November 22, 2011

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Cleaning a Saltwater Boat

Cleaning a Saltwater Boat?This is a page about cleaning a saltwater boat. Boats that are utilized in salt water need to be cleaned regularly.


Peeling Pears

Peeling Pears?This is a page about peeling pears. Many different recipes call for pears to be peeled.


Removing Skunk Smell from Books

Removing Skunk Smell from Books?This is a page about removing skunk smell from books. Skunk spray odor can permeate just about everywhere in your home.


car driving on a road

Removing Tar from a CarThis is a page about removing tar from a car. Tar can be especially difficult to remove from the paint.


Environmentally Friendly Lawn Mowers. A man pushing a reel mower.

Environmentally Friendly Lawn MowersThis is a page about environmentally friendly lawn mowers. There are numerous ways to maintain your lawn that don't negatively impact the environment.


Dark wood dining table with chairs.

Fixing a Wood Table With a Nail Polish Remover StainNail polish remove can stain your wooden furniture if it gets spilled. Because it may have attacked the finish, it can be difficult to remove the stain. This is a page about fixing a wood table with a nail polish remover stain.


red putty egg

Removing Silly Putty from Upholstered FurnitureThis is a page about removing Silly Putty from upholstered furniture. Many kids enjoy playing with Silly Putty, but most parents do not enjoy removing it from their furniture.


Unsubscribing from Freecycle. Using Freecycle. Vintage furniture and TV.

Unsubscribing from Freecycle?This is a page about unsubscribing from Freecycle. Freecycle is a great way to get rid of things or get them for free.



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Easy Caramel Orange RingYou don't get much easier than this recipe! Love the orange marmalade!


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Pumpkin CookiesThe cookies are very good and the recipe is easy!


A bowl of chocolate and berry cookies.

Chocolate and Berry CookiesA delicious simple cookie you can make in many versions. Here are the chocolate and strawberry ones. Play around with the flavors and make your favorites!


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Spinach-Strawberry SaladAnother great holiday salad!


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Lentil and Rice StewGood meatless meal!


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Cake Batter Rice Krispie TreatsThese little goodies are so delicious and a nice change from plain old krispie treats.


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Versatile Mashed Red PotatoesI know many people don't care to use red potatoes for mashers, but I personally prefer them because of their sweeter flavor, firmer texture and their tender skins that add extra nutrition to your mashers.



Closeup of Arctic Red Geranium

Arctic Red GeraniumThe Arctic Red ivy geranium is one of my favorites. It blooms well and is a deep maroon in color. It appears to glow in direct sun, and is a very beautiful shade. I always have one of these in my geranium garden, as its beauty and calming hue is very appealing.


Shyanne the Cat Looking at Herself in the Mirror

Shyanne (Tortoiseshell Cat)Shyanne is a 9 year old Tortoiseshell cat. Shy is/was a rescued kitty and was in an unsafe environment before she was even weaned. Shyanne likes to chase her tail on the bottom level of the cat perch.


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Dog Food Bags to Help With RecyclingI use our empty, large dog food bags to hold our cardboard recycling such as pizza boxes, pop/soda cartons, cereal boxes, etc., anything that comes in cardboard. This saves space in my recycling bin, plus the bag gets recycled as well.


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Reusing An Old ToothbrushNever throw your toothbrushes away when you're done with them. I keep a stash for cleaning difficult corners in the oven or round taps or the plugholes. If you dip them in a little thick bleach, they are great for reducing dark mildew stains on tile grouting.


Wild Turkey Strutting By

Wildlife: Wild Turkey (Santa Barbara, CA)I had gone out of the house to the front to pick up my morning newspapers when lo and behold, straight down the sidewalk came 2 beautiful wild turkeys strutting along! I was quite near them.


Sunset in Chilcotin

Scenery: Sunset (Chilcotin, BC)This is just one of the many wonderful sunsets we get here in the Chilcotin. We live off the grid and power our place with the sun-solar panels. We homestead in the wilderness of the Chilcotin.


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Easy Microwave Clean-upBy placing a paper towel on the turn table of your microwave, you can have easy cleanup and less noise from clanging plates, etc.


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Home Treatment For HivesI have been highly susceptible to hives all of my life due to either allergies or stress. The first step toward getting rid of them is to determine what is causing them. If it's allergies, then the next step is obvious.


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Store Trash Bags In CanWhenever I open a new bag of trashbags, I just dump them in whether a roll or loose bags into the bottom of the can. When I empty it I always know that there are bags in the bottom of the can.


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Use Clips to Help Glue Items TogetherBinder clips can be used for gluing items together. Some glues require pressing the items together for a few minutes. Binder clips are available in different sizes for different projects, help form a tight bond, and do not leave fingerprints or markings.


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Using Up Baked PotatoesWhen we have baked potatoes we often have some left over. I scoop out the insides and use it to thicken home-made soup. It adds a delicious flavour.


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Helping the Elderly with ComputersThrough experience, I have found that the best way to have the elderly or special needs people learn a computer is to start them on playing solitaire. They are then able to get use to the movements of the mouse and the drop down menu functions.


Memory jar with decorative ribbon.

Gift Idea: Memory JarIn the tough times we live in, it's hard to afford a lot of gifts, but this is special gift, one that comes from the heart and can be made to be given for Christmas, Mother's Day, or birthdays.


Large Wooden Sailing Ship With People in Foreground

Travel: Sailing Ships on the Great Lakes (Bay City, MI)These tall ships travel the Great Lakes every year. They stop in Bay City, Michigan for a weekend. The public is able to go by the ships for a small fee.


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Use Scotch-Bright Pads as Veggie ScrubbersI tried once or twice, years ago, to get into using those bristled vegetable brushes to scrub my potatoes and other veggies. It just didn't work for me. The bristles always wore down entirely too quickly.


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Better Litter Versus Cheaper LitterUnless cheaper cat litter is a lot cheaper, which sometimes it is, it's worth paying more for a name brand. I have found over the years, after using all different brands, that the cheapest, usually the sandy kind, too, gets gummy, and has almost no odor control.


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Use Baking Soda To Deodorize BooksI bought a book at Amazon that evidently was in a fire. It took a year for smell to go away. You could try putting the book in plastic bag with baking soda or flowers to absorb the smell or spray your book with orange oil


Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving CenterpieceThis is my table for Thanksgiving. I love my little pilgrims. Just when I thought I couldn't find anything cuter, I found the pilgrim squirrel salt and pepper shakers.


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Laundry Washing And Drying TipsI supplement regular detergent with borax, and wash in cold water always. When using the clothes dryer, I throw in a couple clean tennis balls. They move the clothes around more, preventing the inevitable lumping of wet laundry.


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Use Cell Phone to Remember Important Dates and TimesIf you sometimes wonder if you have given your pets their monthly flea treatment, or perhaps a monthly volunteer opportunity you participate in, put it in your cell phone calendar.


leaf decorated autumn leaf lanterns

Autumn LanternsThese easy autumn lanterns are fun to make with the kids. They look fantastic on the window sill or just about anywhere you want to add some fall color.


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Preventing Tangled CordsI found a great tip to keep computer cords or any cords organized. Hook a bread tag to each cord and label what cord it is. This will keep you out of a tangled mess of all those computer cords we have!


View of small kitchen with white box shelf with many small compartments

Square Box Shelves for Small KitchenMy passion is my kitchen and making it easier to work in, as it is small. I just try different things. I bought one of a set of square boxes from the hardware store, and put it on my upper counter to give me a space to slide things in.


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Cut Pancakes, Waffles Or Sausage With ScissorsWhile working with special needs students/children, I've learned some quick and easy ways to cut their breakfast. I use a pair of clean scissors to make bite sized pieces.


Jack the Pomeranian Dachshund Sleeping Under a Blanket

Jack (Pomeranian - Dachshund Mix)Jack is an 8 month old Pomeranian/Dachshund mix. We got Jack from a woman whose kids were allergic to him. They had gotten him from our local Adopt-A-Pet center.


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Quilt Made from Graphic T-ShirtsI have made a quilt out of my son's favorite graphic T-shirts. I just kept saving the shirts. When we had a few dozen, I cut huge squares with the designs, and the plain sides the same size.


Decorative lace wrapped headband and bangle.

Headband and Bangle BraceletRecycled headband and bracelet can be reborn with a little imagination!


Small Stream of Waterfalls Along Forest Path

Scenery: Waterfalls Along The TrailMultiple little waterfalls cascading down through sun dappled trees along a walking path makes for a perfect fall day!



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Ocean Spray Whole Cranberry Sauce Salad Recipe?I had a recipe from an Ocean Spray cranberry sauce can that called for crushed pineapple, a can of Ocean Spray whole cranberry sauce, nuts, and jello. It seems the jello was made as directed on the box.


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Ocean Spray Cranberry Salad?Ocean Spray had a recipe on its can for a salad that I have lost. It called for Ocean Spray whole cranberry sauce, jello, pineapple, and nuts. I'm not sure what else, but it seems like an apple and oddly carrots.


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Finding a Service Engineer for an Amana Fridge Freezer?Where can I get a service engineer for an Amana fridge freezer in Dublin?


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Getting Rid of Moisture Buildup in Closet?I have been away for a week. I came home to find that when I opened my closet, there were little beads of water puddles by the hundreds of the floor. My shoes were not wet. This closet is normally the coldest place in my apartment, even without an air vent. What caused this?


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White Residue on Dishes from Dishwasher?What causes white residue on dishes after washing in a Kitchen Aide dishwasher? It does not wash off; I must use SOS or a scratcher to remove it. (I am using Cascade packets.)


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Selling Old Tires in the UK?Please let me know where I can sell old tyres. I have around 100,000. Thank you.


Two birds in a sleeping cage nest.

Pet Bird Keeps Laying Eggs?My bird keeps laying eggs. Will the eggs ever hatch? I have about 8 right now in the cage and they sit on the eggs all the time. Secondly, how long does it take a egg to hatch?


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Free Shipping Promo Code for Oriental Trading?I am looking for a free shipping code for Oriental Trading, if you have one please let me know. Thanks so much!


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