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Stop Dog from Eating Poop
Definitely trying this because if Im not watching him, he is eating every drop. Why do they do this?


Ecological Ways to Drive Moles Out of the Garden

Ecological Ways to Drive Moles Out of the Garden
I was just going to apply some triwhatever to the yard. Will stick lemon peels and garlic cloves everywhere Thanks


Grabbing laundry from the dryer with a reach extender.

Save Your Back with a Reach Extender
Never thought to use it for the dryer. Thanks for the tip.


How To Reuse Ziploc Bags - bag drying

How To Reuse Ziploc Bags
Ive started washing mine, too. They can be used to hold the extra dry goods that dont fit into the canister; baked goods; and so much more.


Walmart Online Grocery Shopping & Free Curbside Pickup  Experience - curbside pick up sign

Walmart Online Grocery Shopping & Free Curbside Pickup Experience
Ive just started using this service and am extremely pleased. Convenient and hassle-free. Love it.


round dish of Creamy Ratatouille

Creamy Ratatouille
Just took it out of the oven. Forgot to drizzle olive oil but it looks great. Cant wait to taste it.


A box of watermelon for sale with an arrow marking the one that was chosen.

Choosing Great Watermelon
I never pick a good one so I am saving and sharing this information. Thank you Attosa


Blooming Wisteria - purple wisteria blooms

Blooming Wisteria
Beautiful but be careful where you plant it. It is invasive. The runners are just that: runners and they attach to everything.


A rose bush with dark pink roses.

Rose Start Up Tonic
Tea? as in the beverage? I ask because its not on your list of ingredients. Also, when do you apply this tonic?


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Lightening a Viscose Top with Bleach?
Rit has a color remover.


A slice of corn and sweet basil savory bread.

Corn and Sweet Basil Savory Bread
I had the same reaction. It really sounds like something Id like to try. The suggestion that we use both is great but would be a deterrent for lazy folks like me.


Growing Tomato Slices

Growing Tomato Slices
I forgot to keep mine watered, so Im trying it again.



bowl of tomato soup

Fresh Tomato Basil Soup
Can this be canned?


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Growing a Moon Flower Vine?
American Meadows has them in quantity.


Don't Preheat Canning Lids

Don't Preheat Canning Lids
The link is broken; however, I enjoyed looking through the site. Good information and recipes. Thanks.


Susan smiling on the ferry.

Happy Founder's Day
Your mother made a great contribution to us all. Thank you for sharing her and continuing her work. Be Blessed.


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Pinesol To Keep Pests Away
I was just on my way to buy another expensive bottle of Critter Ridder. Thanks for the tip and the savings.


Side view of moonflower blossom.

My Blooming Moon Flowers
Jackie, I am sooo jealous. While in D.C., they grew beautifully. In TN, the sun burns them to a crisp. Changed the location this year and they are receiving too much shade.


Woodchuck in the garden.

Woodchuck (Litchfield County, CT)
Cute to look at from a distance but Lantern Lady is sooo right! They havent attacked my flowers but have tunnels running every which way and live under my garage, the neighbors air conditioning condenser. Have gnawed, pushed, through areas, under fences, and...


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Seal Food Using A Recycled Plastic Bottle
Definitely need a photo on this one.


Avoid Gossip in a Small Town
Learned that lesson the hard way, in spades, when I moved from a large metropolitan area to a small town. Everybody is related.


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Swap Instead Of Selling Paperbacks
I use, also. I read like people pop m&ms, one book after another--and its a great way to pass on books and receive others. Great budget saver.


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Cooking Collard Greens in a Crockpot?
Lessen the amount of water used and add chicken stock and little vegetable oil (canola or whatever you prefer) in its place. I dont precook my hamhocks; however, there must be enough liquid to make sure that they cook thoroughly. Teaspoon of sugar to keep them...


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Water Not Getting to Icemaker?
My KitchenAid stopped producing ice; however, when I changed the water filter cartridge, it started up again.



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Link: Online Book Swaps
Im a great fan of Use it regularly.


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Saving Money on Groceries?
Go to and see if there is a center in or near your area. The food packages are extremely reasonable and the quality is good. I found that sometimes the contents are more than than this family of one can use. Includes eggs, veggies, meats...


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Re-read The Books You Have
Consider joining and recycle your books while receiving new ones to read.


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Thrifty Food Tips For 1-2 People
Never thought to freeze 1/2 loaf of bread...brillant! Thanks


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Citrus Peels to Keep Cats Out of Plants
Great tip. I have a stray cat that I will try it on. But the real question is...did it work on the groundhog?


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Wash Veggies in the Washing Machine
I wash my greens in the washing machine using the slow or gentle cycle. The key is to put the leafy greens in a mesh bag which contains the bits and pieces.



8 Signs Your Seedlings Are In Trouble
Great info. I planted so many seeds and most of the seedlings died. With this information, I should have a better success rate this year.


Coffee can composting

Coffee Can Composting
Every time I try this, I get mold! Yuck! Cant stand to see it. Does putting it in the refrigerator help?


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Ants In Stored Cereal?
I just threw away a cabinet of dried goods, peas, etc., in bags, never opened, etc., and those weevils are still appearing. Have sprayed out. Anyone have suggestions?


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