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Using Paypal for Non eBay Purchases
I totally agree with you. I use PayPal as often as I possibly can. Theyre safe, quick and efficient. One can send money to friends overseas, buy almost anything on the net now - and its just a password to activate the account. Your details are never sent on...


What Breed is My Dog?
Looks like some Shiba Inu in there. What a lovely dog. Very handsome.


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Treating a Puppy With Parvo in a Home With Another Unvaccinated Puppy?
Dear Richard, I hate to have to say this, but if you cannot afford anything that may happen to your pets, and thats an enormous amount - then you really shouldnt have them. They are a tremendous responsibility. My 6 year old dog had Parvo when she was a puppy...


My Frugal Life: An Epic Tale!
A great post, thank you. I live in Australia, but came from Epsom in Surrey, and was born in Bucks. I miss England dreadfully, and Ive been here for most of my life. Yes use nettles and dandelion leaves. Nettles have heaps of iron in them, and both of them...


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Use Cooking Oil to Remove Sticky Residue Off Fur
Please, please, please, dont use those sticky mouse traps. You may not like mice, but this is the most terrible and torturous way of getting rid of them. Sometimes they will chew their feet of to try and get away, and the distress must be appalling. I dont...


Big Bird (Sulphur Crested Cockatoo)

Big Bird (Sulphur Crested Cockatoo)
Hello Vicki, Thank you so much for rescuing one of our Australian Natives. We have so many of them here, and so many of them get treated like poor Big Bird has, and its absolutely criminal. They love to dance, and he can have an enormous vocabulary, if you...


Black dog on beach

What Breed is My Dog?
Im from Australia, and he looks like a red Kelpie cross either Blue Cattle Dog or Border Collie. Hes a beauty. I bet hes really clever. I wish you a happy life with the beautiful dog. Leah from Australia.


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Keep Child's Quotes In A Journal
What a wonderful idea. I shall start doing this. I dont see my grandchildren too much, because they live a long way from me, and when I visit them they say such lovely things to me, which, as Im getting older I forget. Im always writing in notebooks, I wonder...


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Snowball Payments to Get Out of Debt
This is a really great idea, and I can see how bills would get paid off much faster. Excellent. Leah, Queensland, Australia.


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Inexpensive Heating?
I live in Australia in an area where it is freezing at times during the winter. During the day we layer clothing, and wear sheepskin boots. At night time when we settle down, we have a small two bar electric heater, wear thick socks, and have a hot water bottle...


Eating Green: How to Reduce the Amount of Meat You Eat
As a new vegetarian, I think this was excellent. Luckily, since meat is so expensive in Australia, Ive been eating very little meat for the last couple of years or so, anyway. We have lovely meals, and many of them can be eaten by meat-eaters and are so delicious...


What breed is My Dog?
Oh yes, very much a lab mix - what a beautiful face. Lab eyes, definitely. Enjoy your time with your lovely woofer. Leah.


black dog

What Breed is My Dog?
I would say your dog is mostly Lab, with maybe some Pointer mixed in. He looks very much like a Lab, and I would say thats the dominant gene. A lovely dog whatever he is. Leah.


Bubba the Cat
What a beautiful boy, he is so lucky to have you. So few creatures are saved from the world, thank you in Bubbas name for loving him and giving him a terrific home. Leah from Down Under.


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Fixing the Taste of Vegetable Soup?
I think the soup you made may be too bland. Plain boiled veges and legumes can be a bit boring. I always add a can or two of chopped canned tomatoes, with a teaspoon of sugar (to cut the acid of the tomatoes), and I would add some Oregano or Thyme. Not too...


Sadie The Shepherd Mix

Sadie (Shepherd Mix)
Id guess that theres Shepherd in her, but really, dogs can be such an enormous mix that youd never know. She looks as if she should be a Breed on her own, shes truly beautiful, and has a divine smile. You are very lucky to have her.


What Breed is My Dog?
I think a Rottweiller/Black Lab. He has a very Rotti face. Whatever he is, hes a beauty. Leah from Down Under


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Substitute for Canned Cream Soup?
There are so many cooking sites available that you should be able to just look up what you want - they all taste better than anything out of a can. If there are things you shouldnt have, just leave them out, or look up Substitutes in Recipes on Google, and...


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Reheating Pancakes?
Make them whenever you want, or when you have the time, freeze them, then thaw and use them when you need to. I dont have a microwave, so I just unwrap them, re-wrap them in foil, and put them in a medium oven for about 10 minutes. They are a good standby - and...


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Detergent Too Sudsy?
Buy the washing liquid that is for front-loading machines. They are low-suds. I use it in my twin-tub machine, and its great. Regards, Leah from Down Under.


Mix breed black an white dog.

Kiera (German Shepherd/Husky Mix)
Yes, she is absolutely beautiful. May you have many long years enjoying her. Leah from Down Under.


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Cleaning a Film on Pyrex?
This isnt very green, but oven cleaner isnt a bad idea. I clean Pyrex casseroles every few uses with it, because they always get a build up from cooking. Just spray them, and leave overnight, then wash them several times. Works for me. Leah from Down Under...


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Cleaning a Film on Pyrex?
This isnt very green but have you tried Oven Cleaner? I use it for my Pyrex casseroles that get a build up every now and then from use, and it works fine for me. Spray on and leave overnight, then wash thoroughly, first in soapy water, then in clear water. Best...


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Causes of Ear Infections in Dogs?
Glenns Mom is right - its because the ear flap makes inside the ear a great breeding zone for bacteria. I use drops from the chemist that are made for swimmers ear, which is prevalant here in beach-crazy Australia. Its the same deal with human and dog ears...


Gemma (Siberian Husky and Shepherd Mix)

Gemma (Siberian Husky and Shepherd Mix)
What an absolutely beautiful dog. She looks all Shepherd to me with her wonderful Gold and Sable colours. I hope you have many happy years with this lovely lady. And yes, I bet shes clever. Should be very easy to train. Hugs for both of you. Leah from Down...


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Baby is Not Crawling?
My son used to scoot on his bottom with one leg in front and one leg behind him. As a consequence of getting around really fast, he didnt bother with walking - he didnt like the falling down. He didnt walk until he was 18 months, then just up and did it. Please...


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Understand Lovebird Behavior?
Lovebirds are not happy on their own. There should be a pair, then theyre as happy as can be. Otherwise, the other suggestions may well be right. Leah from Down Under.


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Adopting a Labrador/German Shepherd Mix?
Congratulations, thats a lovely mix. Labs are just big boofy creatures, and Shepherds are gentle, loving and protective. Just be careful that the Pup (if thats what it is) doesnt get teased at all. Not good for any dog, but Shepherds can become either timid...


What Breed is My Dog?
Id say a Border Collie cross. Im from Australia, and no-one here has heard of an Australian Sheepdog. We have Kelpies, Blue cattle dogs, and red cattle dogs, and Border Collies. Your fellow looks very much like a dog I had, who was a red-kelpie, Border Collie...


A bouquet of wildflowers

Tribute to My Mom
This was just lovely. I also remember my mother by her food, and the smell of her kitchen. What a nice tribute for a lady whom you obviously care so much about. Thank you for this, and for all our mothers. Leah from Down Under


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What is Baking Soda?
Hello everyone, Thank you so much for your very informed posts. NOW I know what it all means. I have written the basics down, so I dont have to ask again. LOL. Again, thank you all so much for your responses, Leah from Australia.


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This sounds delicious. But . . . . . . What is Karo syrup please, and if I cant get it in Australia (Ive never seen it here) is there a substitute. Thank you. Leah from Down Under.


In Memory of Cujo
Very dear Sandra, That post was just lovely. Ive saved it, and will get a frame and put it on my wall. I have had several dogs through my long life, and not one of them was allowed to suffer in any way when they became old and infirm. They all went away with...


What Breed is My Dog?
From the colour and face, Id guess Lab/Weimaraner (spelling?). Whatever, its a lovely dog. All the best, Leah from Down Under.


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Great Dane with Skin Rashes?
Im on a Yahoo Group called Petdogs-L Its really great, and is a chat group, but more of the my dog has a skin rash, what can I do type than a I love my dog one. Its excellent, gives links to specialist sites, and has some professionals on it, who can really...


Henry (Basset/Pointer)
What a very beautiful boy - and how lovely to have a forever friend for him to love. Must be a happy home with that pair around. Regards, Leah from Down Under


My Frugal Life: Be My BFFF (Best Frugal Friends Forever)
Hello Polly, Lovely to read your post. I understand so well your trick of working out whether things are cheaper or not. I see many people in the supermarket giving me funny looks because I stand with a article for so long working out the better buy. Things...



Get Rid of Mice with Exlax
This is fantastic - I cant bear to kill anything, and I dont. Wont use fly sprays, cockroach baits etc, and we have had a mouse problem from time to time. This has delighted me - I guess they get sore stomachs for a while, but they can go and live somewhere...


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Puppy Has Gel-like, Bloody Stool?
You MUST take this pup to the vet. Blood from any orifice is not a good thing, and not a thing to be answered, except by a professional. Sounds a little like Parvo to me. Do take your little friend to the vet. Best wishes to you and your puppy. Leah from Down...


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Save Money and Time With a Pressure Cooker
I think that Pressure Cookers are the best item in the kitchen. Like Tim I think they are wonderful. I know a lot of people still think theyre dangerous, but the modern ones just blow out of the safety hole, and the worst that can happen is chicken soup on...


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Static from Petting a Dog?
Its from the ions in the air, and will go away when you get another change. Im sensitive to this too, and get little shocks from touching metal things, and my clothes do that static thing of clinging to me. It will go. Regards, Leah from Down Under


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What is Hamburger Helper?
Well, ask a question, and you get an answer - in this case several. I have to say that it doesnt sound very nice or good for one. I dont actually buy things in tins and packets, and I dont like to eat things that I havent cooked from scratch - I REALLY like...



What Breed Is My Dog?
Honestly, forget it - Purebred Gorgeous, Id guess. Pats from me. Leah from Down Under


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Keeping Bugs Out of Plastic Food Containers?
How long are you keeping your bulk buys? I used to own a Health Food Store and we packed all our own grains ourselves. I used to have people returning things like wheatgerm, bran and rice after about a year and a half saying they had little maggoty things in...


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My Frugal Life: 106 Ways To Save In The Kitchen - Part 1
You are absolutely fantastic ! I live on 5 acres in country Queensland in Australia, and cant grow a thing - except for native flowering trees, which are wonderful, but the ground is solid clay. Ive tried growing veges, but despite all the clay breakers Ive...


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Dealing With An Aging Pet?
Hello Jenny, I really feel for you and your old friend. Had it occurred to you that it may be kinder to have him put down? I know this sounds awful, but I was in a similar situation, with a dog I absolutely adored. He hadnt been well for some time, and my darling...


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Prepare Veggies For Use After Shopping
Dear Dipti, Can you freeze any vegetables? Do you blanch them first, or just clean, chop and freeze? I would love to do this, but always thought there were so many veges that wouldnt freeze. Would you mind letting me know which veges you do, and if there are...


Siberian Husky Puppy Playing Rough?
Hi there, What a beautiful little puppy. Id love a cuddle. When your pup get rough, get your little boy to stand up and turn his back to it. You do the same. I know 17 months is a bit young for this, but hell learn to do it. Just turn your back on the pup, and...


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Making Your Own Frozen Meals?
Hello Kathy, I have never had a frozen meal, (honestly), but I have heaps of them in my freezer. I have cooking days when Ill make enough for up to 4 more meals - put what I want into freezer boxes, and freeze them. Into a suitable sized dish when I want one...


Pato (Black Lab)
Just love your boy - isnt he handsome? I have a half-dingo, half golden lab called Emma who carries her ball around all the time. It interests me that since the lab side is all working dog she doesnt consider her loooooooooong ball times as playing - its all...


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Product Review: Almay SmartShade Foundation Makeup
Any idea how I can get hold of SmartShade in Australia? Ive looked at all the links I can find, but it always goes back to the States, and there are no order links. Ive heard so much good stuff about this product, and would love to try it. Regards, Leah (Honto...



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