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What Do Babies Dream About? - closeup of a baby's face

What Do Babies Dream About?Mothers may have more intuition when it comes to this question. I'd like to hear from them. But on the other hand, just a good imagination might give us some insight. So, anyone with any ideas, feel free to answer.


Infant drinking water from a bottle

When To Start Feeding Water to a Baby?This is a page about when to start feeding water to a baby. Knowing when to introduce new foods and beverages to your baby is a part of caring for your child.


baby wearing a red and white polka dot bib

Using Baby BibsThis is a page about using baby bibs. Keeping bibs conveniently located can help keep your baby's clothes clean and dry.


A smiling baby under a white blanket.

Environmentally Friendly Parenting TipsThis page contains environmentally friendly parenting tips. Some easy suggestions on how to have a green baby, and make a smaller footprint on our planet.


Infant Cereal

Infant Cereal TipsThis is a page about infant cereal tips. One of baby's first solid foods is cereal.


A woman eating an apple with her baby.

Diet and Exercise After Pregnancy?This page is about diet and exercise after pregnancy. Finding acceptable exercise and maintaining proper nutrition for yourself and your baby is important.



A stack of a cloth diapers.

Cloth Diapers or Disposable Diapers?This page is about using cloth diapers or disposable diapers? Determine what will work best for your family when the new baby arrives.


Baby Mobile

Hanging a Baby Mobile?Keeping your baby occupied during diaper changing can be fun and easy. This page contains tips for mounting a mobile on the wall over the changing table.


baby sleeping

Cradle Cap RemediesThis is a page about cradle cap remedies. Babies often have a flaky skin condition known as cradle cap on their scalp. There are a number of home remedies you can use to treat cradle cap.


Young Grandma

Name Ideas for a Young Grandma?This is a page about name ideas for a young grandma. Many grandmothers like to choose what their grandchildren will call them. This may be especially true for a young grandmother that would like to choose something cuter or more original.


Baby with Diaper Rash Getting Changed

Diaper Rash RemediesThis is a page about diaper rash remedies. Diaper rash is very painful for your baby.


Baby in Diaper

Homemade Diaper Rash Ointment RecipesThis is a page about homemade diaper rash ointment recipes. There are many creams and ointments on the market to treat diaper rash. You can save money by making your own.


Baby in a Bubble Bath

Giving a Baby a BathThis is a page about giving a baby a bath. They won't break, but many parents are apprehensive about giving their baby a bath.


Baby Bottle Feeding

Bottle Feeding Your BabyThis is a page about bottle feeding your baby. Many parents' schedules and preferences make bottle feeding their baby the best choice for their family.


Choosing a Stroller

Tips on Choosing a Stroller?This page contains tips on choosing a stroller. Choosing the right stroller from the numerous options can be confusing.


Choosing Baby Names

Choosing a Baby NameThis is a page about choosing a baby name. Choosing the perfect name for your baby can be daunting.


baby sleeping by grass

Setting Up a Green NurseryThis is a page about setting up a green nursery. You are setting up your first nursery or renovating an existing one, but you want to go green. There are a number of things to consider such as flooring, paint, and furniture.


Avoiding Diaper Leaks on Car TripsWhen my children were in diapers, we traveled a lot. Sometimes you just cannot stop right away for diaper changes and sometimes the diapers would leak. Then you have a wet car seat, especially the cloth seats.


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Keeping a Play Table from Moving on Carpet?Any tips on keeping the plastic legs of a baby stationary play table from sliding across carpet when the baby stands and pushes on it?


Sleeping Baby

Saving Money on Baby ClothesThis is a page about saving money on baby clothes. With spit ups and spills, babies can wear a lot of clothing throughout the day. You want to have plenty of clothing for your baby, but they do grow out of clothing fast.


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What Can I Use as a Bed for a Visiting Infant?My niece is coming to visit me for a few months and she has a newborn baby (1 month old). What can we use for a bed or should I just buy a bassinet?



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Using Cloth Diapers With Rubber Pants?Has anyone used prefold diapers with the pull on rubber pants? If so how did that combination work for you? Did you use the rubber pants?


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Disposable Diaper TipsAs a mother of two and one due in a few days, I've used many diapers. Huggies seem to work the best. However they are one of the most expensive brands.


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Picking a Baby's Name?Help! Baby boy due in a month, but no name has been picked yet. His sister's name is Summer Grace. Would like a name that goes with sister's name.


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Keep Baby Busy While Changing a DiaperKeep your baby busy while you change their diaper! This is so easy. When my son was a baby, I would give him a toy to occupy him, making it easy to change the diaper. He had his mind on the toy, and it made my job a lot easier without all of that wiggling.


Brand-New Grandson RowanJust wanted everybody to enjoy my brand-new grandson, Rowan. Swaddling a newborn really works to calm them. Their nervous systems aren't quite developed enough to self-soothe when their own arm and leg movements startle them.


Baby with bottle

Essentials for BabyWith so many new mothers facing hard times these days and with all the new gadgets and gear out there, I thought I would give a basic list as to what is really needed for your new baby and what is just plain fluff that you probably won't use.


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Bad Smelling Baby Clothing?How do I get bad smells out of baby clothing?


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Free Stuff for Babies?Free Stuff for Babies. I am about to be a new mom and i need to know if it is any where I can get free things for my baby?


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What Should I Bring For My New Baby?My husband and I are having our first daughter within the next couple of weeks and we are close enough that we will be able to visit with my family for lunch then his for dinner and it'll be less than a mile home.


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Easy Baby LegwarmersEasy Baby Legwarmers. Use adult socks. If baby doesn't like having her feet covered, use older sox and cut the toes off them first.


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Caring for a Baby in Hot Weather?I need suggestions for a 8 month old child visiting hot California! There's no air conditioning in house we are staying in and no shade outside. He gets so overheated. Any tips will be appreciated. Nap time is especially difficult for the poor little one.


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Register at Baby SitesOne of the Best Money Saving Tips I've found for new mothers is to go onto the baby sites and register. They have sent me tons vouchers for up to $5.50 off formula and also full sized cans of formula...


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Does Bringing Up Baby Have to Cost a Fortune?You'd think that a person who can't speak to ask for Starbucks or Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and who only eats a few ounces of food a day, wouldn't cost much to upkeep.


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Buying Baby EssentialsGet little sample/travel sizes of lotion and baby wash. They are great, then refill with your big bottles for diaper bag/travel kit. Walgreen's sells TINY tubs of Vaseline...


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Cloth Training Pants?I am trying to make training pants for my son. I was thinking of using my old gerber cloth diapers for absorption and I am not sure what to use for a cover. Also I want to make sure the 'pattern' is correct. So if anyone has experience or and ideas about making cloth training pants I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me.



baby sleeping by grass

Plan a Green NurseryAhh, you are expecting a new baby. Such a joy! Well by now you are well on your way to planning your nursery. Here are some ideas for keeping your nursery green, safe and healthy.


Saving Money on Baby Clothes

Saving Money on Baby ClothesDon't be afraid of hand-me downs. If someone offers you hand-me downs, take them! Go through them and whatever you don't want or can't use, give away to someone who can. Tips for saving money on baby clothing as posted from the ThriftyFun community.


Mamaw's Tried and True Baby Products ReviewsHaving two grandchildren, ages 2 and 6 months, has certainly taught me a lot about the newest products for babies. There are so much more to choose from than there were in my child raising days.



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Gas Drops or Gripe Water for Crying Baby?Anyone know the difference between gas drops and gripe water? My baby is crying, arching his back, and I'm trying to see if either of these would help.


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Best Laundry Detergent for New Born Baby Clothing?What is the best laundry detergent for a newborn? I went to buy Dreft, but didn't know it was so expensive. Any suggestions?


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Freezing Baby Food In Ice Cube Trays?My son is just now starting to eat baby food. I am making my own but unsure how I should freeze it. I have been placing it in freezer bags but have noticed that other mothers have mentioned they put them in ice cube trays.


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Reviews of Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator for Babies?Would you recommend this product which is $20 to clear up a baby's stuffy nose?


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Choosing a Baby Name?My daughter-in-law and son can't seem to agree on anything.


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Traveling With a Baby?I would like to take my grandbaby with me on a 3 hour ride to visit my sister. My grandbaby is only 7 months old and I am not sure if she will be happy sitting for 3 hours. I would like any ideas on how I can keep her entertained while we are traveling. Thank you.


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