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Black laptop keyboard

Clean Laptop Keys With an Interdental BrushHere is a non-dental use for those little brushes designed to clean between your teeth. They can be used to carefully clean around the edges of laptop keys. This is a page about clean laptop keys with an interdental brush.


Man Working at Computer

How to Clean Up the Hard Drive on a PC?To help your computer run efficiently, you need to remove all the files you don't need, and do routine maintenance. This is a page about cleaning up the hard drive on a pc.


Transferring Data to a New Computer

Transferring Data to a New ComputerThis is a page about transferring data to a new computer. When you get a new computer, you will probably need to transfer data from your old machine to the new one.


Happy Man Using PC Laptop

Keeping Your PC HappyThis is a page about keeping your PC happy. You can keep your PC happy and running smoothly by following a daily and weekly schedule of activities to maintenance its files and software.


charging electronics

Extending the Life of Cellphone and Computer...This is a page about extending the life of cellphone and computer batteries. Many of us rely on our phones and computers to be mobile at all times. However, that requires your device to be charged and stay charged as long as you need to use it.


Computer Mouse

Cleaning a Computer Mouse?This is a page about cleaning a computer mouse. Keeping your computer mouse clean will help keep it working properly.



Computer is Running Slowly

Computer Running SlowlyDoing regular maintenance with the system's tools will help your PC run better. This page is about computer is running slowly.


Computer screen says "Caution".

Preventing Computer Viruses and MalwareThis page is about preventing computer viruses and malware. It is important to always protect your computer from these problems.


Cleaning a Laptop Computer

Cleaning a ComputerThis is a page about cleaning a computer. To run at its best and perhaps save you money on future repairs, your computer can do with a periodic cleaning.


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Thumb Drive for Regular Backups"Thumb drives," also known as "flash drives," are very inexpensive and plug into any available USB port on your computer. I don't have a lot of important files to back up, but I learned that frequent backups matter. During last July's heatwave, my old hard drive was fried.


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Computer Safety and AntiVirus ProgramsComputers 101: Computer Safety and AntiVirus Programs


Cleaning a Computer Keyboard, Washing Ketchup Off Keyboard with Soap and Water in Bucket

Cleaning a Computer KeyboardThis is a page to cleaning a computer keyboard. Whether it's from general use or a spilled drink, everyone needs to clean their computer keyboard from time to time.


Cleaning a Laptop Keyboard, Photo of a laptop keyboard.

Cleaning a Laptop KeyboardThis is a page about cleaning a laptop keyboard. Dirt and grime build up can result in stubborn or "dead" keys. Keyboard replacement can be expensive.


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Less Free Disk Space After Document Cleanup?Does anyone know what caused less free disk space to occur after cleaning up oodles of MBs of old and unnecessary documents, videos and photos? Shouldn't there be more instead of less percentage of free disk space?


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Use Eraser to Clean ComputerI have a white Mac and it always gets black dirt on it. The safest way I found to clean it so it looks like new is to use a pencil eraser. Be sure to use a white eraser, not a hard one designed for ink.


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Reviews of Cyber Defender?My computer (7 yrs.old) is running slow. There's a cleanup vendor online called Cyber Defender. They scan your computer indicating the problems and then will sell you a disk or something to clean it up for around $40.


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Sponge Eyeshadow Applicator for Cleaning KeyboardI have found the best item for cleaning around keys on the computer. A clean, sponge eyeshadow applicator. I always have extras of these (I use brushes instead).


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Backing Up Your Data in Windows XP?I have an HP computer that uses Windows XP. How can I backup my files?


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Clean Dust From Your CPUIf you have a problem with dust in your house, it's worth it to blow the dust from your computer. You have to unscrew and remove your CPU casing (make sure the power is OFF first) and then use the blower to clear any dust inside the PC.


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Changing Autofill Options?My husband set up the autofill data and as he is now deceased, and my email address has changed I need to change the details on autofill.


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Backing Up My Computer?I am fairly new to computers. How do I backup everything on my computer, ie. my documents, pictures, favorites, address book?



vague PC drawing

Keeping Your PC HappyComputers are costly items, and repairing one can be even costlier. Over time machines begin to run slowly and acquire "bugs." Are these normal results of a time-worn system, or can they be the product of computer abuse? Maybe it's time to begin some new habits.


dirty keyboard 1

Cleaning a Keyboard with Microfiber ClothI recently noticed how dirty one of our computer keyboards had become. I tried a baby wipe and it didn't work. I wasn't sure how to clean the keys until my mom suggested trying a damp microfiber. It worked like magic and it was quick too!


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Preventing Spyware and Adware?My computer is a magnet for spyware and adware. Frankly, I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't slowing down my computer and locking it up. This is not a symbiotic relationship.



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Clearing Out Computer's Memory?My computer is low on memory and is very slow. Can anyone tell me how to clean it off? There are a lot of things on here I don't use. Thank you.


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Extending the Life of a Proscan Tablet Battery?My Proscan tablet battery stopped charging. I finally managed to recharge it with great difficulty. I would appreciate any advice on how to lengthen the life of my tablet's battery?


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Cleaning a Computer Mouse Ball That Keeps Sticking?My computer's cordless mouse was not working right. I opened it and used a Q tip dipped in alcohol to clean the little roller bars and ball. The alcohol dries very fast. I put it back together and now it works like brand new. Of course, always check the battery too.


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Letters Rubbed of Keyboard Keys?I was just wondering if anyone has the same problem as I do. Some of the letters on my keyboard have been rubbed off. I have tired to mark some of them with Wite Out and they just rubbed back off.


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Letters Wearing Off My Brand New Dell Keyboard?Does anyone have a suggestion for replacing the letters on the keyboard? The most used ones which in my case are a, s, d, e, r, and t are almost completely gone.


Cleaning Dust Out of Keyboard?A technician pulled a lot of dust out of my son's keyboard, after his fan quit working. How do you clear dust out of your keyboard?


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