June 25, 2019

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Fish in Tausi in bowl

Fish with TausiI've been craving for a different fish dish these days. The summer days have taken me to a lot of roast pig parties. Today I got the chance to cook this simple, but yummy fish recipe.


finished Sour Cream fin bowl

Make Sour Cream from Cottage CheeseI don't often buy sour cream if it's just my family eating, mostly for health reasons. So many calories. Yet, using Greek yogurt doesn't always sit well with some as it's erring on the side of too healthy (even though I love it). Try this amazing sour cream made from cottage cheese! You can use milk instead of heavy cream. I just used heavy cream for a touch of decadence. Either way, you're saving yourself loads of calories, and packing in protein. It also tastes so very good!



A rack of clothing at a thrift store.

Thrift Stores Are Not Created EqualI love thrift stores. My mom took my 5 sisters and me to the same store every time we went to the beach. That store is still there and I still shop there. Almost any thrift store has something I need. But they're not equal.


Spring trees in bloom in a park.

Park in Spring (Rochester, NY)Flowering trees and scrub at the park in spring.


Spencer (Great Dane) - tan dog in the grass on a leash

Spencer (Great Dane)We purchased him one year ago. He likes to play with our other dog (a Chihuahua), run outside, and play with toys constantly!



Kenmore Machine Skipping Zigzag Stitches - skipped stitches

Kenmore Machine Skipping Zigzag Stitches?I have a Kenmore Ultra Stitch 10 and I am unable to use the zigzag stitch on certain fabric. I am making a bathing suit and the zigzag stitch does not work. I am using a ball point needle, I've try all sizes, 14 seems to be the best, but it's always skipping stitches. This does not happen for a regular stitch.


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Setting the Time for a Baby Shower at Work?I'm a co-organizer of a workplace baby shower. The host is my coworker's BFF. We nurses work at a busy hospital and lunchtime is the busiest time taking care of patients and sorting out MD orders after AM rounds. The celebrant insists on coming to lunch (noon).


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Applying Polyvine Varnish Over Bullseye123?I have sanded down an old plastic garden table and have applied one coat of Bullseye123 and it looks really good. Could I just apply another thin coat and then varnish it with Polyvine varnish so that I could wipe it?


Value of an Antique Hutch - ornate breakfront

Value of an Antique Hutch?I have this antique hutch cabinet. How much would it sell for?


Identifying Antique Furniture - drop leaf table

Identifying Antique Furniture?I haven't been able to find any information on these types of antique turned balusters. I'm thinking this is a early 16th century Dutch double drop leaf, gate legged, trestle tea table. Could someone please help identify?


Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Doll - in still in box

Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Doll?I was just given a Heritage Signature Collection porcelain doll that was bought for me when I was a baby. I need to know how much it's worth.


Value of an Asian Plate - blue flowers on tall stems, reminiscent of irises

Value of an Asian Plate?Could you help me identify this Asian plate and determine what it is worth?


Identifying a Stuffed Toy - frowning stuffed adult male toy wearing a brown vest

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?The character looks so familiar to me, but I can't place it.


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm going to be turning 17 in July and I have no idea what to do! I'm wanting to invite lots of friends. I want it to be fun for everyone, but I'm wanted to do something I haven't done before. I've had a pool party. I can't hike. I've done like a big picnic party before.


Identifying an Old Porcelain Doll - cloth bodied porcelain doll

Identifying an Old Porcelain Doll?I received a tub of dolls from my grandma's house. I am trying to identify them. I cannot find markings. Can anyone help identify this doll? I took the clothes off because I believe my grandma made the ones on her body.


Value of a DanDee Porcelain Doll

Value of a DanDee Porcelain Doll?I have a DanDee limited edition porcelain doll. I am wondering how much she is worth.


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Roofing Repair Assistance for Seniors?I'm looking for assistance in repairing a roof. I'm a senior citizen looking for assistance.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing jeans and boots

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I am looking to find information about this doll. There are no markings on her that I can see.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - undressed doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I believe this doll was my grandmother's (born 1898) or her mother's. The silk dress had disintegrated and had to be thrown away. The doll is in excellent condition except for a slight chip on the front porcelain. The paint on its head is a little worn in places. Her hair has a braid across top and a bun in back. My great grandmother was from Germany.


Identifying Vintage Dining Chairs - orange upholstered chair

Identifying Vintage Dining Chairs?Can anyone tell me anything about, what I presume is, a mid-century dining chair? There is no separation from seat to back. What year are these dining chairs from?


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Using Temporary Hair Dye?So my hair is currently a medium color of red (auburn really) and I want to use Colorista temporary permanent dye. I'm not sure if it would come out or not.


Value of a Blue and White Asian Jar - jar with a blue floral pattern on white background

Value of a Blue and White Asian Jar?Could you please help me identify this Asian jar and find out what it's worth?


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Who Is Walmart's Coffee Supplier?I've been buying Walmart brand Columbian coffee for the past year. I loved the taste and the price. However, the last few bags I bought were horrible. It tasted like muddy water, no matter how strong I make it! Has Walmart changed the supplier of their coffee?


Finding Parts for a Durkopp 17-1-1 Shoe Patcher - shoe repair sewing machine

Finding Parts for a Durkopp 17-1-1 Shoe Patcher?I am looking to find anyone who may be selling parts for a treadle based shoe patcher.


Value of an Antique Mahogany Coffee Table - 4 legged pedestal coffee table

Value of an Antique Mahogany Coffee Table?My partner inherited this mahogany coffee table from his late great aunt a few years ago (passed away at least 10-15 years ago). We are moving to another house and we are thinking about selling it, but we don't know where to start. We have no idea when or how it was made, and therefore no idea how much it could be worth. Does anybody know anything about it, or could lead me somewhere else so I can find out?


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Helping a Neighbor's Neglected Cat?There's been this stray cat roaming my block for 2-3 weeks now. I posted on Facebook seeing if anyone would like him. He's an indoor cat and extremely friendly and hungry. He tries to get into my house every time I go in and come out to smoke. He is quite skinny and he was out when it was storming.


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Repairing a Hoover SteamVac Deluxe F5866-900?How do I fix my Hoover SteamVac Deluxe when part no. 43516008 the reservoir assembly is faulty and discontinued?


Identifying a Drop Leaf Table

Identifying a Drop Leaf Table?Can anyone tell me anything about this table and if it is an antique?


Identifying Insect Eggs - tan eggs in corner of walls and ceiling

Identifying Insect Eggs?Anyone know what type of insect these eggs belong too? They are located in a bedroom in the corners and edges where the wall and ceiling meet. I cleaned the spots off a week ago with a mold and mildew remover and they are back.


Age and Value of a Mersman Surfboard Coffee Table - table on blue rug in front of couch

Age and Value of a Mersman Surfboard Coffee Table?I have had this coffee table a few years, it is labeled Mersman 8179 on the bottom. It's not in great condition. When was it made and about how much would it be worth? It is a surfboard coffee table.


Value of a Vintage Coffee Table - long narrow ovoid table

Value of a Vintage Coffee Table?I came across this table. It needs to be refinished, but is in good structural condition. What should I ask for it if I sell it?


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Finches Don't Want to Fly Outside Cage?I'm a new owner of two young female zebra finches. When we first bought them they had only a tiny cage. We let them out into the bedroom to fly multiple times a week to negate how small it was. We've upgraded them to a much larger cage, and today I was going to let them out, but they refuse and are just flying around their cage as usual. Is this OK?


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Removing Candle Wax from Textured Ceiling?I had a candle warmer and somehow it got on the ceiling and wall. I was able to get it off my wall, but do not know how to get it off my textured ceiling. Any ideas?


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Preventing Algae Growth in an Above Ground Pool?We have a 12x24x52 oval above ground pool with a sand filter. Are there chemicals that need to be used along with this to keep the side walls and bottom from getting slimy?


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Cleaning Silver with Foil and Borax?Does anyone have the formula for foil paper and borax used to clean real silver? I need to clean some sugar bowls for craft projects, but cannot remember the formula.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in a gold finish box

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I have this porcelain doll in a display case. Her head and legs are porcelain. She has a purse in her right hand and a key in the other. There are no marks whatsoever. Can anyone please tell me what I've got here?


Value of a Lane Cedar Chest - chest with ornate front

Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?I'm wanting to sell my Lane cedar chest, but I don't know what it is worth.


Identifying Insect Eggs - elongated cluster of pink eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs (Apple Snail Eggs)?These large pods of little pink dots look like they may be some sort of larvae or egg, or possibly some sort of algae. These are found in central Florida, if it helps. I am very curious as to what they are.


Identifying Small Black/Brown Beetles - horizontally striped beetle

Identifying Small Black/Brown Beetles?Today out of the blue I noticed that about 20 little black/brown beetles have appeared on our balcony door and especially on the kitchen curtain. They were not there yesterday, and if they were their number definitely was small enough to go unnoticed. They have wings, but prefer to crawl and rarely use them. I thought they were carpet beetles, but they don't look exactly like that.


Value of Cortland Cabinet Company Parlor Set - antique rocking chair

Value of Cortland Cabinet Company Parlor Set?I inherited my great-grandparents' 3 piece settee parlor set (settee, rocker, and chair). I know it is made by Cortland Cabinet Co. as they have the labels on each piece. There is nothing on line to judge the worth. Please give me an idea.


Identifying a Hand Painted Japanese Plate  - plate with tree and birds

Identifying a Hand Painted Japanese Plate?Does anyone know anything about this plate?


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