August 7, 2012

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Luau Party Game Ideas

Luau Party Game IdeasThis page is about luau party game ideas. A Hawaiian theme for a party is fun for many occasions.


Cat and dog at their food bowls.

Benefits of Organic Pet FoodThis page is about the benefits of organic pet food. Many people find that their pets thrive on organic foods.


Remedy for Dog with Itchy Skin

Remedies for Dog with Itchy SkinThis page contains remedies for dog with itchy skin. The cause of the scratching can be determined by a visit to the vet.


Blue beaded dragonfly.

Beaded Wire Craft IdeasThis page contains beaded wire craft ideas. A variety of useful items can be created with wire and beads.


Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Making a Diaper CakeThis page is about making a diaper cake. A wonderful centerpiece for any baby shower can be created with diapers.


A collection of spice bottles with lids.

Reusing Spice BottlesThis page is about reusing spice bottles. The small jars that spices are sold in can be repurposed for a variety of things.


Bishop Bread

Bishop's Bread RecipesThis page contains bishop's bread recipes. This dessert sweet bread is a southern favorite for the holidays.


A bowl of tortilla chips

Homemade Tortilla ChipsDelicious fresh, crisp tortilla chips are wonderful with a variety of foods. This page is about homemade tortilla chips.


Wax Bean Casserole Recipes

Wax Bean Casserole Recipes?This page contains wax bean casserole recipes. These yellow beans are also known as butter beans.


Fabric Lunch Bag

Making Fabric Lunch BagsThis page is about making fabric lunch bags. A washable lunch sack can be helpful and easy to make.


dawn for fleas

Dawn Dish Soap For FleasMany pet owners consider using Dawn dish soap as an inexpensive shampoo for fleas. Dawn's formula has changed over the years. Most versions include a warning to avoid mixing with bleach, which is a sign that there has been ammonia added to boost the cleaning power.



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Sharing Laundry Facilities With OthersI share a washer/dryer with 4 other families. Since I love where I live, I had to learn several tips to make life easier as well as more affordable. Some you can use in your house saving money, life of the clothing and saving time.


Decorated Wooden Jewelry Hanger

Decorated Wooden Jewelry HangerUse stenciling techniques and a resin embellishment to turn a wooden hanger into a jewelry hanger. It can also be a nice gift for a special family member.


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Chocolate GravyGreat when you eat it on warm biscuits.


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Covering Clorox Splashes on ClothingWe all know how Clorox spots ruin clothes, recently I splashed Clorox on my black top. I was going to throw it out, then I thought I would try something. I took a black Sharpie pen and carefully dabbed it over the Clorox splash.


Shiloh on a dog bed.

Shiloh (Pomeranian)Shiloh is a 2 year old Pomeranian. I adopted her from a private breeder in Tuckerton, New Jersey. I had been visiting my son and he and his wife were babysitting a Pomeranian and we fell in love with her.


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Use the Internet to Find Lost RelativesI found my siblings by googling my maiden name. Two of them had gone onto Facecook and came up in a search I did with Google. Since I have a very rare maiden name, that made it easy.


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Use Coffee to Keep Away MosquitoesAge your old coffee grounds for about a month in an open container and sprinkle them wherever you see standing water to kill mosquito larva.


View of the space needle.

Space Needle (Seattle, WA)This is the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.


Views of the weight at work in bottle.

Making a Multidirectional Spray...It's really annoying trying to get your cleaning done when you are forced to hold your spray bottle upright in order for anything to spray out. Here is an easy fix to use your spray bottle in any position.


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Reusing Baby Food JarsIt's great if you have little ones. When they are done eating save the glass jars. You can use them for so many things from keeping small objects in like push pins to nails. You can also use them if you love doing crafts and making your own paints.


Chickie in owner's hand.

Chickie (Banty Chicken)Chickie is a 6 week old banty chicken. This is a banty chicken born from one of our adult banty chickens that we raised. They like to swim around in the pond and play around the yard with the other chickens.


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Clean Fine Jewelry with an Electric ToothbrushThe best way to clean jewelry is to use an electric toothbrush and vinegar (or you can use commercial jewelry solution, Windex, or even toothpaste)



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Canning Green Tomatoes?Can green tomato slices, to be used for frying, also be safely pressure canned?


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Cleaning a Vintage Crochet Baptism Outfit?How much Oxiclean would I use to clean a hand crocheted baptism outfit that is 32 years old and has yellowed?


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Kenmore Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice?I have a Kenmore, side by side, model 106.53662300. It is making ice, but will not dump it. It seems that if I use a blow dryer that it loosens up something, not sure what, and then it will dump. The fingers are usually in the correct position, but not always.


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Making a Fish Flavored Broth for Cats?My fussy cat has taken to liking the new broths available for cats, but they are expensive for very little and packaged badly so that I always spill a bit getting it out of the vacuum pack.


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Riding Mower Won't Restart When Hot?I have a MTD rider, 42 inch. It won't restart when hot. I replaced the ignition switch, solenoid, and coil. At first it starts right up. If I finish cutting the lawn and shut it off, then it won't restart. I need to wait until it cools down; then it starts.


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Cleaning Plastic Mouth Retainers?After getting my braces off, they give you those awful plastic retainers that you're suppose to wear to keep your teeth straight. I've been good about wearing them. Years later, I'm still wearing the same ones...


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Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I am having trouble deciding what color to paint my bathroom. I used tiles from Home Depot that are the color of a sandy beach. I really do not want to go with green, as serene as it is; my bedroom is green. I do not want a green over kill. Help?


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Good Books for a Sixth Grader?My thirteen year old is looking for a entertaining book to read this summer so she can take an A.R. test when school starts. She is into romance, with a little action, and something that you just can't put down.


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Cleaning Flip Flops?What is the best way to clean flip flops?


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Value of a Vintage Jukebox?I have a 1956 Wurlitzer centennial 200 jukebox what is the value range? It works and the cabinet is fair and all the glass is intact? Thanks.


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Rosedale Wallpaper?I am looking for a wallpaper design by Rosedale Wall Coverings and Fabric, Inc. The design number is AL3882, batch/ series 1 foot.


Making a Ruffled Dress?I have a 12 year old daughter who wants to learn how to make a ruffled dress. She has tried to sew a skirt, but just can't figure it out. She doesn't have a sewing machine yet, but I'm getting her one for Christmas.


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Value of Wine Bottles with Monkey Molded on Glass?I have some green or brown wine bottles with a monkey molded on it. Are these rare and is there a value to the bottle? They are empty and the one has a state of Illinois decal on it. Thanks.


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Ideas for Reusing Trampoline Springs?Any one have any good ideas to reuse trampoline metal springs?


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