September 25, 2019

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Pumpkin Decor - two finished cup pumpkins lit with LED candles

Pumpkin Decor Using Plastic CupsGrab some clear plastic cups and battery operated votives to make these easy glowing jack-o-lanterns. They are inexpensive to make and a perfect last minute decoration.


Mini Sock Pumpkins - blue and white sock pumpkins

How to Make Mini Sock PumpkinsThese mini sock pumpkins are a great way to use those lone socks that you may have around the house. You can add embellishments if you want or keep them simple.


Floating Ink Ghost Race - playing floating ghosts

Making a Floating Ink Ghost RaceThese floating ink ghosts are a fun science experiment and a game all at the same time. This is a fun and easy activity for a Halloween party or in your classroom.



batter in muffin cups

Strawberry and Blueberry Oat MuffinsHere is another muffin recipe I made for the kids to eat on the way to school. These muffins are great because they are convenient to eat on the go, packed with protein and nutrition!



Identifying a Thrift Store Find - faux petals and pearls atop a dowel

Identifying a Thrift Store Find?I found, this beautiful piece at a thrift store and cannot find out what it is? Any guesses?


Identifying Small Black Bugs - long thin black bug

Identifying Small Black Bugs?I found this insect on my pillow. Would anyone have any idea what it could be? It is tiny black and oval.


Identifying Flying Bugs - brown bug

Identifying Flying Bugs?I am finding these bugs mainly on the windows. They climb and seem to fly a little. What are these?


Temporary Glue for Glass Centerpiece

Temporary Glue for Glass Centerpiece?I am doing a wedding centrepiece with a wine glass, cylinder vases, and a mirror. What adhesives can I use? I want non permanent glue, I would like to take them apart and use the vases and wine glass for another project.


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Trouble Starting a MTD Riding Mower?My MTD mower rider will start with the drive belt off, but when I put the drive belt on it just jerks and will not turn over. I would really appreciate some help with this issue. I have replaced the starter, replaced the battery, and checked for loose wires.


Value of a Leonardo Collection Parrot Figurine

Value of a Leonardo Collection Parrot Figurine?I have a Leonardo Collection parrot figurine. It sits on a branch with a little tannish/brown lizard below. I can't find any info or pictures on the internet anywhere. Could you please help? Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Value of a Medical Textbook - cover of the book

Value of a Medical Textbook?I have some books 'too good to simply trash'. One of them is 'Essentials of Medicine' (Second Edition) dated 1990, by Andreoli, Carpenter and others. It is 'as new', was slightly used in my son's medical school studies. Is it worth anything in the used books market?


House Trained Puppy Still Pees and Poops Inside - black and brown dog on floor mat

House Trained Puppy Still Pees and Poops Inside?Our 9 month old dog was rescued at age 4 months. She is dog door trained, yet sometimes poops and pees again inside, in 2 rooms which have been professionally enzyme cleaned. She stopped for about a month, but started again. She does it even when we're home. The rest of our home is unsoiled.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with long dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I picked up this beautiful doll at a thrift store today (we named her Adora). She is about 14-16 inches tall and has brown mid-back length curly hair. She has no markings on her clothing, and the only marking she does have is on the inside of her right leg. Can anyone assist with her age/value?


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Information About 10 x Confectioner's Sugar?Is 10x sugar one of the purest forms of sucrose?


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Finding Free Beds?I need to find free beds. Any suggestions?


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Using Hedge Apples as a Treatment for COPD?I was told these could be used daily to treat COPD. Can this be possible or is this something to avoid? I am just looking for a cure.


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Removing Dry Dog Poop on Carpet?I need advice on how to remove dried dog poo (Beagle) and pee stains due to my being in hospital for 3 days.


Value of a Webster Rocking Chair - cane seated rocking chair painted a light blue

Value of a Webster Rocking Chair?I have a Webster Mfg. Co. Station B, Superior, WIS. MADE IN USA 134-3 Wal rocking chair. I am wondering if it's worth anything? I painted it, but I can always take paint off.


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Using Handi Vac with Ziploc Bags?How do I use a Handi Vac to remove air from Ziploc bags?


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New Kittens Trying to Nurse on Older Cat?I adopted two kittens and they will not stop nursing on my older female cat. She's not producing milk. They have her teat hard and a mess going from above the teat to her vagina. They won't stop no matter how much I separate them. What can I do?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a red gingham dress with a white pinafore

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone tell me anything about this doll? There are no visible markings that I can find and no paperwork. It came in a pink box with a flowery top.


Identifying Old Agricultural Machinery Item- rusted iron item

Identifying Old Agricultural Machinery Item?Can anyone identify this item found in a Devon garden?


Value of Mersman End Tables - light wood tables with open grill work on front

Value of Mersman End Tables?I'm wondering what the value of these tables might be. It looks like the number 6312 is stamped on the bottom, but a google search doesn't bring up anything that looks exactly like them. Any suggestions?


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Value of a 1877 Webster's Dictionary?What is a Webster's dictionary from 1877 worth?


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Finding Plumbing Assistance for Low Income Families?My husband is on a fixed income and owns his home through Habitat for Humanity. We have an emergency with our bathroom, the toilet is backed up into our tub and when we try to plunge either one it backs up into the other. We had the septic drained today in hopes that it was the problem. It was full and was cleaned out, but the back up is still there and has been since Sunday.


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Finding a Free Bed Frame?I need a bed frame for my room. My ex left me and my 2 young kids for another woman and I'm unable to get one right now. The one I have had for years is breaking down at the legs. I have a mattress.


Identifying a Hallmark on a Brooch - man and woman embracing

Identifying a Hallmark on a Brooch?I've been looking for this hallmark stamp everywhere and no luck. Can somebody please help? 


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Craftsman Mower Won't Shift If Brake Depressed?I have a Craftsman DYT4000 riding mower. I just replaced the deck and drive belts on my mower. I went to test the mower. I started the mower and pressed the brake pedal and put it in reverse. The mower shifter locked in reverse at this point with the brake pedal pressed I could not shift out of reverse. I let off the brake pedal and while moving I was able to shift to neutral or any other gear.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black Lab mix puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?The shelter said he is a Black Lab mix and we honestly have no idea what he could be mixed with. I am just curious if anyone has any guesses. His paws aren't big, but he has long legs. He's only 11 weeks right now.


The legs of a vintage table.

Is This a Duncan Phyfe Table?I know it's almost impossible to be sure, but I believe I picked up a Duncan Phyfe table with two leafs. Or does this number on the bottom mean something else?


Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll - blond doll with very long ringlets, wearing a brown and cream dress and holding perhaps a twig broom

Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll?My grandmother has a porcelain doll that I can't find online anywhere. It has never been opened and is in excellent condition. She is wondering how much it is worth. It is a Collector's Choice genuine fine porcelain doll. It was hand crafted by Lee Capozzi.


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Extensive Home Repair for Low Income Families?I live in Fresno CA in the mountains. My parents' home is in desperate need of repairs. There's no heating or air. The pipes are leaking everywhere, there's no water pressure, the dish washer and washing machine are non operational. There's no oven or stove, both stopped working.


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Finding a Half Sibling?I recently found out I have a half brother. He is either called David or Ronald Wood. My father was called Ronald Wood he had pubs in Ashton under Lyne. He was born between 1951 -1954; is this enough info to find him? Apparently his mum posted an ad a good 10 years ago in Manchester Evening News to try to find my dad. I saw the ad, but my mum said it would be old customers from the pub.


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Fixing Homemade Tinted Glasses?I tinted my glasses with Rit dye and one lens is way too dark. How can I remove some of the tint?


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Finding Help After the Loss of a Child?I lost my only child. I am having trouble coping. Although he was an adult, he really was all I had. Is there anyone else going through this pain?


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