September 1, 2011

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Hand with rubber glove holding a DVD

Cleaning CDs and DVDsThis is a page about cleaning CDs and DVDs. Disc media such as CD, DVD, Bluray and video games can easily get dirty, which will cause the disc to skip or not play at all. It is important to clean the discs properly to prevent scratches.


A snail on a flower stalk.

Getting Rid of SnailsThis is a page about getting rid of snails. Although many people think snails are cute, they can be devastating to your yard and garden.


Woman holding a box for a garage sale

Posting Your Garage Sale on CraigslistPosting your garage sale on Craigslist is easy. Knowing the right things to say will get people coming your way. This is a page about posting your garage sale on Craigslist.


A Couple Enjoying Popcorn and a Movie in the Theater

Saving Money on Going to the MoviesThis is a page about saving money on going to the movies. The cost of going to the movies seems to constantly rise. However, a night out at the movies is a lot of fun and something that most of us really enjoy.


Woman juicing fruits

Cleaning a JuicerThis is a page about cleaning a juicer. Fresh juice is a nutritious treat. The clean up after juicing fruits and vegetables can be labor intensive.


A girl writing in a journal.

Keeping a Diary or JournalThis is a page about keeping a diary. A diary or journal is a great way to get your daily thoughts written down. It can help you get organized, work through problems and issues, or simply be a creative outlet.


Artichokes on a Table

Selecting Good Artichokes?This is a page about selecting good artichokes. Artichokes are a tasty side dish whether by themselves or combined with other ingredients. Selecting a good artichoke is the first step in making your recipes successful.


Storing Oranges, Canning Oranges, A bunch of bright round oranges.

Storing OrangesThis is a page about storing oranges. Oranges can keep a long time if stored properly but can get soft or rotten spots otherwise.


Buying a Car at Auction, Car for Auction With Gavel in Foreground

Buying a Car at AuctionThis is a page about buying a car at auction. Auctions can be a great way to pick up items for less than retail price. Whether you are getting a classic car or trying to get a used vehicle for cheap, auctions are a wonderful way to pick up the car you want for less.


A cute puppy ready for adoption

Adopting a Puppy?This is a page about adopting a puppy. Many people are looking for a puppy to bring into their home rather than an older dog.


Woman frustrated with laundry

Removing Urine Stains and Odor From ClothingThis is a page about removing urine odor from fabrics. Urine odor can be difficult to remove from fabric. With the know how, you can have your clothes smelling fresh again.


A smoke alarm and fire extinguisher for your home.

Keeping Your Home Safe from FireThis is a page about keeping your home safe from fire. Fire prevention and early warning are the keys to preventing a fire from destroying your home.



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Apple Brown BettySo easy, so good, and so economical makes this a favorite dessert all over the country.


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Thousand Island Salad DressingA favorite of my husband.


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Hamburger TeriyakiI like the sweet, "Oriental" flavor of these burgers.


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Summer Cucumber SaladMakes a delicious summer salad or side dish for any entree. If you freeze and save some for winter meal treats, you'll really appreciate the wonderful fresh taste with a good hot meal. Enjoy them year round.


Two strips of bacon threaded on skewer and coated in chocolate displayed on a plate

Chocolate Covered Bacon TreatsA dear friend of mine heard about chocolate covered bacon while watching a cooking show and suggested giving it a try. They are indeed tasty and I used maple cured bacon because it just sounded so right to use with chocolate


Stripped plate with two slices of bread.  Slice on the right has bacon, lettuce, tomato, and fried egg on top; slice on left has cheese.  Next to the bread is an antipasto salad.

Toasted Twist On A BLTThis sandwich is a twist on a BLT and is so good. It is flavorful, filling, and pretty healthy. When I make this sandwich, my family gets really excited!


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Apple Cake and SauceA great fall recipe.


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Salmon LoafSalmon is a favorite of mine and this recipe is very good.



A bag of frozen peppers.

Saving the HarvestSometimes I find veggies at a super price, but don't have enough cash to buy enough for canning, or I find a small amount at reduced price, but still high quality. Well, freezing them is the perfect solution.


Two tomatoes on vine sprinkled with water

Tips for Tomato GrowersTomatoes are America's most popular garden crop, but they are not necessarily the easiest crop to grow. Even the most experienced gardeners occasionally find themselves at a loss as to why their tomato plants fail. Here are a few helpful guidelines for understanding tomatoes.


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A Treat For The BirdsBefore cleaning a greasy frying pan, wipe it out with a slice or two of bread. Feed the bread to the birds in your yard. Birds flock to this treat, which is a good source of nutrition for them and makes washing the greasy pan easier.


Old cell phones on wood desk

Sell Your Broken or Unwanted ElectronicsThere are a number of online services that accept your broken or unwanted electronics and give you money in return. My son has a number of cell phones. For two of them, he can get $30.


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My Frugal Life: Defining ThriftyWe should try to make thrifty not just doing with less, or spending less, but also thinking how to be globally responsible. You know, rags rather than paper towels, cloth napkins not paper, using a drying rack or clothes line instead of our very wasteful dryers.


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Know The Rules Of The Road When You TravelWhile planning your road trip vacation, don't forget to check the rules of the road, especially out of your province or state. For example, in Canada, cell phone use is banned while driving in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.


Embellish An Old T-ShirtI take old T-shirts and cut off the binding around the neck. There is no need to cut deeper as this will stretch far enough making a scoop neckline. Then comes the fun part. Use a decorative stitch on your sewing machine to sew around the neckline.


Charlotte the Dog with Dog Friend

Charlotte (Bernese Mountain Dog)Charlotte is a 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. We got our pet in Winchester, Virginia from a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder. Charlotte loves to eat, chew on her football and basketball and play with her neighborhood dog friends.


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Having a Successful Garage SaleHere are some tips to have a great garage sale. Pick the right date, the first and fifteenth are when people receive their social security checks and/or pay checks.


An active yard sale in the front yard of a house.

Labor Day Weekend Yard SaleUsually Memorial Day and Labor Day are big yard sale days, but I have noticed it depends on your area. Let's be positive and say your area is big on yard sales these days. Labor Day is just around the corner.


Caring for an Aging ParentI do not regret one moment of moving my mom in with me and having her last few years with me. I agree some times were very hard dealing with her Alzheimer's disease, however, family and friends can give you the breaks you need.


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Are You Ready For An Emergency?What everyone recommends is 3 days worth of everything such as WATER; drinking water and water for cleaning yourself up. In a case where we know it's going to hit, have everyone take showers or bathe and be clean. Fill tub up with water.


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Yogurt Containers - Use Them During Craft ProjectsI use them for craft projects. They are great as paint, water, or glue containers for the kids.


Roiling Storm Clouds

Scenery: Storm CloudsI took this picture of strange looking storm clouds. The storm its self wasn't that bad but the clouds looked fierce.


Bluebird on Tree

Bluebird Posing on a LimbI caught this bluebird posing on a tree in our back yard. He was watching over his little family after he and his mate made their nest in a bird-house nearby.


Make your own crustless sandwiches for school lunches.

Homemade "Uncrustables"My 2 girls take a bag lunch most days for school and neither cares for the crust of their sandwiches. I hated buying the frozen uncrustables from the store because of the price so I decided to make my own.


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Use Cotton Yarn to Make Crocheted TowelsI've found that Lily Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton yarn is much more durable than acrylic yarn, since towels are laundered so much. I make quite a few crocheted wash cloths and dish cloths using the cotton yarn.


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Don't Overbeat CakesNever over beat the egg and sugar mix as this causes incorporation of more air in the cake which will cause the cake to rise initially while baking and then fall. One minute of beating using egg beater on high speed is sufficient for a good soft cake.


ThunderJack Mini Schnauzer with Slipper in Mouth

ThunderJack (Mini Schnauzer)ThunderJack is a 7 year old Mini Schnauzer. He was the only boy of the litter and likes to be chased with his favorite slipper or newspaper. Catch him if you can!


purple and white wooden batik beads strung with gold pony beads

Batik Style BeadsIf you'd like a quick and easy way to design your own jewellery, why not have a go at dyeing beads in a batik style. Batik is a traditional method of decorating cloth using wax and dye. The principle is that the parts covered in wax resist the dye.


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Volunteer In Exchange For TicketsVolunteer to serve as a docent for whatever type of performance you like such as a theater/museum. An 85 year old friend served as an usher for the local community theater. As such she got to see all the plays produced.


Raccoons Cacee and Cade

Wildlife: Cacee and Cade (Raccoons)These two raccoon brothers lost their mother while they were still very young. I was able to raise them until release back into the wild.


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Use A Broom To Unstick Garbage DisposalI was told once when renting an apartment when my garbage disposal was stuck, and not working like it was suppose to. Take a broom handle and swirling it around turning the blades as you go round and round.


A pot of tomatoes growing on a patio.

Preparing Flower Pots for WinterI love my flower and vegetable pots. As I've gotten older, growing my favorites in pots helps make gardening easier and lower maintenance. I like to buy used and even damaged pots at garage sales, cheap, and restore them with glue, paint, and TLC.


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Reuse Dishwashing Liquid Bottles For BleachDon't throw away those empty dishwashing liquid bottles. Wash them out and fill them with bleach. The plastic caps open easily and close securely.



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Decorating Cardboard Boxes for Use in Church?I am looking for instructions for decorating a corrugated box (Arizona Tea), without the lid, with fabric. It will be used for ushers in church for ie., tissue, pens, envelopes, etc. that can be placed under the usher's seat.Thank you.


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Enlarging the Screen Display on a Laptop?How do I make my laptop screen larger? I can barely read it.


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Homemade Applesauce, Freeze or Can?Which is best for applesauce, freezing or canning?


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Fried Candy Bars?Can someone tell me what Mars Bars and Snickers taste like when covered in batter and fried?


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Refrigerator Tripping Breaker After Power Outage?Our electricity was out for a few days, due to hurricane Irene. When power came back on the refrigerator started to run and ran long enough to make ice in the freezer. This morning it quit running.


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Poulan Pro 18.5 Hp Mower Stalls When Clutch Released?My Poulan Pro starts just fine, but when I release the clutch it stalls. I feel pretty sure this is some kind of safety issue, but I don't know exactly what I am looking for that may have come disconnected. I need a picture of where that spring or whatever is connected.


Blue plastic ice cube tray.

Stinky Ice Cube Trays?How do you remove that yucky "freezer" smell and taste from plastic ice cube trays?


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Getting Rid of a Boil?How do I get rid of a boil?


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Removing Paint from Clothing?I got green matte emulsion paint on my best white interview blouse. I've tried bleaching it several times but it won't wash out. Any suggestions?


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Getting Rid of Mosquitoes?Does any one have a home remedy for getting rid of mosquitoes? This year they aren't waiting for dusk, they are biting day and night!


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Craft ideas Using Baby Food Jars?Since I now have a grandchild, throwing away the baby food jars is hard. I have used them for inside drawers putting in small items, and have used them to keep things like nails, etc., but now I am looking for crafty ideas to do with them. Ideas?


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Warriors Vs Indians Homecoming Float Ideas?I need a float idea for the Marion County Warriors against the Sequatchie Indians.


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Slip Covers for Recliners?I have an old and very comfortable dual recliner. I'm having an awful time finding a slip cover for it. Can anyone help me?


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Cleaning a Leather Sofa?How do you clean a cream leather sofa? What can I use other than leather cleaner?


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Financial Assistance for Roof Repair for Seniors?My mother needs her roof repaired, and has no money to fix it. Can someone help with this for free? She is 86 years old and lives on a fixed income. I live in California and can't help her. She is strong and will need to stay in her home for some years.


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Perennial Plants That Withstand Saltwater Wash Over?I am looking for perennial plants that will withstand saltwater wash over. I've used Montauk daisies with great success, but would like more variety. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Building Materials Store Near Cadiz, Kentucky?Is there a store near Cadiz, Kentucky, for buying building materials? Thank you.


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