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A toddler wearing jeans and a sweater.

Keeping a Toddler's Pants UpThis page is about keeping a toddler's pants up. Little people wearing big people's styles often need an adjustment, belt or suspenders to keep their pants up.


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Parenting A Four Year Old?My daughter is almost 4 and she is beyond attached to me. I can't explain it any other way other to say that it is extremely exhausting and unhealthy. I don't know what to do. Besides the extra clingy thing, she also has a really hard time listening. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep, it's an ongoing battle.


Child's hand putting batteries in a red toy.

Cutting Down on Noise from ToysMany battery operated children's toys can be so noisy as to drive the adults to distraction. Try putting some duct tape over the speaker to muffle the sound to a more tolerable level. This is a page about cutting down on noise from toys.


Little girl tying her red shoes

Putting Shoes On The Proper FeetTeaching young children to put their shoes on the right foot can be made fun. Try marking the dominant hand shoe with a permanent marker. This is a page about putting shoes on the proper feet.


Little Girl on Carpet

Keeping Carpets Clean with a Toddler?Toddlers can make a mess where they eat and play. Covering areas of carpet at risk and teaching your child to stay off the carpet with food or messy toys can help. This is a page about keeping carpets clean with a toddler.


Crying Toddler Girl

Toddler Cries Excessively?Excessive crying can be behavioral or the result of something medical. A trip to your child's doctor could be the first step towards a solution.This is a page about toddler cries excessively.


A picky toddler with a scrunched up face.

How Do I Get My Toddler to Take Medicine?Young children can be very obstinate when it comes to taking medications, even if they are feeling ill. This is a page about, "How do I get my toddler to take medicine?".


A toddler brushing her teeth.

Establishing Routines for a ToddlerThis is a page about establishing routines for a toddler. You and your young toddler will both benefit from the setting of certain routines.


Have Kids Cut Off Crusts

Have Kids Cut Off CrustsI get so tired trimming the crust off my grandkids' toast. I washed a pair of scissors and let them cut the crust themselves.



A toddler stirring food in a pot.

Keeping a Toddler Out of the PantryThis is a page about keeping a toddler out of the pantry. Once they begin to walk, toddlers set off on an adventure of exploration, getting into everything. Keeping them out of off limits areas can be a challenge.


A child eating and making a mess.

Feeding Children With Less MessThis page is about feeding children with less mess. Kids can be messy with their food, but there are ways to minimize the untidiness.


Toddler Won't Play Alone

Toddler Won't Play Alone?This is a page about when a toddler won't play alone. Sometimes young children refuse to play alone and demand your full attention. Playing by themselves is not only a break for you, but good for them as well.


A toddler making cookies.

Helping Toddlers Do Things on Their OwnThis is a page about helping toddlers do things on their own. Toddlers often want to begin doing things by themselves.


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18 Month Old Wants Bottle During Night?My granddaughter is 18 months old and still wakes up at night for a bottle. She cries till she gets it. She should be done with this shouldn't she?


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Use Child's Parroting Phase For MemorizationWhen my daughter was little, she went through a phase where she would try to annoy me by parroting everything I said. I used that to help her learn things I wanted her to know, like our phone number and address.


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Choosing Toys and Other Gifts for a 3 Year Old?My sons 3rd birthday is coming up soon. I have a basic idea on some things to do like having homemade cake, decorations, and a birthday card with a personalized poem/saying by me. I am just stuck with what toys and gifts to get for him.


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Helping Children Who Are Afraid of Animals?My son, 2 and my daughter who will be 4 in Nov., are afraid of all animals, especially those on 4 legs. We had an outdoor cat when my daughter was 2 and my son was around 4/6 months. Then we moved and had to get rid of it.


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Make Washcloth Mitten to Keep Shampoo Out of EyesMy littlest granddaughter (4) likes to have a washcloth for her eyes when she showers during the hair washing time. I took some washcloths, folded them in half, and stitched two sides shut.


Girls Dresses out of Women's shirts

Use Ladies Shirts as Girls DressesThis is a photo of my 2 granddaughters wearing their new "dresses". They both wear size 4 clothes. Their dresses are actually ladies shirts, size small, that I got brand new off the clearance rack in WalMart for $1 each!


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Two Year Old Likes to Get Finger Tangled in Hair?I have a daughter who will be 2 in April. She has curly hair, a little past her shoulders. She likes to twirl her finger in her hair. The problem is sometimes she gets her finger caught in her hair, cutting off circulation.


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Use Baby Dresses for Toddler Tunic TopsBeing the first girl out of five grandchildren, my daughter received a lot of dresses in her first year of life. Rather than wear them once and pass them on, we are re-using them as tunic tops, now that they are too small to wear as dresses.


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Replace Snaps With VelcroHere is just a simple way to save a break out on your child or someone else. I went to Wal-Mart and bought some velcro, the little rounds ones. I place them over the snaps, in back of the snap that close to the body.


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Save Wrappers To Placate ToddlersI was a single mom with a baby that was 2. Some days, he would only eat McDonald's cheeseburgers. Being a mom, if that worked and I felt he had to eat; I was not about to be the bad person, I would get him that cheeseburger.


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Cleaning a Crib Mattress?My DD has a toddler bed with a crib size mattress, the kind with plastic sealed around it, and the mattress has some small tears in it. When she wet to bed some of it seeped into the mattress and now her whole room smells.



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Reactive Attachment Disorder Advice?Does anyone here know anything about (R.A.D) Reactive Attachment Disorder and how to handle it in an 18 month old toddler?



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When Should the Child of a Deaf Parent Begin Learning Sign Language?My friend asked me this question: A child is born to a deaf dad and hearing mom. Which is more important? That they learn sign language before English? Or learn both at their own pace?


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Keeping Track of a Toddler at Disney World?We are going to Disney World in three weeks, and I am wondering if anybody has some suggestions on how to keep track of a wandering toddler. My son is 2 1/2 and is as fast as a rocket and inquisitive. (He just escaped out my front door - what a scare!). I have heard about wearing bright shirts.


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Keeping Carpets Clean with a Toddler?We are going to be moving into a new apartment in the beginning of September. I have a 10 month old who loves to make messes and the new carpets are white. My question is; does anyone have ideas or tips on how to keep the carpet (especially in the dining room area) clean?


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Ideas for Keeping a House With Toddlers Clean?I'm a young mom of two toddlers. One is 3 yrs old and the other is 17 months. I find I am constantly picking up after them, it's kinda overwhelming. And also at the end of the day I am tired and don't wanna do much cleaning after they go to bed.


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Young Child Raised By Grandmother Now Lives With Mom?My granddaughter is 2 1/2 years old. She has lived with me since she was born. Her mom worked and was not willing or able to care for her. I was there when she had colic, for her doctor's appointments, and visitations with her dad.


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Teaching a 20 Month Old Child Manners?I'm trying to teach my nephew some basic manners and boundaries, but I don't want to involve swatting or raised voices in the process. He understands me well enough for 20 months, but we have to make some serious progress here and now. Any suggestions out there for this first-time startup family?


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