August 6, 2019

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A dirty aquarium for turtles.

Removing Hard Water Stains in an Aquarium?The inside of your aquarium can become covered with hard water marks. Removing them can be done in number of ways, using a scraper, vinegar, and other household cleaners. This page contains various suggestions for removing hard water stains in an aquarium.


Fun Fall Activities For Kids - cute sunflower coloring page

Fun Fall Activities For KidsWith the arrival of fall it is fun to have a few seasonal activities for the kids. This page contains fall activities such as a coloring page and a crossword puzzle.


DIY Moldable Silicone Clay - refrigerator pen holder and repaired charging cord

DIY Moldable Silicone ClayBy mixing silicone caulk and corn starch you can create a flexible clay substance that has lots of uses including holding wires in place. This page contains information about making moldable silicone clay.



Chicken Thigh with zucchini on plate

Slow Cooker Garlic Lime Chicken ThighsI have been wanting to try this recipe for awhile. Chicken thighs are 69 cents a pound this week, so the time has come. This is a very tasty, economical meal!


finished Lemon Tahini Broccoli Salad

Lemon Tahini Broccoli SaladThis crisp and super fresh veggie-packed salad is perfect for the summer. I like to make a big batch and keep it in the fridge. It keeps well for a few days, with the flavours intensifying each day. Enjoy it as a side salad or as your main course on warm days.



Dexter & Trinity (Siamese) - two Siamese cats

Dexter & Trinity (Siamese)I adopted both of them. They like to run through the house attacking each other and playing in empty boxes.


Sansa (Siamese Mix)  - cat stretched out on the floor

Sansa (Siamese Mix)I rescued her from a barn. Her mother's owner didn't want her or her brothers (she was the only girl and the runt) because her Siamese cat had an "accidental" breeding with a feral cat.


Growing Borax Crystals - hanging crystalline circular shape

Growing Borax CrystalsHere are some beautiful crystals made with borax. Instead of buying crystals, you can make your own in all shapes, sizes, and designs. You could even use some as decor. Patience is needed as it will take 2 days to form into crystals, but it's a fun process to document and watch!



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Silverado Dashboard Lights Intermittent?I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado and periodically all the dashboard lights come on while I am driving and then go off. It has more than 300,000 miles. What could be causing this?


Is My Pit Bull Pure Bred? - black and white puppy

Is My Pit Bull Pure Bred?I just got this puppy today and the breeder said it's a Pit Bull. It is my first time owning a Pit Bull and I am not sure if it is pure bred. Any clues?


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Puppy Started to Poop in His Crate?My Shih Tzu is 5 months old and has been really good with potty training and crate training, but for two days straight in the morning he has pooped inside of his crate. There have been no new changes.


Identifying Markings on a Gold Ring - markings on the inside of a gold band

Identifying Markings on a Gold Ring?I can't seem to figure out what the marking on my great grandmother's gold ring is.


Value of Bassett Bedroom Furniture - 2 door wardrobe with 2 drawers at the bottom

Value of Bassett Bedroom Furniture?What is the design of this Bassett furniture called? What is the design under the glass called? What is the year? What is it worth?


Cleaning Hair Bows in the Dishwasher - pink ribbon hair bow

Cleaning Hair Bows in the Dishwasher?Can I put my daughter's hair bows in the dishwasher to clean them?


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Value of a Vintage Simplicity Riding Mower?I have a Simplicity Wonderboy 600 riding mower. I can't find any information about this mower! If anyone can give me a price range I'll be very grateful. I don't know the year, but it does run and still needs to be cleaned up.


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Finding the Title of an Old Horror Movie?I remember seeing, about 7-8 years ago on TV, a movie about a man being haunted by a ghost. The movie was probably for the late 90s or early 2010.


Value of Noritake China - sugar bowl

Value of Noritake China?I was wondering if you could tell me how much these two pieces are worth. I got them as a gift from an estate sale of a wealthy man and his wife.


Bumps on a Dog - thumbnail sized pink lump on a dog

Bumps on a Dog?My dog has 2 of these bumps and is getting a littler one. Some times clear stuff comes out and I don't know what to do. Should I leave them alone or bring him to a vet?


Kitchen Paint Color Advice - view of kitchen

Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I am trying to update my small kitchen. I might try to redo the counter tops later, but mainly have no clue what colors would go well with the cabinets and how it's not too big of a kitchen. I was thinking of going with Sherwin Williams rain color, but would a flat color look OK? Any suggestions what would look good in the small kitchen eating space?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - back of a doll's head

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?What do these words and numbers mean on back of my porcelain doll?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - small white porcelain doll in gold crochet dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I don't have any information on this doll or these miniature clutch purses.


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Value of 1963 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have 24 books in a wood case plus world atlas +others.


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Putting the Leg Back on a Barbie Doll?How do I put a leg back on a doll that accidentally got knocked off in the bathtub? It's a plastic Barbie. Do you still heat in boiling water?


An open console stereo system.

Value of a Philco Console Stereo System?I have a Philco console stereo record player and radio, model #h332alk. Everything works, but the speakers aren't very loud.


Identifying the Marking on a Ceramic Bird

Identifying the Marking on a Ceramic Bird?I was wondering if anybody recognizes the markings on the bottom of this beautiful large bird figurine. It looks to be ceramic. Part of it is fired and shiny and part of it has a matte finish. It's very realistic looking as far as the branch is concerned. The marking on the bottom BAL?


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Using Rubber Drawer Liner in Microwave?What do you think about using liner on the rotating plate inside the microwave? It really could and would, be helpful if safe.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?I have custody of my grandson and some years ago his father died. He was on disability and I am not sure if he ever worked. Can he get some type of benefits due to the death of his father?


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Fruit Whip and Snow Cone Business Name Ideas?I am opening up a business that will start by serving Dole whips like the pineapple whips, but would like to branch off into snow cones to. What is a good name for this business? Oh ya and it will be in a food trailer.


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Replacement Parts for Swiffer Wet Jet?Where can I buy the battery part separately? Mine broke and I need another one. It won't stay on the back of the unit.


What Kind of Bug Eggs Are These? - tan eggs? on wood splinter with center hole

What Kind of Bug Eggs Are These?I found these really weird eggs growing on a small splinter of wood on a part of the fascia on my house. The images are hi-res so you can zoom in pretty far. There are two pictures, one for each side of the wood splinter.


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Activites for a Deaf and Blind Adult?I'm a home health care provider and my client has Ushers Syndrome and RP. She's an adult and I was wondering what kind activities I can do with her?


Value of Leonardo Collection Figurines - two bronze colored figurines

Value of Leonardo Collection Figurines?How much roughly would these statues be worth? They are stamped underneath, the Leonardo Collection. They are called modern bronze lady. I've put them up for sale on my local sales page priced at $40 for the 2 and have hundreds of people desperately wanting to buy them. Have I priced these too low?


Value of Glass Top Mersman End Tables - light wood end table with glass top

Value of Glass Top Mersman End Tables?I have 2 glass top Mersman end tables. Do you know the how much they are worth?


Value of a Mersman Table - round three legged pedestal table

Value of a Mersman Table?What is the value of a Mersman 7685 table with a 28" round top?


Installing Sunscreen Netting on Aluminum Carport - carport supports and car in background

Installing Sunscreen Netting on Aluminum Carport?I would like to install sunscreen netting on the upright stanchions of the aluminum awning that shelters the driveway of my mobile home. Any ideas of how to do this? This would give me some privacy from my neighbors and keep the sun off my beautiful red car. You can see one of the stanchions in the picture, but there are actually four of them along the driveway.


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Microwave Trips Breaker?Our microwave continuously trips every time we use it. The outlet that it's plugged into is a 15 amp outlet. I think I need to switch the outlet to a 20 amp outlet, but the switch on the breaker panel that always trips says 15.


Value of a Geppeddo Doll - red head doll in white lace and satin dress holding a flower

Value of a Geppeddo Doll?I found a Geppeddo Hannah doll at a flea market. There was paperwork and a photo still in her box that revealed she used to belong to my grandmother. I'd like to know what year she was made, so I'll have a better idea of when my grandmother bought her.


When Do Baby Finches Leave the Nest? - view down into the nest

When Do Baby Finches Leave the Nest?I believe I have three baby zebra finches! I did see 3, but now I only see 1.


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Returning a Dog to the Shelter?I have a dog that sheds hair and with our new grandbaby, she is always sneezing. I want to know if can we give him back to the shelter without him being put to sleep?


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Name Ideas for an Elder and Childcare Business?My name is Cindy Booth and I'm starting a business taking care of the elderly in their homes, as well as kids, and housekeeping on my own. I am looking for a business name that includes my first and or last name in it. I will use it as well on business cards.


Value of a RCA Victor Radio - old wooden cabinet radio from first half of 20th c

Value of a RCA Victor Radio?Does anyone know the value of this? It's a RCA Victor model 80 radio.


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Planning a Joint Surprise Birthday Party?I have a favorite cousin who is turning 17 on October 3rd and it's her last birthday before she she goes off to college. I want to make this her best surprise party so she remembers it forever. The problem is my sister is turning 11 the same day. I can't think of a theme that will fit perfectly for them.


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Finding a Free Mattress and Box Spring?I just moved from York, Pennsylvania. I have nothing, but some of my clothing. Where can I get a voucher for a bed to sleep on? I'm living with my sister. I'm 56 years old and have fibromyalgia and live in chronic pain. I really need a bed to sleep on. The floor I sleep on is not good for my body.


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