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A loaded baked potato with asparagus

Crockpot Baked Potatoes
Hi, what is your recipe Time etc for corn on the cob in crockpot? LOVE CORN


A cat next to a can of cat food.

Making Sure Cats Get Enough Water
My cat is 3 years old and in all that time I have never seen her drink water apart from when she was a kitten if she saw a trickling tap she would jump up and lick it. she did it the other day. From time to time I put a small bowl of water for her to drink...


Iced tea with lemon slices.

Get the Most from Your Lemon
I used to do that Now, I have an American Fridge Freezer and the ice department has a box at the top icecubes are tipped out in a box below. I slice my Lemons and put them in the icecubes loose Then all I do is take out Lemon and Ice together


A cat box lined with newspaper.

Litterless Cat Box
Great Idea if I run out of Litter I say that because My Kitty likes to cover over her poop when she is finished and thats what they do in the wild animals like to cover their tracks But I like the Idea. Also my cat uses an enclosed box that you roll over and...


Banana chunks in a ziptop bag, for freezing.

Freeze Bananas
Can we have your moms recipe sounds delicious


Keep Animals from Eating Your Grapes - bowl of grapes

Keep Animals from Eating Your Grapes
Hi, thats great news you put in all the hard work only to lose your fruit to a scavenger. The same happened to my Cherries 3 years in a row the Cherry tree was laden with fruit I put a net over the tree this did more damage than the birds tied old DVD and cd...


The Smallest Fairy Garden finished garden on shelf

The Smallest Fairy Garden
Love your idea I am going to make this for inside the house to cheer me through the winter Thank you


Cabbage Butterfly (Pireis rapae)

Stop The Cabbage Butterfly (Pireis rapae)
This year for the first time I had really great cabbage. I put cabbage collars around the base of the plant when I first put them in as plugs Then I kept them covered with fleece pegged it down the whole season so that it could not get at them it was great...


clean pan

Cleaning and Restoring a Macocotte Dutch Oven
wow amazing some of my pans need cleaning they dont look like yours but you had a good result well done and that means mine will look better after using your method


kitchen sink

How To Control Ants In Your Kitchen
Borax in a saucer mix a little suger in it


Making Crepes - Triangular folded crepe sprinkled with sugar and topped with a lemon slice.

Making Crepes
They look delicious I have printed the recipe and will be making some soon


Splitting Pills without Crumbling

Splitting Pills without Crumbling
Thats sounds good for me My dog Has to have one and a half pills a day for her hip dysplasia and I have trouble splitting them so I will be trying this out Thank you so much



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Freezing Mushrooms?
I freeze mushrooms. slice them lay flat on a plate put a plastic sheet over then another layer of plastic and so on till you have used them all put in freezer. When frozen put in bags to seal by doing this they will not be stuck together. use in stir fry, soups...


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Using Rice in Dog Food Recipes?
Yes, it is okay to include rice in your dogs diet. I give my dog rice quite often and she loves it. If you look on dog food labels you will see they have added it to the food. Also it is very good for puppies a lot of puppy foods will say chicken and rice or...


Mickey (Cat), a grey and white cat sitting on the lawn.

Mickey (Cat)
Mickey is so cute I loved her on sight. This is a photo of my cat Mzz kitty. She was abandoned in a car park next to where I live 9 years ago. She was only 4 months old at the time.


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Freezing Brussel Sprouts?
Yes you can freeze Brussels sprouts without blanching first. For years, I blanched mine then a friend who had an allotment gave me a glut of Brussels and told me just to wash and dry and then bag. They are better when cooked and taste good. I have been doing...


Litterbox in the basement inside a dog crate.

Where to Keep the Litter Box?
I have one litter box it looks a bit like a cat carrier walk-in then to clean it you just roll it to the left and all the poo etc goes into a pull out deep tray and you just empty that. After a while, I will clean the box out altogether on a dry day and leave...


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Treating Dog's Ear Problems
My Golden Retriever is always suffering with earmites. I treat her all the time with earmite medication that I buy from pet store but they never seem to go away. She also has a bald patch on her thigh which has turned her fur pinky red. It as been there a long...


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Identifying Beneficial Garden Insects
Any bug that is slow in crawling in my garden gets the boot the longer they stay the longer they prey.


photo of candles and flashlights

Solar Lights for a Power Outage
Hi Brilliant I have done this for years when we have power cuts much safer than Candles. I put Normal Batteries in mine and have a Battery Charger for rechargeable ones. Also once when we had a power cut My friend phoned me and said I can hear music I said...


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Cleaning Leather Furniture?
I am on my second Leather 3 piece suite because after cleaning my old chesterfield suite for 15 years, 1 decided that it was time for a change for a new one, That was 3 years ago, I gave it to a friend who was well pleased with it. Because it still looked brand...


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What Can I Feed a Goldfish Other Than Fish Food?
What are you thinking just feed your fish with normal fish food and dont overfeed Feeding your fish with anything else will lead to a premature death


assorted buttons

Saving Buttons
Hi I collected buttons in a tin and it weighed really heavy a lot of buttons one day I had a car boot and took the buttons along my Daughter said mum dont take those no one will want them she was wrong a girl at the car boot said to me how much do you want...


Making Weeding Easier

Tips For Making Weeding Easier
I use a Hoe or spade I just slice through them and it works yes they will grow back but do it this way and less back pain etc and like the article says do it little at a time its not a Marathon



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Cooking Bacon in the Microwave
Put a piece of kitchen towel paper on micro turntable then on that put on a micro plate mine is oval and as slotted holes in bottom, put slices of bacon onto this then cover bacon with damp kitchen paper, this will stop it sticking to bacon cook for 5 -6 minutes...


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Folding Towels
Good idea for folding towels. I have done it this way for years but just to add; I also roll mine up like a Swiss roll. Hey presto no fold marks.


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