August 11, 2019

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A woman drying her hair with a towel.

Drying Hair Tips and TricksWhether you use a hair dryer, a towel or let it air dry, your method of drying can make a difference in the health and manageability of your hair.


bowl of Chilled Yogurt Soup

Week 32: Chilled Yogurt SoupThis Persian inspired soup is also known as Ab Doogh Khiar. It is made with cucumbers, yogurt, and other Middle Eastern flavors. Being a chilled soup, it is a wonderful option in the heat of the summer.



Bead Flower Decor for Garden - two flowers in the garden

Bead Flower Decor for GardenAdd some flower cuteness to your garden with this simple project! There is little to no cost to make one. All you will need are some assorted beads, a glass dome bead, wire, and hot glue.



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Downloadable Manual for a Brother Charger 651This old Brother Charger 651 sewing machine we bought at auction as a machine for the heavier work, seems to have issues with tension, so we are looking for an owner's manual and/or a service manual.


Value of a Pyre Sterogram -
Console System - open cabinet

Value of a Pyre Sterogram Console SystemDoes anyone know more about this sterogram, such as value, etc. I'm in South Africa.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black puppy with blue eyes

What Breed Is My Dog?I rescued this sweet girl a week ago. She's 10 weeks old. They had her listed as Husky Shepherd mix. Her litter mates look Shepherd and the ears are starting to stand fully erect. Other than her eyes that scream Husky do you see it? If not, what breed?


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Cooking a Frozen Pork LoinHow can I cook a frozen pork loin that's 4 pounds? Any recipes?


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Repairing a Brother TypewriterI have an old Brother GX-6570 electronic typewriter. Everything works fine except for the odd numbered keys. Ex: 1,3,5,7,9. What could possibly be wrong here?


Manual for a Magic Steam Press Model MSP7 - steam press

Manual for a Magic Steam Press Model MSP7Would anyone know where I can obtain a user manual for a Magic Steam Press model MSP7?


Identifying a Bright Orange Insect Egg - single ovoid egg on concrete

Identifying a Bright Orange Insect EggDoes anyone know what kind of egg this is?


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Removing Hairspray from a Satin DressWill hairspray come out of a satin dress when dry cleaned?


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Duck Not Sitting on EggsOur duck had sat on 8 eggs and they were due to hatch this weekend. She has left them all and they are now cold. Why did she leave them? They have full size ducklings inside.


Information on a Stuffed Pooh Bear - generic Pooh Bear stuffy

Information on a Stuffed Pooh BearCould any one tell me where this bear is from and maybe a year? I got it from a yard sale for $1 and the person said it's from London, but I can't find him anywhere. I'm just curious.


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Dog Won't Eat After Being SpayedMy dog was spayed a day ago and she hasn't been eating her crumbs, just drinking water. Should I be worried or wait till further days?


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Janome Sewing Machine Won't Turn OnI tried to power on a new Janome 7330. It came on and went down and refuses to come on again.


Value of Hillview Lane Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing a sailor suit in the box

Value of Hillview Lane Porcelain DollsI brought a Sandy and Candy in sailor outfits for $200! They are 35 & 36 out off 360. They are in their original boxes and have never been taken out of the boxes. Are they worth the money I paid for them? I wasn't too sure.


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Treating a Rash in Skin FoldsI have got a rash under my belly. It's sore. It's quite a bad rash. I think it is a sweat rash. I only found it tonight cos it was itchy.


Value of  a Vintage Mersman Table

Value of a Vintage Mersman TableWhat is the value of this 28" round Mersman 7865 table?


Discontinued York Wallpaper - scroll patterned wallpaper

Discontinued York WallpaperI am desperately trying to find source for Acanthus Scrollpattern AH4713, from the 735- Black and White Collection. Can anyone help?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - boy doll wearing a blue and white sweater and leggings

Identifying a Porcelain DollI have this male doll 30/250, that is signed and has a #, but I cannot make out the letters in front of Claus. Any ideas or anyone know this doll? I paid a lot and would like to know its value today. It has eye lashes, moisture on bottom of nose as if in the cold and very faint freckles. It is really beautiful.


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Designers of Ashton Drake DollsIs Albert E. Price a creator of dolls for Ashton Drake? Someone said they have 2 dolls from Ashton Drake, but the tag says Albert E Price Inc. Most of my dolls are by Yollanda Bello.


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - light brown puppy

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?This is our new 8 week old boy. We know the mom is Chihuahua, but have no idea what the father is. Does anyone have an idea?


Identifying a Snake - orange snake with black markings in a swimming pool

Identifying a SnakeDoes anyone know what kind of snake this is? It keeps showing up in my pool. I live in SC. It's orange with black partial rings.


Value of a Silver Bracelet

Value of a Silver BraceletI have a silver bangle that is quite heavy. I am just wondering how much I'd get if l sold it?


What Breed Is My Dog? - closeup of face

What Breed Is My Dog?Can someone tell me what breed Oscar is? He was a stray, but the most lovable dog ever. He looks like he has the body of a Staffy or Pit Bull, but the head of a Jack Russell?


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Finding Wide-mouth Glass Jar GasketsWhere can I find a gasket or seal for a 2 gallon wide-mouth (8 or 8.5 inch diameter) glass jar?


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