September 16, 2011

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Disposing of Used Motor Oil, Used Motor Oil in a Gallon Jug

Disposing of Used Motor OilThis is a page about disposing of used motor oil. Motor oil must be disposed of properly. There are many places in your area that will take your motor oil and dispose of it for free.


iTunes icon on a phone

Getting Rid of Duplicates in iTunesThis is a page about getting rid of duplicates in iTunes. Duplicates in iTunes are annoying and can be difficult to get rid of while still preserving different versions of the same song.


Preparing Your Pond For Winter, A koi pond with plants around the edge.

Preparing Your Pond For WinterThis is a page about preparing your pond for winter. It is important to properly prepare your pond for winter. If the water freezes without the proper precautions it can damage the pump, plants, and fish.


Diced potato home fries.

Freezing Hash BrownsMaking your own hash browns at home is easy. You can freeze them and cook them later too. This is a page about freezing hash browns.


Bat flying over a field.

Getting Rid of BatsThis is a page about getting rid of bats. Bats are actually very beneficial to have around because they eat an enormous number of bothersome insects such as mosquitoes. However, if they are nesting in your attic, you will probably want to get rid of them.


Fixing Squeaky Hardwood Floors, Section of old hardwood flooring.

Fixing Squeaky Hardwood FloorsThis is a page about fixing squeaky hardwood floors. Squeaky hardwood floors add suspense to scary movies, but can be annoying in your home. You will need to find the best method for repairing those loose floorboards.


Up close photo of a Mimosa tree.

Growing Mimosa TreesMimosa trees, also known as silk trees, originated in China. They grow easily in many areas and are even sometimes considered a weed. They are a medium sized tree that produces a lot of shade. This is a page about growing Mimosa trees.


Man Dusting End Table

Dusting Your HouseThis is a page about dusting your home. Dusting is an important part of a normal cleaning routine. Dust can cause allergies to flair up, build up on fragile items and generally make your house look dirtier than it really is.


Old wooden ladder leaning against a concrete wall with painted designs.

Removing Paint from ConcreteRemoving paint from concrete can be difficult. Whether you are removing old paint on a concrete porch and stairs or graffiti on a wall, there are several methods you can try. This is a page about removing paint from concrete.


A gopher in the ground.

Getting Rid of GophersThis is guide about getting rid of gophers. The cute little gopher is the bane of many a gardener and home owner. They are herbivores that love to eat roots. They will eat the roots of your vegetables, flowers, and lawn. Getting rid of them can be difficult.


Woman choosing between an apple and a hamburger.

Eating Healthy at Fast Food RestaurantsFast food restaurants are convenient and fast but they can be far from healthy. Many fast food restaurants have added healthier items to their menus, however they can be confusing and even misleading. This is a page about eating healthy at fast food restaurants.


Fixing a Squeaky Floor, Feet on Squeaky Floor

Fixing a Squeaky FloorThis is a page about fixing a squeaky floor. Is there a place in your home that squeaks every time you walk over that spot? In this page you will learn how to fix these annoying sounds and once again have a quiet floor to walk on.



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Pickled GrapesThese might sound really weird, but they are so good! They look like pretty olives, and can be used in salad instead of olives, or just as a sweet-sour pickle to make your plate look nice and lend a little tang to your meal.


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Bubba's Wave Oven BurgersUsing the Wave oven, there isn't much to clean up after.


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Grilled Citrus ChickenAdd even more citrus flavors by making kabobs and skewering bite sized chicken pieces with pineapple chunks.


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Margarine Free CakeThis tastes better than a margarine cake and is healthier and easy to measure.



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Saving Money on Sewing PatternsTo save money on patterns for sewing your own clothes, you need to watch for sales in the fabric stores. I recently got McCall patterns for 99 cents each at JoAnn's Fabric. Some of those patterns sold for $17.95.


Closer Picture of Dragon Tree

Scenery: Dragon Tree (Shore Acres Beach, OR)While living in Coos Bay during the summer of 2010, I spent a day just going up to the falls and down to the Shore Acres Beach.


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Remove Fleas with a Flea CombUse a flea comb on pets, it works wonders. I use a dry flea comb on my 2 cats. Swipe, then throw the fleas into a bowl of water and dish soap. I do this every day to make sure they are rid of fleas. Takes about ten minutes a cat.


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Shake Bottle With Dish Soap Or DetergentRinse obvious debris out of the bottle. Then put two tablespoons of powdered, automatic dishwashing detergent in the bottle. Or place one tablespoon salt, and one teaspoon dish soap in bottle. Add very hot water until 1/3 full.


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Use Up Old Gas In Yard ToolsIf the gas is just old, you can mix old gas with fresh gas in roughly a 1 to 10 ratio and use the gas for lawnmowers, weed whackers, chainsaws, and other gas powered tools. The greater portion of the new gas reinvigorates the old gas.


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Banana Peels for Cleaning ShoesWith mornings being extremely crazy, I certainly do not have time to buff or polish shoes. This is particularly true, especially since we spend a big part of each morning looking for them, saving time is a must!


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Cleaning BakewareI was making coffee cake muffins and the brown sugar dripped down into the cups. I filled the tins with water and stuck it back in the hot oven until the oven cooled. Then I took the tin out and washed with soap and water.


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Growing Basil from CuttingsI have fresh basil up until almost December. I live in the northeast and the garden will soon be going to bed. In mid September, I take cuttings from basil plants and put them in a clear glass dish such as a bread loaf pan.


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Add Cream of Tartar for Smooth FudgeThe best way I've found to prevent fudge from turning gritty is to add 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar for every 2.5 pounds of sugar used. Cream of tartar actually inhibits the sugar recrystallization process.


Closeup Picture of Succulent Garden

Garden: Sensational SucculentsAs a professional photographer, I enjoy tootling around in my off time, looking for opportunities to photograph just about anything. I recently photographed some succulents from my garden and particularly love this one.


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My Frugal Life: Surviving the Current Economic TimesI'm surviving the current economic times by using coupons on everything I can. One grocery store puts out a $10 coupon off a $50 gas card if you purchase $25 in groceries in their store. That is not difficult and you can use coupons on the $25 order.


Tape aligned, door locked.

Is the Door Locked?Every time we went away, someone would have to check the back door to see if it were locked. I put four small pieces of reflective tape on the toggle. If the four are in a straight line, it's locked, if the middle two are sideways, the door needs to be locked.


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Pine-Sol to Remove SapWhen it comes to removing sap from clothing, I have had very good luck with Pine-Sol or Lestoil. It is worth a try.


MAggie Waiting For Bacon

Maggie (Dog)This is Maggie. We took her in when her owner passed away. She's about 12 years old. She loves to chase rabbits and squirrels. Just mentioning bacon makes her jump 6 feet high.


Small boy pulling a loaded sledge or similar wheeless conveyance down the sidewalk.

Make School Mornings a BreezeIn the mornings, when getting your kids off to school, it can be hectic! I do some simple things to make it easier and more efficient, and I thought maybe the tips I use would help others.


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Using Junk Mail to Prevent WeedsI save up my junk mail until I get enough to mulch a section of my flower garden where weeds are a problem. You can lay the pieces of mail two, three or four pieces deep and spread over the area to be mulched.


Winter protection framework against the side of the house.

Preparing Your Garden for WinterPreparing the garden for fall and winter is a routine task for me. About this time or when the first cool spell arrives I begin to prepare my winter protection of plants that won't take cold.


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Back-to-School Lice RemovalAs a preschool teacher, I have heard (and tried!) many tips for getting rid of lice, the back-to-school bane of every school. The best and cheapest one is to use mayonnaise.


Hoku the Cat in Paper Bag

Hoku (Longhair Cat)Hoku is a 9 year old longhair cat. Hoku is a very special friend and came to comfort me after my previous kitty had passed. I love watching him play with his other housemates, 6 cats and 3 dogs.


Closeup of Salamander on Rock

Wildlife: Salamander (Nesika County Park,...While relaxing along the river at Nesika County Park with my husband and our two dogs, this little critter decided to make friends with us. He swam near us, sun-bathed near us, and even got brave enough to decide to crawl towards and inspect my camera.


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Use Dandelions InsteadInstead of getting rid of dandelions, use them. You can use the greens in salads. Dandelions can be used to make jelly and wine. Instead of contaminating the soil with pesticides, it would be much better to use what nature provides.


Photo of spreadsheet for budgeting.

Keeping a Spreadsheet to Monitor BudgetI use a spreadsheet I made up to list all expenses and income right down to the penny. The spreadsheet lists income, and then all expenses such as groceries, gas, each utility, eating out, prescriptions, credit card bills, miscellaneous expenses, absolutely everything.


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Homemade Liquid Dishwasher SoapI have had to be very frugal with my budget and have found myself without dishwasher detergent. Take a squirt of orange cleaner, a squirt of your homemade everyday cleaner, and a squirt of dishwashing liquid.


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Recycle Junk MailI recycle everything! My husband and I use the cloth bags that we use every week to get our groceries. I keep one next to my office desk, my living room chair, and the kitchen pantry, in order to toss things in after they are read.


small pink cake with one candle and bunting strung across

Mini Bunting Banner for a CakeLearn how to make a mini bunting banner for a cake.


Lonely Purple Flower By Lake

Scenery: Lonely Flower (Ontario, Canada)I don't think I have ever been to a more peaceful place ever. While fishing in Ontario, Canada this year, I spotted this lonely flower in the lily pads.



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Cat Has Very Strong Smelling Urine?We have a female spayed 3 year old cat. When she pees in her litter box, it really smells bad. I tried different kinds of litter, Arm and Hammer, regular and Double Duty, but still doesn't work well. We scoop out the litter at least once a day or every other day, but still have the smell.


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Canning Chicken Enchilada Soup?How do I can chicken enchilada soup?


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Removing Furniture Polish from White Carpet?How do I remove dark furniture polish from white carpet?


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Substituting Oil for Butter in a Box Cake Recipe?Can I exchange oil for butter in a box cake recipe?


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Removing Ring Around the Collar?How do I remove ring around the collar?


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Planning a Going Away Party for Someone Off to Basic Training?My son is leaving for Army Basic Training in mid-October; I am having a going away open house for him in the (finished) basement of our church. I need decorating and food ideas, please. His aunt is doing the cake.


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Bread Pan for an Oster Model 4811?Are bread pans for an Oster, model 4811 bread maker still available?


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Housebreaking an 8 Month Old Husky?I have an (estimated) 8 month old Husky that I rescued from the Humane Society. I am having the hardest time housebreaking her. I can't understand why. We go on several long walks a day, and yet it seems she waits until we get home to use the bathroom.


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The Post Office Lost My Package?I sent 2.5 oz of pure .9999 gold in a cash4gold envelop. It had delivery conformation on it, and I told the postal employee that I did not feel comfortable dropping it in a mail box.


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Removing Stains from Roof Shingles?We live near the ocean and have a lot of hurricanes come our way. The last one, Hurricane Irene, left horrible green stains on the shingles of our roof. There was no leakage.


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Transplanting a Bat Plant?I have a bat plant. When can I transplant it from the garden to a pot, we are moving? It has flowered already.


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White Linen Shirt Has Turned Dingy Grey?My formerly white, thin linen button-down shirt is mostly a dingy grey on the sleeves and outer edges of the shirt. I tried soaking it for several hours in distilled white vinegar, which produced no results.


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Buying Coal Near Hillsboro, Ohio?Where can I find a place to buy coal near Hillsboro, Ohio? Thank you.


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Cleaning a Wooden Toilet Seat?How do I clean a wooden toilet seat? Thank you.


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Painting the Brick Wall Around a Gas Heater?I have a brick wall with a gas heater installed within the wall. I want to change the colour of the wall. Will my acrylic interior paint suffice? It is a low sheen wall paint, water wash up. I'm a bit worried about the heat from the heater.


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Making a Floral Swag for the Front Door?Does anyone have any thrifty ideas for making a floral swag for the door? I am trying to make this a cheap project for my friend and I to make.


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