July 26, 2012

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Candy Coated Popcorn

Super Easy Confetti PopcornGreat for parties, or special occasions. You can choose any colors you like. In this recipe I used blue and brown. If there is a certain theme, choose those colors.


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Mild Taco SeasoningThis is not a highly spiced seasoning. It works for someone who might prefer a milder seasoning. Mix it up in a bowl and store it in a jar in your pantry.


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Round Steak with Mushroom GravyThis is delicious, easy to prepare, inexpensive, and great if you have guests that will be traveling from out of town and you're not sure when they will arrive.



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Making Wire JewelryMaking silver jewelry is fun and you can use the jewelry afterwards, but silver is expensive, especially to practice on. So I'd advise using regular wire instead of silver. I've used regular wire for quite some time to practice on and I actually used it for some jewelry.


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Money Back on Ebates PurchasesI have done many things over the past 3 years to save money, spend less, and in general monetize my (at times) woeful material situation. I have experimented with coupon clipping, pay-to-read emails, online surveys, etc.


Freezing Cookie Dough

Freezing Cookie DoughThis page is about freezing cookie dough. Having cookie dough available in the freezer can make quick cookies for snacks.


A bookshelf to organize shoes

Book Shelf for ShoesI had an old book shelf I wasn't using so I decided to use it for the kids shoes instead. It's much easier to find them now.


Suet Substitute

Suet SubstituteI always give the birds stale bread slices PLUS I feed them seeds and suet cakes but today I put them all together! I buttered the slice of bread with chunky peanut butter on each side, then dropped the bread into my bag of bird seed!


Sea themed crafts for Vacation Bible School

Life Saver and Flower Vase Vacation Bible...My daughter brought home these adorable sea oriented crafts from VBS. One is a lifesaver made out of a swim noodle held together with red and white duct tape, with nylon string made out of red attached to the red parts of it.


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Use Egg Water for Watering PlantsThe next time you boil a dozen eggs, save the water and pour it on your garden and plants. The water becomes enriched with calcium when the eggs are cooked. Plus, why pour water down the sink when you can reuse it for something, right? (Just make sure you let it get to room tempature.)


Dragonflies (Salisbury, MD)

Dragonflies (Salisbury, MD)The last few days, I spent in my backyard with my camera chasing after dragonflies and damselflies. I like taking pictures of just about anything that captures my eyes, this time it's my backyard dragonflies and damselflies. I think they're beautiful, don't you?


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Use Oil Spray to Keep Candle Holders CleanThe easiest way to avoid a problem with cleaning any of your candlesticks or candle holders of any type is simply spray a small bit of "Pam" onto the bottom of your candle holders whether they are sticks or votive holders, tea lights, etc.


rubber band on paint can

Put a Rubber Band on Paint CanPlace a rubber band from the center of the bottom of the paint can around the top. Dip your paint brush in the paint can and wipe excess off on the rubber band. No more messy painting!


Turning a Cupboard Door Into a Tray

Turning a Cupboard Door Into a TrayI thought this was a cool idea. Paint your cupboard door with house paint, colour of your choice. Let dry, you may need 2 coats. I did black and blue.


Decorated Cookie Christmas Tree

Decorated Cookie Christmas TreeExcellent and yummy gift, easy for kids to make!


Sharpen Your Vegetable Peeler

Sharpen Your Vegetable PeelerVegetable peelers go dull rather fast. I spent many, many years just tossing them out and buying new ones. I wish I learned this trick when I first moved out on my own:


Baby Birds (Williston, FL)

Baby Birds (Williston, FL)Mama bird built a nest in my utility room. One day, I heard chirping and found these little ones. They were hungry and anxiously awaiting mama bird to come back with food. Soon afterward they found their wings and took off.


Side view of moonflower blossom.

My Blooming Moon FlowersI planted these last year and they came back. I love them! I wish I would have planted them in my angel garden; I may do that in the fall.


Clouds At 36,000 Feet

Clouds At 36,000 Feet (over Indianapolis,...This picture was taken by my husband, a commerical pilot, flying 36,000 feet over Indianapolis. This cloud formation was so unusual that he wanted to share it with me. In over 42 years of flying, he's never seen anything like this!


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Inexpensive Flavored WaterWhen the grocery budget is incredibly tight, flavored water is a luxury item that is quickly cut from my grocery list. I have found an inexpensive alternative with True Lemon flavoring packets.


Plants with cord wrapped around stem and bamboo stake.

Using Telephone Receiver Cord to Tie Up PlantsI needed to tie up some of my vegetable plants and I'm out of garden twine and string. When I was looking for something suitable that will not break the stems I saw one of my very old receiver cords for the telephone.


dog poop bags

Cheap Doggie Poop BagsAt the Dollar Tree store I buy the diaper disposal bags. They are $1.00 for 75 pink bags in the infant section. Their pet dept. has the same bags in gray at $1.00 for 50 bags.


Bluish photo of the falls.

Spokane Falls (Spokane, WA)This is Spokane Falls. It is a gorgeous place to see if you're ever in Spokane, Washington.


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Stretch Your Mascara a Little FartherWhen you notice your mascara is starting to run out you can stretch it a little farther. Simply add a few drops of saline solution for eyes to the tube, you will be amazed by how well it works.


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Change Diet To Relieve Night CrampsIt occured to me that my night cramps happened most often when I have been eating foods like eggs, tomatoes and proteins. I went online and looked for a list of acidic foods and found a website that gives a good idea of what foods are acidic and therefore should be eaten less often.


Photo: Blooms that Tag Culture (River Arts District, Asheville NC)

Photo: Blooms that Tag Culture (River Arts...This photo is taken in summer, and is part of a seasonal photo show based in photographing our area during the four seasons of the year. This one shows the juxtaposition of gang tags and urban art with the graceful beauty of blossoming weeds in the surrounding lot


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Grilled Corn on the CobI have a large family and oftentimes find it easier (and more convenient) to cook everything outside on the grill. My tip is the easiest and most convenient I have ever done:


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Popcorn Tins For Yarn StorageI use mine to keep yarn in. There is one by my chair and some in my craft room. It stays clean and pets can't bother it.


Couple with dog.

Freida (Australian Shepherd)Freida is a 1 year old Australian Shepherd. Freida became part of our home roughly six months ago. Freida has recently discovered her love for swimming! She also loves to fetch and cuddling with her people =).


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Ice Balloons To Keep Wine CoolI pinched this tip from my lovely cousin Dawn. Freezing ice balloons for coolers at parties-very festive and much less drippy than ice! Genius!


Squeeze Air Out Of Soda Bottles

Squeeze Air Out Of Soda BottlesWe don't drink soda quickly in our house so I squeeze out the air from my soda bottles then seal them to reduce air inside and keep them from going flat!


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Recycled Condiment CarrierRe-use your 6 pack drink carrier to keep your condiments in. Handy for picnics and barbecues or to use when camping and 'caravanning'. Keep your sauces and salt and spices together with napkins and cutlery.


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Taking Care of YourselfWe talk about things, finding them, and saving money on them, but the body needs to be at those places to save money and care for others. So the big savings is in getting ready and not have to loose time or money in getting to the savings. Here are some good habits for getting your day underway:


Mark Clothing That Shouldn't Be Dried

Mark Clothing That Shouldn't Be DriedUse dry erase marker on the washer for clothes that are inside that shouldn't be dried! Genius, especially if there are many people in your household!


Restoring Damaged Old Photos - before

Restoring Damaged Old PhotosI am the person that restored these photos. I scanned them into my computer and used Corel Paint to do the work. It's not easy. You have to have a good graphics program and you have to play around with the different tools and features available.


Gardening With Kids

Gardening With KidsKids (of all ages) love to play in the dirt. That makes an activity like gardening naturally appealing to young children. It provides them with exercise, helps grow their self-esteem, and gives them an outlet for creativity.


Corn starch beaded necklace.

Cornstarch BeadsThis is a super easy and fun way to make beads for a necklace or bracelet. All it takes is three ingredients that you have in your kitchen to make the basic beads. I've added color and sealant to mine. You'd never know it was cornstarch!


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Small Rock Under Sink DrainerA small rock with a smile on it's face from puffy paints, fell in my sink under the drainer. There it was, just smiling back at me one day.


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Storing Fresh ChivesWhen I bring my groceries home, I immediately wash the chives, wrap them in a damp paper towel and place them in a large storage bag, roll them up to remove as much air from the bag as possible and chuck them into the door of the fridge so I don't forget to use them.


Erasers for Lost Earring Backs

Erasers for Lost Earring BacksI am always losing the backs to my earrings so when I found this tip, I tried it. It's a great idea. Cut a little piece of an eraser and use as an earring back. It works great in a pinch.


Harlem Globetrotters (Key Arena, Seattle, WA)

Harlem Globetrotters (Key Arena, Seattle, WA)My son couldn't wait to finally meet the Harlem Globetrotters. It was exciting and he got to get some pictures with some of them. A couple were VERY VERY tall.


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End Of Season Plant BargainsGarden centers, home improvement centers, grocery stores, department stores and any other location that sales plants or flowers always have a tremendous markdown on plants at the end of the summer.



Product Review: NutriBulletMy husband finally convinced me that we should order the NutriBullet that he had seen on the infomercials during the wee hours of the morning. He had spoken about it several times but I never saw the commercial and didn't care enough to waste my time researching it.


Closeup of dog on lawn.

Sargent Leo (Shar Pei)This Shar Pei was abandoned in our front yard. He had a ring around his neck from being tethered and was so afraid he wouldn't get out from under the low lying trees.



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No Slip Finish for Porcelain Tile?Where can I find "Skid Safe or Grizzly Grip"? it is a coating to make porcelain tiles less slippery. Please help!


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Water Not Getting to Kenmore Ice Maker?My Kenmore refrigerator, model #3639552780, does not get water to the ice maker. The water dispenser works on the door. The water line to the ice maker is clear and open to the valve. Can the valve be bad or what else could it be?


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Finding the Value of a Louis Orr Etching?I own a Louis Orr etching of "St Germain des Pres' in Paris. I want to know what it is worth. Any ideas how to get this information?


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Removing Stains from a Porcelain Bathtub?I have tried Tilex and Clorox. The Tilex made it worse. Any suggestion what else I can try?The Clorox did take a little off, but I put the Tilex on after and it got worse. It is a yellowish brown. Any suggestions?


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Interior Designer Business Name Ideas?I am an interior designer and I would like to start my business. I need a nice name for my interior design firm. Please suggest for me a good name.


Reconstituting Paint?I re-opened a tin of paint, but all there is is a very large lump. How can I use the paint?


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Value of Grolier's "The Book of Art"?I have a ten volume set collection of Grolier's "The Book of Art" 1965. They all have the original book jackets and are in great condition. What is it worth?


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Graduation Party Ideas: Physician Assistant Theme?My son is the first to graduate in our immigrant family. I need ideas for this celebration in a park with very healthy food and medical decorations.


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Strained Relationship with Brother?Hopefully some of my FT friends can give me insight on how to handle my brother whom I love. Both my parents are deceased and he and I are the only family left. The problem is he cannot tolerate people of a different race, color, or sexual orientation.


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Uses for Left-over Candle Wax?I never can use all the candle wax at the bottom of a candle jar. What can I do with the 2 inches of candle wax left when the wick burns up?


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Mysterious White Streak and Dots on T-shirt?I have a new light blue sleeveless t-shirt. I pulled it out of the wash and now has white dots and white streak on it. It seems nothing is taking it out. What is this? How did it happen? Can I do anything to fix it? Thank you.


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Preventing Worms in Apples?My mom put a banana peel, water, and something else in a plastic jug with a hole cut out of the top to prevent worms and lines in the apples. Does anyone know what the ingredients are? I can not remember.


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Forcing Rosebuds to Open?I need to open very tight rosebuds (bought at Bj's) for use in a vase for table decoration. Any suggestions?


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