February 17, 2012

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Vegetarian tacos with black beans.

Vegetarian Taco RecipesThis page contains vegetarian taco recipes. For a healthy variation on the typical beef or chicken taco, try making vegetarian tacos.


Organizing Feminine Hygiene Products

Organizing Feminine Hygiene ProductsThis is a page about organizing feminine hygiene products. Feminine hygiene products are another category of items to consider when organizing your bathroom.


Scalloped potatoes in an old blue enamel bowl, on rustic white table.

Scalloped Potatoes RecipesAlso known as potatoes au gratin, or potato bake, scalloped potatoes are a filling addition to many meals. This page contains scalloped potatoes recipes.


Stack of coupons arranged on table

Remembering Coupons for RestaurantsThis page is about Remembering Coupons for Restaurants. You remember cutting out the restaurant coupon where you have a great deal for dinner, but have forgotten to bring the coupon with you.


Tortellini Salad

Tortellini Salad RecipesTortellini is a ring shaped pasta that can make a wonderful salad. This page contains tortellini salad recipes.


A pile of shelled pine nuts

Recipes Using Pine Nuts?This page contains recipes using pine nuts. Pine nuts are high in protein and a special addition to many dishes.


Colorful Easter egg cookies.

Easter Cookie RecipesMake special cookies for your Easter gathering to spoil your family and friends. This page contains Easter cookie recipes.


"Vintage" Cake Platter made from a china plate and stemware.

Making Your Own Cake StandThis is a page about making your own cake stand. When presenting a cake for a special occasion, it is often nice to have it raised on a stand.


easter cake

Easter Bunny Cake IdeasMaking a special cake for an Easter gathering can be a lot of fun. This page is about Easter bunny cake ideas.


Vegetarian Quesadilla Recipes

Vegetarian Quesadilla RecipesThis page contains vegetarian quesadilla recipes. Vegetarian quesadillas are a simple and delicious meal that can be made quickly and are sure to be hit with the whole family.


Buying Food in Bulk

Buying Food in BulkThis is a page about buying food in bulk. You can save money by buying food in bulk, but there are things to consider such as storage.


A man wearing a tuxedo.

Saving Money on a TuxedoThis page is about saving money on a tuxedo. Men's formal wear for a wedding, prom, or any special occasion is often expensive to buy, and may be only needed once.


Pesto Pizza Recipes

Pesto Pizza RecipesThis page contains pesto pizza recipes. A basil Pesto sauce adds a wonderful flavor to pizza and goes especially well with toppings like chicken, artichoke hearts and roasted tomatoes.


Woman with a leg cramp.

Remedies for Leg CrampsMany health concerns can cause leg cramps, especially at night. This is a page about remedies for leg cramps.


Glazed ham with pineapple on top.

Glazed Ham RecipesThis page contains glazed ham recipes. A glazed ham is a favorite for the holiday's but is a delicious main dish any time of year.


Spinach Dip Recipes, A low calorie spinach dip with pita bread.

Spinach Dip RecipesWhether it's for a party or just to snack on with some bread or crackers, spinach dip is popular and delicious dip option. This page contains spinach dip recipes.


Fruit cake loaf.

Fruit Cake RecipesThis page contains fruit cake recipes. Love it or hate it fruit cake is a long standing traditional holiday treat.


black bean burger

Bean Burger RecipesThis page contains bean burger recipes. A delicious healthy alternative to the typical beef burger is a bean burger.


Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipes, Vietnamese Style Shrimp Roll

Vietnamese Spring Roll RecipesWhether fresh or deep fried, Vietnamese Spring rolls are a fantastic appetizer to enjoy before the main dish and also are a great snack for parties as well. This page contains Vietnamese spring roll recipes.


A plate of deep fried dill pickle chips.

Fried Dill Pickle Chip RecipesFried pickle chips are a unique snack that many people love. If you haven't tried them before, you are in for a yummy treat.


Burnt Pans

Cleaning Burnt Pots and PansThis is a page about cleaning burnt pots and pans. Occasionally it happens that foods are burned onto your cookware, and it can be a challenge to get it clean again.


Black Eyed Peas, Recipes Cooked Black Eyed Peas

Recipes Using Black Eyed PeasBlack eyed peas make a great side dish by themselves or they can be added to soups, salads, dips and more. This page contains recipes using black eyed peas.



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Instant French Onion SoupNothing gourmet here but it's an easy quick soup treat. If you happen to have some fresh finely shredded parmesan cheese on hand be sure to top heated soup with about 1 tablespoon as a garnish.


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Lipton Dry Onion Soup Mix (Copycat)Here's a copycat recipe that's much less expensive than purchasing the real deal at the market and doesn't have oodles of chemicals in it. The ingredient amounts equal one Lipton packet serving.


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Oven-Fried ChickenGreat coating mix on this chicken! I prefer to do 'fried' chicken this way instead of actually frying it!



Scenery: Sunset (Chandler, AZ)

Scenery: Sunrise to Sunset (Chandler, AZ)This photo was taken in Chandler, Arizona. I was able capture two different times of day to get a similiar picture


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Armour Etch For Scratched EyeglassesMy glasses (polycarbonate lenses with anti-glare coating, no other coatings) were ruined when I got brake cleaner on them. They looked like they had tiny scratches and dots all over the lenses, to the point that I couldn't drive at night with them.


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Styptic Powder For WoundsI use styptic powder to stop bleeding instantly. Once while scratching my ankle, I accidentally nicked the vein and started bleeding profusely. No matter what I did I couldn't get it to stop because it was in a difficult place to reach.


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Scratch and Dent DishwasherFor price savings, see if you can find a "Scratch and Dent" outlet. You may get a good savings on a cosmetically less than perfect, brand new item that works fine. If the "scratch" or "dent" shows, cover with a magnet or pretty stick-on.


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Help Child Put Shoes on Correct FeetYoung kids sometimes have trouble figuring out how to put their shoes on the right feet, as any parents know.


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Good Parenting Starts With PlanningRandom personal thoughts on pregnancies and parenting. Long but worth a read if you plan on having a child. This is only meant for those who take raising a child VERY seriously. I hate the way most parents I see these days are.



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Growing Red Potatoes?How do I grow a red potato?


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First Birthday Party Ideas?I'd love to throw a fun, low budget, first b-day party for my son. Our guest list has been limited down to about 50-60 guests, mostly young children. Any ideas? We live in northern New Jersey.


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Red Clothing Has Blue Blotches After Washing?Every time I wash a red clothing item, it comes out with blue streaks or blotches. I always wash the red items completely alone. I use plain Tide. I also have well water with a lot of lime in it. I wonder, could the lime in the water be turning my reds?


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Shopping for Car Deodorisers in South Africa?What car deodorisers are available in South Africa, and what is recommended?


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Seashell Roses?I am looking for roses (or rose buds) made of seashells; red, preferably. Do you know where I might find some to purchase? Thanks.


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Clogged Kitchen Sink?My kitchen sink is clogged on the garbage disposal side. I have tried baking soda, vinegar, hot water, and a plunger, but it's still clogged. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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Older Dog Peeing in the House?I have a 10 year old Lab that is peeing in the house. It is always on her bed. I have changed the bed thinking once done that she will not do it again. She did on the new bed. I have taken her to the vet and her health is good (bloodwork and urine work).


Dyeing Hair Cherry Red?I am trying to get my hair cherry red. I know the upkeep is hard, but am not looking for opinions on the matter. About two weeks ago I dyed my hair with a box dye. It was supposed to be red, but the color was wrong.


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Bamboo Canes Shriveling?I have a dozen or so Bamboo plants, all are thriving except my P. Nigra. It was very pot bound when I purchased it 9 months ago, but is in a 1m tub and has grown well with many new canes. Three of the established canes have what look like white pustules at the branch tips.....


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1956 Encyclopedia Britannica 24 Volume Set?I have a full 24 volume set of the 1956 encyclopedia Britannica. They are in very good condition and I would like to know the approximate value of them. I also have a world atlas also dated the same year.


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