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This page contains tips and advice about putting a raised bed your yard.

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Rock floor garden, plants in concrete planters

Planting a Garden on Top of Concrete?Rather than go to the expense of removing an old concrete slab, it is possible to plant a raised bed or container garden on top. This is a page about planting a garden on top of concrete.


Raised Bed Made With Rocks

Raised Beds Made With RocksRaised beds can be constructed in a number of ways. Making a stacked stone bed or even one that is mortared together can be attractive as well as functional. This is a page about raised beds made with rocks.


A garden bed made from an old blue bed.

Make a Garden "Bed" Out of an Old Bed FrameThis page is about how to make a garden "bed" out of an old bed frame. A bed frame can make a defined raised garden space, and look cute, too.


Galvanized Roofing Raised Bed - corrugated panels attached

DIY Galvanized Roofing Raised BedSturdy galvanized roofing can be used as the sides of a raised garden bed. This will last much longer than wooden sides and is an attractive look in your yard or patio.


Colorful Tires used as garden beds.

Using Tires for Raised BedsOld tires have long been used for planting both vegetables and flowers. There is more recent controversy about using them to create raised beds for food, but they can safely be used for flowers. This is a page about using tires for raised beds.


finished rock wall around flower bed

Raised Rock Flower BedsMaking a raised bed edge from various sized stones that you collect can be a thrifty, decorative, and functional garden feature. This is a page about raised rock flower beds.


Square Foot Raised Garden Beds - Two Completed Garden Beds

How to Make Square Raised Garden BedsThere are many advantages to gardening in raised beds. Making your own can not only save you money, but allow you to tailor their size to suit your needs and available space. This is a page about how to make square raised garden beds.


Beautiful raised garden beds filled with plants.

Directions for Building Simple Raised BedsRaised garden beds do not have to be a complex job. There are many good ideas for building simple raised beds for your garden. This is a page about directions for building simple raised beds.


Raised Beds
With Concrete Blocks

Making Raised Beds With Concrete BlocksThere are good reasons to create a raised garden bed, and concrete blocks can make it easy to build. This page is about making raised beds with concrete blocks.


Several raised garden beds full of lush plants

Making a Raised Bed Vegetable GardenThis is a page about making a raised be vegetable garden. There are a number of ways you can create a very successful raised vegetable garden, whether you build with new materials or use recycled items.


vertical garden

Making a Pallet GardenThis is a page about making a pallet garden. A use for discarded wood pallets can be to help you make raised beds for gardening.


Gardening in Raised Beds

Gardening in Raised BedsThis is a page about gardening in raised beds. Raised bed gardening offers many benefits, whether you are growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs.



wood framed garden bed

Building Raised BedsThis is a page about building raised beds. There are a variety of reasons to build raised garden beds, from poor soil to creating a more orderly garden space.


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Layout Plans for a Raised Bed?I have a new 8 x 12 raised bed garden. Where can I get layout plans and suggestions? I would like to have plants grow up on fences so I can plant more. Also the garden is right next to a big forsythia plant.


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Building a Raised Vegetable Garden?I am trying to build a raised vegetable garden and I am looking for the materials that I need. Any suggestions?


Raised Beds With a
PVC Greenhouse Frame

Raised Beds With PVC Greenhouse FrameMaking it easier on the back with raised beds (20 ft. x 4 ft. 2 block high). PVC pipe looped over to put plastic on to get plants out early.


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Pine Tree Along Leech Bed?What type of pine tree can be planted along a leech bed and the root system doesn't go towards water?


A easy raised bed from a bag of soil.

Creating Raised BedsIf you're short on space or the soil in your area is riddled by sand or clay, building raised beds may be the best solution to your gardening woes. You'll trade the time, money and effort required amending poor quality soil for maximum yields in a minimum amount of space.


DIY Wooden Raised Garden Bed - finished raised bed framework

DIY Wooden Raised Garden BedWe would love to have a garden in our backyard, but supposedly there are gophers. We decided on having a raised garden bed and after looking at the costs of already built raised garden beds and ready to purchase and install yourself garden beds, they were definitely out of our budget!


Cold frame lid.

Garden Cold FrameYou can build your frame any size you like but remember, you are going to have to weed some so you need to be able to reach across it. Mine was 2 feet by 6 feet.


Square Foot Raised Garden Beds - Two Completed Garden Beds

Square Foot Raised Garden BedsWe were able to put these two 4 foot square raised garden beds together this weekend. It was an easy project for the kids to help with; and they will be able to plant whatever they want in them this spring.


raised vegetable garden bed

Directions for Building Simple Raised BedsThere are several advantages to using raised beds when gardening. They provide excellent drainage, warm soil earlier in the spring, prevent soil compaction, maximize yields in a minimum amount of space, and they can be built to any height.


Are Raised Beds Better for a Vegetable Garden?My late husband was the vegetable gardener, he passed away last yr. My daughter tried to do some in his honor but it didn't work out. I would like to try again with a few that we enjoy, like tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, etc.


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Using Straw on Bottom of Raised Garden Bed?I have read how straw bales are used to build a raised garden. I was wondering if straw could be used to line the bottom of a wood build raised garden?


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Raised Bed Gardening?I would like to construct a raised bed garden on a hilly area. The best plan would look like 3 beds of 3 feet by 10 feet. Any suggestions? The is soil is poor and possibly rocky so I think just placing the boxes on top and filling with good soil is best.


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Best Growing Medium for Raised Beds?I am building 12 inch high raised beds this year on top of really lousy clay soil. I have heard/read so many different opinions on what to fill the bed with. Anybody have input on this?



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Inexpensive Raised Beds?I'd like to see some pictures of various raised veggie garden beds you have made from recycled wood or other recycled items. The ones I see in books and on line aren't recycled items (but rather made of recycled materials).


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Making a Raised Veggie Bed from an Old Fridge?Can you turn an old fridge into a raised veggie bed? I would need to put drainage holes in the back and lay it back on ground. What are potential hazards?


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Raised Beds Made With Rocks?I would like to use all the rocks that seem to grow here to good use. Instead of buying wood to make raised beds in the garden I would like to try building it with the stones.


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