August 18, 2020

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A free state road map from the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Free Road Maps and Other Travel InformationNo need to buy a road map from the gas station convenience store. Go to the website for the Department of Transportation for your State. Request a free state road map and it will be mailed to you. You will receive the map very quickly in the mail. I live in Michigan and this was my experience to receive the map. Or, if you are a AAA member, you can request maps as well, free of charge.


An outdoor car covered with a plastic shower curtain liner.

Protecting Outdoor Toys with a Shower Curtain LinerIt was an endless battle keeping the outdoor toys clean. My friend suggested going to the dollar store and getting shower curtains. I got the liners because they are white. Perfect solution! I save water, detergent, and time.


Pretty Botanical Centerpieces - glass bottles with fern fronds

Making Botanical CenterpiecesHere is a super pretty and inexpensive centerpiece for Mother's Day, bridal showers, or a natural wedding table.


A light with many bugs surrounding it.

Energy Saving Bug LightsI don't like bug buildup around exterior lighting. In the past years, I've been through many different types of LED lights. This year, I've enjoyed one I found that works great and actually has kept most of the insects away. Not al, but most, for southern Florida that's big!


A sink skirt attached with tape.

Attach Sink Skirt with Clear TapeIf you're like me and live in a rental, you don't want a hard job of cleaning up that sticky tape. I took regular scotch tape and taped this skirt to my sink. I could have done a better job with even lines had I had someone to help me. Scotch tape of even a lightweight duct tape would work.


Gift Book Filled with Goodies - finished gift box

Gift Book Filled with GoodiesI was able to repurpose a teal box lid into a gift book box filled with goodies (present) for a friend. A little pick me up gift since she was feeling down, it's a little spa/pamper kit - face masks and lip glosses.


The cord to a small appliance placed inside a cord saver made from a hook and a cardboard toilet paper roll.

Tidy Cord SaverThe cord to a small appliance placed inside a cord saver made from a hook and a cardboard toilet paper roll.You can purchase command cord bundle strips or make your own cord solution a lot cheaper. I purchased self adhesive hooks (16 @ dollar store). I placed one on the side of my smoothie blender. I took an empty cardboard TP roll and covered it with inexpensive contact paper (also @ dollar store). I punched a hole in the TP holder and put it on the hook attached to my blender. Then I tucked the cord inside.


A store bought party hat with a number two added to it.

Personalized Store Bought Party HatA store bought party hat with a number two added to it.It is hard to come by party hats with the age on it. Most of them are sold online and they can get expensive. This is a quick alternative.


Swarm of Ornamental Butterflies

Swarm of Ornamental Butterflies Adult Coloring PageHere is the ideal coloring page to help you to relax during the summer months! Grab a cup of tea and your coloring tools, and find a lovely spot under a tree. Once colored, these butterflies can be framed or turned into a set of birthday cards.


Vintage Mixed Media Framed Roses - glue torn cork, heart, roses, and other embellishments to backing board, glue hook to back

Vintage Mixed Media Framed RosesI am in the process of adding a few new elements to my home décor. The challenge is to try and upcycle old items, without breaking the bank in the process.


Mod Podge Clothespins - being used to clip closed bags of rice, chips, etc.

Mod Podge ClothespinsTry this great simple and easy craft to help you be more organized. These are for use with everyday items that we clip with a clothespin. By labeling each clothespin, it just makes everything look neater and when the clip isn't in use then we know we're out!


Recycled Coffee Lid Animals - five lid animals

Recycled Coffee Lid AnimalsThis is a fun way to recycle coffee lids by making cute animals with paint and/or construction/paper. This is a great activity to do with your child (supervision needed for younger children as cutting/hot glue is used.) You can actually tie a ribbon/string knot from the top (of the hole) as an ornament, or make this as a banner for a party, glue to a craft stick or play as is!


A woman using a seam ripper.

Ripping Seams EasilyI do a lot of sewing and sometimes make mistakes, resulting in having to rip out seams. While ripping the hem of an old flannel sheet to make pet bed covers, I knew it would take too much time.


Four bloodhound puppies.

Bloodhound Photos and InformationThese large beautiful dogs have a finely tuned sense of smell and are often used for hunting or tracking. Bloodhounds have wrinkled skin on their long faces and droopy ears.


3D Orchid in a Jar Card - finished orchid card

3D Orchid in a Jar CardThis is a card I made for my mother because she adores orchids. I used a stamp set to make this, so I've attached the orchid and jar templates for you to print out, colour, and cut out. You can use markers to colour it, then paint some water on top to make this beautiful watercolour look. The card opens vertically so it can stand and be viewed from anywhere in the room!


cooked crepe

Making Vietnamese Crepes (Banh Xeo)You can make your own Vietnamese crepe batter from scratch. Banh Xeo, a savory fried pancake that has a thin is typically filled with pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and eaten with vegetables and dipping sauce.


A mattress topper on a bed.

Repairing a Mattress TopperI had a mattress topper, one of the ones that is held on with elastic straps. The elastic stretched out and didn't stay on very well. I took it and cut the straps off. I put a fitted sheet on my mattress upside down then put the topper on it. When I got it set in the right place, I pinned it in place, took it to my sewing machine and stitched them together. Then I sewed it from corner to corner in a big X. That keeps them together when washing.


A misgrown ear of corn.

Take a Peek at Corn Before BuyingIt's corn season right now. Here's a tip if you don't already know - to get the best corn, you have to take a little peek! Peel a little bit of the corn husk down and inspect kernels to ensure plump and all there.


A soap dispenser and a water glass inside terra cotta planter bases.

Say Good-bye to Wet Bathroom Counters and FloorsI store my soap dispenser, bathroom cup, and toilet plunger on clay plant pot bottoms. They contain the drips and the water evaporates fast. To clean, I use soap and water and rinse with vinegar or rubbing alcohol to sanitize.


How to Make Sushi Cakes - serving tray with sushi cakes and condiments

How to Make Sushi CakesYou don't have to be a professional baker to make professional looking decorative cakes. Sometimes you just have to find the right products to add to your cakes to make them shine. I made these sushi cakes using regular cake batter, frosting, and candies you can find at any shop. It cost me 1/10th of the price that I would have paid had I ordered them from a custom bakery and they were absolutely delicious!


How to Turn Pants Into Shorts and a Bag  - tote bag and shorts

How to Turn Pants Into Shorts and a BagTurning a pair of pants into a pair of shorts and a matching bag is fun and easy to do. I've had these eccentric pants for decades and I thought it was time for a change as the days warm up.


A basket full of frozen juice containers filled with water.

Juice Containers to Fill Empty Freezer SpaceWe drink cranberry juice. To fill in the empty spaces and build up the bottom of our chest freezer, I freeze water in the 64 ounce cranberry juice containers. They lay flat and fit perfectly between the dividers. This helps to keep the freezer full.


A dollar bill next to a measuring tape showing six inches.

One Dollar Bill for Emergency MeasurementsI've done this many times and it will work in a pinch. A dollar bill measures barely much over 6 inches of length. When a measuring tape or ruler is not within reach, a 6 inch dollar bill can give you a close figure. Fold in half, and it would be 3 inches. It is kind of handy to measure lengths of nails, bolts, screws, etc. It's not as precise as a tape measure, but will work.



Planter Lamp - finished planter on patio

Planter LampThis craft uses an old lamp, a unique drainage system, and a plant "shade" on top!


Outdoor Doggie Commode - shaved small white dog in the commode

Outdoor Doggie CommodeWe've trained our dog to go potty on a piece of fake grass. It was on the side of my patio area and didn't look too great. Our new doggie commode turned out really cute and looks more like a play area than a potty pad. And it is no longer an eyesore for our patio view!


A kitten with her owner.

Kush (Kitten)My kitten's about 4 or 5 months old. She's got the biggest personality! Likes to sleep with her mouth open, cuddle on her pregnant momma and you can usually catch her playing with your feet or sleeping all day. We named her Kush but that was before we knew her personality, should have been named Crazy!



Two cedar chests with the lids open.

Value of Lane Cedar ChestsHi, I have two Lane Chests that my boss bought and wants me to find the value of the pieces to sell. I can't find one like these. Does anyone have and idea as to a price range?


A red mark on a finger.

What Bug Caused This Bite?This random bump appeared on my finger last night it's only on my pinky. I think it's a bug bite but I don't know which bug it would be.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Cleaning a Coffee Pot?How to clean a coffee pot?


A red bump on a dog.

Red Bump on PugI have a pug that will be a year in September 25 and she has this red bump that started as a little red circle. I thought it I was just maybe because she was playing too rough with the other dogs and I ignored it and then I looked today and it's very big. I'm just scared because my day off is till Sunday so should I need to find someone to take her to the vet now? Also what even is this? How scared should I be? And before I forget, it doesn't seem to hurt. It doesn't bother her when I touch it.


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