January 21, 2020

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A duckling swimming in water alone.

Caring for Wild Ducklings?If you find abandoned duckings the best choice it to contact your local wildlife rescue organization. If that is not possible there is information on the web about emergency care procedures for a baby duck. Be sure to research duckling care before you attempt to feed or house them.


A man, woman and child with bunny ears on, decorating eggs.

Easter ActivitiesThis page contains Easter crafts, games, a coloring page, and more. Have fun.


A basket of marbleized Easter eggs.

Making Marbleized Easter EggsFor a beautiful decorated Easter egg, try a marbleized effect. This page has tips for using nail polish and food coloring to create these unique eggs.


Exercise Jar - write the exercise on each stick add a dot or line to one end

Making an Exercise JarTo increase your daily activities, make an exercise jar from a recycled food jar. List simple exercises on Popsicle sticks and them place in the jar. These quick and fun activities help keep you on task.



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Removing Sticky LabelsYou'll never guess which of your kids favorite foods is a pro at removing sticky paper labels from glass, plastic, and other surfaces. You no longer need toxic chemicals. It takes only a few minutes, works like a wiz, and there are no worries if your little one sneaks a taste.


Cubes of butter in the butter section of a refrigerator.

Storing ButterWith the cost of butter these days, I have to find it when it's on sale. I recently had some butter go rancid. Yes, it happens. Especially when it's unsalted. Seems the salt is the curative that keeps it fresh longer, even if it's not as good for you.


A gift bag filled with cleaning supplies as a welcome gift.

Welcome Gift to a New NeighborI live in a very nice complex. Saturday, a gentleman (bachelor) moved in across the hall from me. I ran into him in the hall and welcomed him, and answered some questions he had! I then came in and started baking! I made a banana bread and a batch of my chocolate chip cookies. While they were cooking, I got out a gift bag for his Welcome package.


A lighter in a cover that is made with eyelets.

Creative Lighter CoverGet a good eyelet fastener and eyelets which can be found at JoAnn Fabrics, 100 cost around 5 dollars. I used the protective material around a big fancy light bulb to make this, but you can also use craft foam.


Several cockleburs on a jacket sleeve.

Beware of CocklebursWhile picking up litter, during my weekly walk on the roadside, I got into some cocklebur bushes and didn't know it. Later, as I was turning around and heading back home, I felt something sticking in me and discovered the back of my jacket was knotted up and filled with cockleburs. I was a sight to be seen.


Valentine Gift Jar - pink rocks added to the lid, ready to fill with candy or other small gifts

Valentine Gift JarValentine's Day is approaching and this is the time of the year that we give flowers or chocolates to the ones we love. Here is a cute idea to make a special gift jar and add your favorite chocolates or other homemade goodies to the jar. This is a simple project to make and the kids can make one for their teachers.


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Divide Bulk Purchases and SaveBuying food in bulk can help save money but not if you throw half of it away because it goes bad. I buy cheese and meats in larger quantities if the price is low enough. Dividing my purchase into more manageable servings and freezing helps me save time and money.


Valentine's Themed Bee Crown - finished crown on the floor

Valentine's Themed Bee CrownMy daughter loves all the hats we make, she wears them for dress up. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, here is a budget friendly and suitable theme hat featuring this bee!


finished Treat on plate

Cheerio Peanut Butter TreatsThis is a little different from the rice krispie treats. You use Cheerios and peanut butter so it has that crispy, lightly peanut flavor! Really delicious, easy and fun to make, too.


Cleaning a stovetop hood.

Cleaning Under the Stovetop HoodI am going to be perfectly honest here! I clean like crazy, even have a cleaning lady twice a week. I can say honestly that I don't think to go under that hood over the stovetop and do a real cleaning. I thought, what happens when you have something boiling and steam drips? It falls into your pot! Yuck.Yes, it does!



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Cutting Raw Prime Rib?Can I cut a raw 18lb prime rib into two pieces in order to freeze? How will that effect cooking of either half of the prime rib roast?


Finding Low Cost Ostomy Supplies

Finding Low Cost Ostomy Supplies?My health insurance is limiting what I can get a month. I have a permanent ileostomy and because the muscle around the stoma is not flat, it causes me to leak output. I have to change everyday and apply an eakin seal for added protection. I have made an appeal to the insurance and was denied my 30 day supply. I want to see what other options I have to get the supplies I need.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - old porcelain doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?This doll belonged to my mother-in-law's mother. It is from the late 1800s she's guessing, she first saw it in the 1930s. The doll has a marking that looks like a "t" on the back of the neck, on her arms it looks like a "P309", her clothing is hand sewn, her arms and legs move, her eyes open and close, her head does not move, and the entire doll is some kind of porcelain.


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica - spine of three volumes

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?What is the value of 19 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica, 14th Edition?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I want a super fun party that is cheap with about 20 people. We also have some little kids coming. It is March 16th. We don't really like karaoke, malls, or nails. Any ideas?


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2 Ingredient Fudge Recipe?I need help. I am looking for a 2 ingredient fudge recipe that does not use milk or butter. Would anyone have a recipe?


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12th Birthday Sleepover Ideas?I need sleepover ideas for a 12 year old's birthday party with 7 people.


Is My Dog a Purebred German Shepherd? - black and tan shepherd

Is My Dog a Purebred German Shepherd?My baby is about a year and a half old. I got him from a pretty sketchy dude. I'm just wondering if you guys think he's a purebred or mixed with another breed because I can't tell! One of his ears also isn't all the way up most likely due to rough play.


Value of Castleton China Severn Pattern - china on a dining table

Value of Castleton China Severn Pattern?I would like to know the value to my Castleton China Severn pattern.


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50th Birthday Ideas?This morning I heard of someone who turned 50 and is celebrating by going to 50 places she has never been. I think this is a great idea! I can not afford to travel as she is. My husband did 40 miles for his 40th birthday. Does anyone have any ideas similar to these? I don't want to have the "typical" birthday party.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Puppy?My wife and I are having a debate about what breed my puppy is. Any info is appreciated.


Kitchen Paint and Backsplash Color Advice - view of kitchen

Kitchen Paint and Backsplash Color Advice?We just bought a house with medium oak cabinets, brown countertop, and dark brown wood floor. We are going to replace the white appliances with stainless steel. We are also removing the fluorescent light fixture and opening up the tray ceiling to install a ceiling fan. We are wondering about backsplash and a paint colors. Do you have any suggestions?


Determining the Value of a Vintage Desk - desk lying down with the drop front open exposing the pigeon holes

Determining the Value of a Vintage Desk?What is the value of this desk and what type of desk is it?


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?I took my 2 month old puppy to the vet. They confirmed that she has parvo.I really can't afford to get the treatment that the vet has. My question is is there anything that I could do at home to help her?


Identifying Stuffed Pups - pink and blue stuffed dogs

Identifying Stuffed Pups?I got these multi colored pups at a gas station when I was little. I am not sure what brand or manufacturer they are, but there were several different colors.


How Old Is My Sofa? - upholstered couch with dark wood trim

How Old Is My Sofa?I bought this sofa, cleaned it up, applied beeswax to the wood and really want to know how old it is. It is very heavy, with original tapestry. The scrolling hardwood is beautiful and detailed.


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Perm Not Curly Enough?I had gotten a perm about 36 hours ago and my hair was very curly when I got the perm, but now it seems as if the curls came out and my hair is becoming a lot straighter. I have not rinsed, shampooed, or even washed my hair since the perm. What should I do?


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Controller for Therapedic Electric Blanket?I have a king size Therapedic electric blanket. One of the controllers has stopped working. Where can I get a replacement? I refuse to do business with Walmart. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is and how to get ahold of them?


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Removing Dog Urine from Wooden Table Legs?Recently I adopted a new dog, he's been great except for having a habit of scent marking the base of the legs of our coffee and end tables. He's done it so much that the wood has been absorbing the urine and it's now been wicked into the wood itself. How can I get the smell out of the wood as well as neutralizing the scent enzymes so that he won't keep going back and marking it again?


Making Oyster Stew - frozen oysters

Making Oyster Stew?How do I make stew from frozen oysters with no liquid? Pictured below are the oysters in one of my bowls thawing out.


Value of a Conant Ball Co. Rocking Chair - cane seated rocking chair

Value of a Conant Ball Co. Rocking Chair?I have recently traded for a Conant Ball caned rocking chair. I'm interested in learning more about it and curious about estimating its value.


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Chocolate Fudge Dry and Grainy?I have been making my mom's fudge recipe for years, but the last few years I feel like it hasn't come out as it should. I have been blaming it on the fact that the chocolate (Hershey bars and Nestle semisweet chips) is not as smooth or creamy as it used to be.


Replacement Cord for an Intertek Heated Mattress Cover - closeup of the connector

Replacement Cord for an Intertek Heated Mattress Cover?Where can I find a replacment cord for my Intertek heated mattress cover. It's a king, style-MP845SKE.


Hair Loss After a Perm - hair on the tile

Hair Loss After a Perm?I permed my hair and while washing out the perm all of my hair came out in clumps. I literally have about 2 inches of hair left. What could have caused this?


Value of a Seymour Mann Doll - Native American style doll in a box

Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?I am wondering, what is the value of Redwing with her papoose style # AM-30? It is 1 piece.


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Replacement Filter Basket for a CorningWare Stove Top Percolator?I adore my vintage CorningWare stovetop percolator 9c coffee pot. Yet I am missing the basket cover/lid that sits inside. Does anyone know where I can get one?


Locating a Plush Tiger Toy

Locating a Plush Tiger Toy?My mother purchased this tiger plush toy for my daughter when she was 2 years old. This little guy is still my daughter's favorite toy 4 years later. Its tag said it was a Dan Dee Collector's Choice. It is a tiger. I have looked on the internet, but cannot find another just like it to purchase.


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14th Birthday Ideas?I have my 14th birthday coming up in March and I'm trying to see what I can do because I live in an apartment and I have no clue what to do. I want it to be cheap, but I also want it to be fun. So any ideas?


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Buying a Chef's Knife?I'm about to buy my first chef knife, just one chef knife not a whole set. I'm just a beginner cook (just about 1 year experience) and my budget is around 110$. So I really need some advice to help me pick the one that suits me the most. (I want a light one, that can cut multiple things.)


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