates had parvo-like symptoms so I had him tested, which came back positive. He's been back at the rescue receiving treatment ever since that night with no symptoms.


Value of a Geppeddo Porcelain Doll - markings on doll's neck

Value of a Geppeddo Porcelain Doll?This was donated. Can I get the value of this doll with this information on the picture?


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Potty Training a Yorkie?I have a 5 month old male Yorkie. He pees and poops everywhere inside the house. I can't take him outside yet. How can I teach him to poop in a crate inside the house?


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Buying Isopropyl Alcohol in Australia?Where can I buy isopropyl alcohol in Australia?


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Getting Rid of Unseen Biting Bugs?We live in an older town home with what is probably the original carpeting. Our 5 year old keeps getting bit at night by a mystery bug. They look like mosquito bites (round, raised areas that itch, but have no distinguishable bite mark), but they're not mosquito bites.


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Childcare Business Name Ideas?My name is Wyakie, but my nicknames are Squirt and Cutie Pie! I need help finding a name for my family childcare.


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Finding Graham and Brown Discontinued Wallpaper?Can anybody help me find wallpaper from Graham Brown? It is superfresco paintable pat. number 15018.


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Caring for a Dog Recovering from Parvo?My dog was diagnosed with parvo about 3 weeks ago. He stayed in the hospital for several days. We brought him home and he started eating, drinking, and being back to himself. However, here in the past 2 days he's been breathing hard. He will still eat and drink, but his breathing is still hard and fast. Any idea what this is?


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Keeping Pigeons and Doves Away from Feeder?Does anyone know how to keep the pigeons and doves from hogging up the bird feeder?


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Husqvarna Riding Mower Not Starting?I have a year old Husqvarna rider. It has fresh fuel, but every time I start it I have to spray starter fluid in the carb to get it to start. After running it starts no problem. Just on cold starts it has done this every time, but once since new.


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Asking My Mom to Let Me Shave?I'm turning 13 in a couple of months and am in the 7th grade. In school all my friends are making fun of my legs and they're very hairy. I get embarrassed in school about it. I mentioned to my mom that my legs are hairy, but she just ignores me. My brother tells me too that they are hairy and I should ask my mom to let me shave, but I just don't know the way to ask her.


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Restoring Wood Finish Damaged by Essential Oil Vapour?I need to restore a small area of wood that has had the top layer stripped away from essential oil vapours. Do I need to re-stain the area or just polish it up?


Value of a Vintage Bathroom Vanity Set

Value of a Vintage Bathroom Vanity Set?Anyone know the approximate value? It is probably cherry. It is at least 75 yrs old or older. It includes a toilet paper holder, hand towel holder, and bath towel rack.


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My 1 Year Old Lab Just Died Suddenly?My fiancé and I just walked outside on his lunch break and saw that our 1year old lab was dead. We were in shock to say the least. I looked over his body to see if there were any signs of something hurting him and there were none. It has been raining a lot for the past 2 weeks and him being a Lab he loves water, so he would sit in the puddle of muddy water instead of going in his dog house.


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Name of an Old Horror Movie?I can't find this old movie. It's a scary movie that takes place in a psych ward I think with cells in the basement. There is a bunch of crazy people in their own cell. There's a cell way down the hallway and a patient in there, but it's always dark so you can never see the patient's face. A man continuously goes and talks to the patient and in the end I think the patient turns out to be him.


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Cleaning Business Name Ideas?I have had my own cleaning business for 2 years now and I also do commercial cleaning as well. I want to branch off on my own soon and want a catchy but classy name that I can use in the long run. I also want this name to be incorporated into my lawn care service and trash disposal service as well.


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Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday?My bf is turning 19 in a month. I wanna organize a small birthday party for him. I don't know what to get him for his birthday either.


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Permed Hair Flopped in One Day?I got my first perm in almost 10 years as I just grew out a pixie. Perms are not as popular these days, but my hair looked awesome when done. At my consultation prior to the appointment, and the day of, my only concern was wanting to be able to wear my hair curly. I expressed wanting more than just wave, I wanted curl.


Singer Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread - broken part

Singer Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?Two weeks ago I brought a new Singer sewing machine and an older 1960s machine to the Caribbean to help a small community. I bought both from a Singer dealer in Montreal. I thought the older model would be a good strong backup as the newer ones are more difficult to take apart and fix. I was wrong. The older machine won't pick up the bobbin thread.


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Removing Pen Ink that Leaked onto Library Books?My pen floated (the ink poured out due to the way it was placed) inside my bag, and it touched the edges of two library books how do I clean it off?


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