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▲︎ Quilt Ideas


Quilt Ideas

This page contains thrifty, do it yourself, ideas for quilt craft projects.

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Chicken Scratch Quilt

I would love to make a chicken scratch quilt in memory of my mother, she was a quilter. I cannot find the quilt block pattern for the blocks for me to go by, I am new at this and I don't know how to take a small picture and enlarge it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Adding Embroidery Details to a Baby Quilt
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Making Signature Quilts
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Making Quilt Square Pillows
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Creating Quilts With Kids Artwork
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Baby Quilt Ideas
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Making a Quilt from Clothing

My mother had a few dresses she wore a lot. After she passed away, I got the idea to make a quilt top using the clothes, but I wanted to keep the pieces large.

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Making a Sock Quilt
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Making Wax Crayon Quilt Blocks
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Making a Lap Quilt
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Scrap Quilt Ideas
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Chicken Scratch Prayer Quilt
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Blue Jeans Quilt Ideas
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Strip Quilting Ideas
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Quilt Made from Graphic T-Shirts

I have made a quilt out of my son's favorite graphic T-shirts. I just kept saving the shirts. When we had a few dozen, I cut huge squares with the designs, and the plain sides the same size.

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Making a Paper Pieced Quilt
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Making a Quilt
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Making a Postcard Quilt
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Shop Second Hand For Fabric

I have been second-hand shopping for several years. I got a beautiful ski coat with real fox fur on the hood for $5. I have also bought shoes that were just like new.

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Make Quilt From Old Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts can be recycled to make good quilts. They are warm enough that just a backing rather than adding batting may be sufficiently warm if a lightweight quilt is desired. I often alternate sweatshirt materials with jean material.

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Quilted Casserole Carrier

Does anyone have a pattern for a quilted casserole holder?

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Memory Quilt from Kids Clothes

I made a memory quilt of my son. I cut out pieces of some of his tee shirts, and also transferred pictures of him at different ages and put them on cloth, then put it altogether as a lap quilt.

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Small Pet Quilts
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Quilted Table Runner
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Crown Royal Pillow
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Granny Quilt With Novelty Prints
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"Fat Baby" Flannel Quilt

My nephew was born on my birthday, March 1st. He was early, due June 12th and weighed only 1 lbs 11 ounces. He is doing very well now. So what do I do? make another quilt : )

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Amanda's "A" Quilt
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Indian Blue Jeans Quilt
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A Quilt for my Mom
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