March 5, 2013

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A girl eating packed lunch at school.

School Lunch IdeasPreparing your children's lunch can save money and help ensure that they eat a good meal. This is a page about school lunch ideas.


A hand with a  note that says "share".

Performing Acts of KindnessFind the time to help and share with people in your family, neighborhood, and community. This page is about performing acts of kindness.


dog food dish

Make Your Own Non-Slip Pet DishThis is a page about how to make your own non-slip pet dish. If your pet is chasing their food dish all over the room, it may be time to make a non-slip dish. You can usually do this cheaper than buying one at the store.


large present

Gift Wrapping Odd Shaped PresentsThis is a page about gift wrapping odd shaped presents. Odd shaped gift items and boxes can be very frustrating to wrap.


swiss army knife

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men?This is a page about 40th birthday gift ideas for men. A 40th birthday is quite an important one, requiring just the right gift, whether serious or funny.


Futon Couch

Making a Futon CoverThis is a page about making a futon cover. Buying a replacement cover for your futon can be expensive; it may also be difficult to find the right fabric.


homemade toy truck

Homemade Gift Ideas for Boys?This is a page about homemade gift ideas for boys. Homemade gifts are fun to make and give, but sometimes it is hard to come up with a great idea.


"Stained Glass" Paper Crafts

"Stained Glass" Paper CraftsThis is a page about "stained glass" paper crafts. You can use colored paper to create beautiful faux stained glass projects.


Teaching Your Children

Teaching Your ChildrenThis is a page about teaching your children. Parents teach their children about many things at home, starting even before they begin school.


Christmas Cookie Recipes

Christmas Cookie RecipesChristmas is not only a time for a tree and presents, it is also cookie time. This page contains Christmas cookie recipes.


Fabric Softener

Saving Money on Fabric SoftenerThis is a page about saving money on fabric softener. Laundry care products can be expensive to buy.


Metal Door

Attaching a Curtain Rod to a Metal Door?This is a page about attaching a curtain rod to a metal door. Attaching a curtain rod to a metal door is quite a different job than when working with a wood or composition one.


Giving Photos as Gifts

Giving Photos as GiftsThis is a page about giving photos as gifts. Photos can be a very personal and lasting gift.



Saving Money on KetchupThis page is about saving money on ketchup. Whether you buy in larger containers or serve in portions, there are ways to save on condiments.



Valentine's Day PizzasMaking heart shaped foods for Valentine's day is so much fun.


jar filled with candy and topped with a cloud

Rainbow in a JarAnyone would love to get one of these from a sneaky little leprechaun.


Cheesy Quinoa CasseroleThis quinoa is a perfect side dish and is quick to make.


St. Patrick's Day Fabric Scrap WreathIf you are looking for a fun and easy decoration to make for St. Patrick's day, why not make this wreath.



caribbeaner clips and bands

Carabiner Clip for Hair Rubber BandsI was tired of having all of our hair rubber bands making a mess in the bathroom. To remedy this situation I found two carabiner clips to contain them.


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Use Kool-Aid to Dye Easter EggsInstead of using expensive Easter egg dye kits use packets of Kool-Aid instead. It's much less expensive and you don't have to end up with all of the doo dads included in each dye kit package that you'll probably not use.


ThriftyFun Links Image

How to Help Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderI have read many articles but this one is the best. I wanted to share it with the ThriftyFun community.


Bandit (Queensland Heeler)

Bandit (Queensland Heeler)We adopted Bandit from the Pima Animal County Care Shelter in January.


muffin tin lasagna

Muffin Tin LasagnaThese muffin tin lasagnas are so yummy and makes great small portions that can easily be frozen and reheated too. They can easily be customized for picky eaters.


With owners at Christmas time.

Bailey (Beagle/Lab)We adopted Bailey from the Maricopa Pound in November of 2012.


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Newer Plastic Grocery Bags DisintegrateDon't we love to re-use those plastic bags from the grocery store? I store things in them, and a lot of women cut them into strips and crochet them. Those strips are called "plarn."


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Juicy HamburgersIf you cook them partially frozen, they come moist and juicy inside. I just did this and made 2 hamburgers for my sister and me. She said it was the best hamburger she ever had.



Finished cozy.

Quilted Tea Cozy and Placemat?I'm making your tea cozy. As you can see, it's my first attempt hence the very simple quilting. I just want to do a test run before I make more.


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Choosing Granite Counter Top Color?What color granite counter tops should I buy to go with natural oak cabinets?


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Removing Nail Polish from Dried Laundry?Unfortunately all of my children's coats were washed and dried :( along with pink nail polish. Is there something I can put in the wash to quickly get the polish out of all the coats?


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Getting Rid of Wool Rug Moths?I came back from the Middle East with some beautiful tribal rugs. I also brought back moths in one of them.


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School Project: Building a Model of Canberra Parliament House?My 10 year old son has to do a school project and wants to build a model of Parliament house in Canberra (Australia). I need help. Any suggestions on how to do this as it is a very difficult building to make?


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Circuit Breaker Amperage for 2Hp Air Motor?For a 2Hp air motor how many amps does the circuit breaker have to be fitted when it works in 3 phase so that the motor can switch off when one phase of current is not coming?


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Removing Permanent Marker on Airbags?How do I get rid of permanent marker on an airbag that has vinyl and ridges?


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Treatment for Dog With Ear Problems?My dog is 6 yr old Pit Bull and for 5 years he has had a major ear problem. It's so bad he scratches them till they bleed and constantly shakes his head. It makes him miserable. I have tried everything and I do mean everything.


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Paint Color Advice for Bathroom with Green Fixtures?I have a small bathroom with grass green toilet and tub. The ceramic tile is a 70's rectangular two toned-green/pinky beige with some tiles of lavender pink flowers.


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Cleaning Burner Drip Pans?I want to clean the aluminum rings around my gas burners, but I can't get them out. The screws are rusty. Any suggestions please?


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Determining if Shower Pan is Cracked?I really can't tell if it's cracked or not. I have tried looking with a flashlight but no luck. So far the fix is to line the walls and floor or rip it out, but if it isn't really cracked why do it?


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Making Pine Cone Bird Feeders?What else can be used besides peanut butter?


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Buying Day Old Bread for Animals?Where are some locations where you can buy this stale bread for farm animals?


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Manual for Welbilt Bread Machine #ABM- 100-2?I have a Welbilt bread machine #ABM-100-2. I've misplaced my user manual, how can I get one?


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Bags for Pak'N Save?I was blessed with Pak'N Save made by Deconsonic, model #838.


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Nail Polish Remover Stain on Hardwood Floor?I spilt nail polisher remover on my hardwood floor. I wiped it up with a towel as soon as I saw it and have been rubbing it with a wet cloth. Is anything bad going to happen? What should I do?


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Ideas for Daughter's 13th Golden Birthday?My daughter will be turning 13 for her Golden Birthday! Please help me with ideas, including for a sleep over.


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Homemade Tide Pen?I saw a recipe for making a DIY bleach gel pen, anybody got the recipe for making a Tide pen? The easiest way to make it and use it the better, thanks folks.


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Repairing Black Spots on an Old Mirror?I have an old mirror which has black around the edge. Can this be repaired?


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Ideas for Yellow Rainbow Tea Decorations and Food?I don't know anything about a rainbow party. I was chosen to take the color yellow to decorate my table. Can anyone give me some ideas and some ideas on food that got to be yellow?


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Dog Suddenly Afraid of Owner?I have a 6 year old mini Fox Terrier. She has always been happy and friendly, but recently her personality and behaviour has just changed. She is scared to come to me and won't let anyone touch her.


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