June 21, 2012

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Feet and Legs in Pantyhose

Saving Money on PantyhoseThis page is about saving money on pantyhose. When you need to wear pantyhose often, they can take quite a bite out of your budget.


Close-up of Cotton Balls

Saving Money On Cotton BallsThis is a page about saving money on cotton balls. Many of us use cotton balls daily for makeup removal in addition to other uses.


Wood Burning Stove

Heating with WoodThis page is about heating with wood. Money can be saved when heating with firewood or pellets, but there is maintenance to keep your stove and chimney efficient, safe and clean.


a typical medium sized cache with our signature zilla figurine included

Geocaching Tips and TricksThis page contains geocaching tips and tricks. Geocaching is a game that gets you out on an adventure and is fun for the whole family.


Pile of Plastic Water Bottles

Crafts Made with Plastic BottlesThis page is about crafts made with plastic bottles. All kinds of plastic bottles can be reused in a variety of creative projects.


Young Boy Pushing Shopping Cart

Shopping With ChildrenThis page is about shopping with children. Maintaining family harmony when shopping with the kids can be a challenge for many parents.


Boy in Life-vest in Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Safety TipsThis page contains swimming pool safety tips. Swimming in a pool is great family fun, as long as the welfare of everyone is kept in mind.



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One Crust Peach PieEasiest peach pie I have ever made. So tasty!


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Creamy Mashed PotatoesThis makes the creamiest, yummiest mashed potatoes ever!


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Escalloped CabbageI love the combination of cabbage and Cheez Whiz in this recipe! Any cabbage lover is sure to love this recipe!


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Short Cut Sugar CookiesThese cookies are very easy to make and tasty, too. Very nice and soft.


Chocolate Banana Bread

Chocolate Banana BreadMy new favorite banana bread recipe!



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Selling Items on CraigslistMany people are now selling on Craigslist and on Facebook swap sites. I can't get over how many of the photo ads show the item for sale covered in dust and in a filthy setting.


Bassett on dog pad.

Greenville Bart (Basset Hound)Greenville Bart is a 10 year old Basset Hound. We foster Basset Hounds for Carolina Basset Rescue. In December of 2010 we were asked to take in a dog pulled from a dog pound upstate from us. That was when we received Bart. He was skinny, had a skin infection and a thirst that couldn't be satisfied.


A completed magazine holder from a recycled box.

Magazine Holder from Bottled Beer BoxBottled beer comes in very sturdy boxes. I used this one as a magazine holder.


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Citric Acid Solution for AphidsI spray infected plants with citric acid solution (1 teaspoon of citric acid dissolved in 0.5 L of water). I sometimes spray this solution on all plants as a protective method even if they're not affected, and repeat as needed, it works.


Sugar and owner.

Sugar (American Bulldog)Sugar is a 6 year old American Bulldog. I adopted Sugar from the ASPCA 2 years ago. She likes to take walks with her daddy. Sugar is a the most loving dog I've ever met. When I first met her no one wanted to play with her because of her size, so I knew she must be mine. She is my gentle giant.


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Problem Taking PillsIf you have trouble swallowing pills, there is a very easy solution. Place the pill in your mouth, then drink your water (or other liquid) through a straw. There's something about the closed-mouth sucking motion that helps the pill go down.


Pinkish sky after a thunder storm.

Scenery: Sky After a Storm (Brockville, Ontario)I took this picture after a thunder storm; the sky looked so nice!


Raccoon at squirrel feeder.

Wildlife: RaccoonThis is not a pet, just a wandering visitor. I had made this little "Town Hall" for the squirrels to come and eat peanuts from, and one morning there was a raccoon up there helping himself to the buffet.


Easy Window Shade 1

Easy Window ShadesWhy struggle with putting up store bought shades and mechanics? Use your favorite fabric to make a great shade. I hot glued mine right to the valance. I roll them up when I need the light to come in.


Dog lying upside down on the couch.

Romeo (Border Collie)Romeo is a 1 year old Border Collie. A good friend gave me Romeo, he came from a large family. He loves to chase squirrels and take naps! He is a sweet dog and loves kids.


Dog wearing a princess costume.

Lil Bit (Dog)Lil Bit is 11 years old. In January 2001, my ex-boyfriend brought her to my house in a doggie bed with her little toys. He set her at my door, and rang the door bell and hid. I opened the door, and to my surprise, there she was! I fell in love.


Decorated shoe box for wedding cards.

Shoe Box Wedding Card HolderI found an old shoe box with a separate lid. Next I wrapped it in foil like a present. (I like using the dull side.) Paper dollies adorn the front lip. I found silver sticker lettering and other clear stickers for embellishment and words.


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Making Your Own PotpourriDuring the summer months we get a lot of flowers at our work. I wait until they are dying and then I strip away the petals and spread them in a box lid and allow them to dry. I turn them every so often and when they are completely dry I put them into a gallon sized baggie.


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Finding Appliance Manuals OnlineFrom time to time, people ask for manuals for an appliance they have. This site gives you many manuals free. If you are a member of Facebook, you can even scan your own to refer to it.


Painted Bathtub

Refinishing a BathtubOne can buy a product from Homax that is a tub refinishing kit. I am told it works very well but you have to have good ventilation. You prep it, paint it, and let it dry.


Finished bow, resembling a pom pom.

Easy Fleece Hair BowThis is a bow for girls, using scraps of fleece. You can vary the size by cutting it wider or shorter or longer.


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Uses for Baby BlanketsMany animal shelters and veterinarians will take your old blankets and towels to use for their animal bedding. Just make sure it is clean and you have given a gift that many animals will enjoy for a long time.


Decorative glass garden ornament made from reused glass items.

Crystal Garden OrnamentInstead of throwing away a lovely crystal vase that I chipped on the top edge, I turned it upside down placing it onto a marble base of an old lamp. Then I glued a mint green beehive telephone insulator (that use to be on top of a telephone pole years ago) to the top.


Make a Straw Hole in Water Bottle Lid

Make a Straw Hole in Water Bottle LidMy 3 year old granddaughter loves that I make a hole the size of a straw in the lid of her bottled water container. It makes drinking so much fun and easier.


Boy and dog asleep on couch with dog's head resting on the boy's head.

Boy's Best FriendI was doing dishes one day and my son was watching a movie. I walked out to this, lol, best buddies.


Kitty laying upside down.

Tigger (Kitty)Tigger is a 3 year old kitty. I've had him since he was born. He likes to play with my son and my other pets. He is the sweetest cat I've ever had and the biggest!


Washcloth on Mop

Use a Washcloth on Dust MopUse your old dusting mop for mopping with a dollar store washcloth. You can help the environment by not using the disposal floor wipes. I wet a wash cloth with water and press the four corners into the perforated spots on the foam rubber mop head, just rinse often.


Angel in front of the fireplace.

Angel (Mini Poodle)Angel is a 2 year old mini Poodle. We adopted her from someone who had gotten Angel for her son and he had an allergic reaction. Angel was 14 weeks old when we got her. She likes to go for walks, play with our son, and chase a tennis ball. Angel is very spoiled and also loves to snuggle.


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Saving Money on UtilitiesIn my area, the trash company and the wireless internet company are locally owed. In reading the fine print on the bills, I discovered some interesting savings. Both, give one month free if you pay for 6 months in advance at a time.



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Removing Odors from Leather Purse?I just bought a 210 dollar handbag off of eBay. It is new with tags, but it sure doesn't smell new. It smells of cigarette smoke doused with perfumes. The seller won't respond on giving it back. I don't know what to do. Any ideas how to make this thing smell new again. It is a Michael Kors leather handbag and smells overwhelmingly bad. It gives me a headache to be in same room with it. Sheesh!


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Dead Pinhead Crickets in the House?A big amount of pinhead crickets blew in on my desk (I assume from the window) and are now dead. I have no idea where they came from or how they got there. From time to time we get crickets in the house, but this is a pile of 100 give or take some. Where did they come from?


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Stirring Oil Back into Peanut Butter?Does anyone have any really clever ways to stir the separated oil back into peanut butter?


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Growing Scented Roses?How do I prepare the soil for growing scented roses and keep them safe? They are not climbing, but grow free standing outside.


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Repelling Mosquitoes?Are there any remedies for keeping mosquitoes off me?


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Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box?I was cleaning my cat's litter box last night and he walked by me and peed right in front of me away from his litter box. This is the first time he has done this.


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LG Refrigerator Reviews?I have a question about the LG fridge model # LFC13760SW. Would somebody please tell me how old this model would be and if anybody out there has had any problems with this model?


Dark gray and white wire haired puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?Can anyone tell me what breed my puppy is? He is two months old in these pictures. They told me there was a possibility he might be mixed with a Chihuahua, but at this point I don't really know.


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Shopping for Pigs' Ears?Our local Aldi's is not going to carry their pigs' ears. Where does Aldi's get their pigs ears and can we purchase direct?


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Back Brakes Squeaky?My back brakes squeak when I start driving forward. Then it goes away; braking is okay. Everything is new; drums, springs, shoes, and emergency brakes are OK. This is a 2007 Ford Ranger.


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Donating Used Computers?I have a computer and desk. I would like to donate them. I can't find any body who wants them. Here I thought people were in such need. Any ideas of who might want them in Baltimore, Maryland?


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Printer Message: Toner Empty?I received a message that the toner was empty on my Muratec MFX-2550 all in one. I replaced the toner and am still receiving the message and cannot print nor copy. I can send faxes, but not receive.


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Red Onion Harvesting?I get the directions on planting and the germination period and all that, but I was wondering something about the harvesting itself. Once the onion is ready to be harvested, what will it look like to let me know for certain that it is ready?


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Buying Keyhole Pavers?I have most of the patterns to use the keyhole pavers, but they are not sold here in Bloomburg, Pennsylvania. Does anyone have any suggestion where I might find them? Thank you.


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Child Acting Older Than Her Age?My daughter is acting up; she is only 8 and acting 80. She wears make up (I have said no), dresses up in clothes that would look OK on a 13 year old, but not on a 8 year old. I don't even know where she got the clothes.


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"It Ain't Peaches" Canned Melon Recipe?I am looking for the "It Ain't Peaches" recipe. This recipe is melon canned so that it tastes like peaches. It is a southern recipe. I lost it and really need it! Anyone willing to share? Thanks.


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