August 17, 2019

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A pile of clutter in a desk drawer.

Eliminating Clutter in Your HouseholdClutter is a noticeable concern for many of us. It can be overwhelming and an impossible seeming task to reduce it. This page offers several ideas for eliminating clutter in your household.


Shades of Pink Birthday Card

Making a Shades of Pink Birthday CardThis pretty pink butterfly motif birthday card is sure to please. This page contains the instructions and photos need for making a shades of pink birthday card.


A drain with a rusty stain around it.

Cleaning Stains Around a Bathtub DrainThe color of the stain around your tub drain may give a hint as to the cause and thus to the best cleaner for the job. This page offers suggestions for cleaning stains around a bathtub drain.


Felt Fortune Cookies - felt fortune cookies

How to Make Felt Fortune CookiesSave on calories and still enjoy the fun of reading the fortune inside a fortune cookie. This page contains photos and instructions for making these cure felt fortune cookies.


A clean freezer.

Clean Fridge And Freezer Interior With PeroxidePeroxide is a good alternative to baking soda for cleaning your fridge and freezer. This page contains the details for using this cleaning method.



Savory Corn Patties on plate

Savory Corn PattiesSo we have more corn left. It took me a while to think of the best way to use it, but my mind didn't fail me.



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Removing Dye Transfers from Clothing?I accidentally washed my orange pants with dark colored clothes. How do I get the stain out?


Value of an Ashton Drake Doll - baby doll in a box

Value of an Ashton Drake Doll?Can I find out how much this doll in mint condition # 4527 zha is worth?


White Shirt Dyed Pink - dye transfer

White Shirt Dyed Pink?My 100% polyester white, nice shirt has been dyed pink. How can I get it back to white without ruining my shirt?


Value of a Bassett Wall Mirror - ornate gold painted frame wall mirror

Value of a Bassett Wall Mirror?This mirror was in my now 116yr old house when I bought it almost 15 years ago. (Along with some pretty hideous wallpaper.) It has been moving around the house in those years and it is time for it to finally make an exit. I have no idea if it has any value.


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Restoring an Old Denim Jacket?I have an old denim jacket that belonged to my great-grandfather. He died in about 1964. It's still in good shape, except it fell victim to an needlework crazy teenager in the 70s. I've removed the silly palm trees and stars and other stitches, but there is still some residual staining and stitching damage. Any suggestions to make it as true to the original as possible?


Value of a Limited Edition Ayana Porcelain Doll - doll in a box, wearing a long dress and matching head dress

Value of a Limited Edition Ayana Porcelain Doll?I have this Ayana doll that I never really see around. It's a limited edition collectible. It's been passed down in my family so I don't know the year it came out. If I search it hits a dead end maybe because it's a limited edition. I need some cash so do you know how much it could sell for?


Identifying an Antique Rocker - dark wood rocking chair with decorative design on backrest and tall finials

Identifying an Antique Rocker?I don't know anything about this rocking chair that I bought at a yard sale. I am trying to find any info about it.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with a mass of blond ringlets and fancy dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I was given this doll by a friend and am just trying to find information about it. Thanks in advance.


Reporting Neighbor's Who Abuse Their Animals

Reporting Neighbor's Who Abuse Their Animals?What to do with a neighbor who brings dogs to my yard to poop and pee when they are friends with PD. They've sabotaged thousands of dollars of our things and threatened to kill us. The police said it's OK. They've made a sweet friendly goat suffer over 2 years with a rotting leg. I contacted many authorities, but no response.


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Freezing Apples?I want to keep the nutrients and fiber in the apple skins. All freezing instructions say to peel the apples. Is that really necessary?


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Remedy for Under Eye Dark Circles?I have dark circles under my eyes, dry skin, and fine lines. I am 58 years old. I need help desperately! I can't afford the expensive products. I just wish I would have started a skin regimen back in my twenties.


Value of a Vintage GE Console Stereo System - turntable and radio inside the unit

Value of a Vintage GE Console Stereo System?I have a GE console stereo system, perhaps from 1969 timeframe. The model number is: C226. I can't find any information besides a postcard ad and a newspaper ad. It has great sound and is in excellent shape.


Value of an AMI Jukebox  - front view of the juke

Value of an AMI Jukebox?I kind of inherited this Rowe AMI jukebox and it has been sitting in my garage for over 3 years. It worked when my son first brought it over, but now it doesn't. It needs a needle and l am sure that it just needs something minor since it did work. I just want to sell it to make space in my garage.


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Finding the Source of a Spicy Humid Smell in My House?I've lived in the same house for years. I suffer from allergies and my doctor recommended a humidifier. Two years ago we installed a central humidifier attached to the central AC and heating system. Since then, everything in my home has this spicy smell, like the kind in refrigerators.


Value of Vintage Thomasville Bedroom Set - furniture on carport or driveway

Value of Vintage Thomasville Bedroom Set?I am just curious if my 1973 Thomasville bedroom set is worth anything or needs to be put in a yard sale?


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Removing Green Water Stains on House Siding?How do I remove dark green stains on siding from a dripping faucet? The same thing I would use for tubs and sinks? It's so bad I'm thinking of painting this small area with white primer.


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Craftsmen LT2000 Riding Mower Won't Start?My mower was running normally when smoke started to come out of engine. Now it won't crank over. All fluid levels are full and normal.


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14th Co-ed Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is March 15 and I am turning 14, but I dont know what to do or where to go. I want a chill party and I am having boys and girls.


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