March 11, 2013

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Buying Clothes Online

Tips for Buying Clothes Online?This page contains tips for buying clothes online. Making sure you get the right size and quality you expect, can be a challenge when purchasing clothing through the internet.



Homemade Humidifier TreatmentsThis page contains homemade humidifier treatments. It's good to keep the water in your humidifier smelling fresh.


Memory Book

Making a Memory BookThis page is about creating a memory book. Collecting art, letters and photos can help you create a personalized book for someone you love.


Duct Tape

Removing Duct Tape From a CarDuct tape is useful for many things, but not always easy to remove all traces. This page is about removing duct tape residue on a car.


Aggressive Dog

Dog is Aggressive Toward Strangers?This page is about dog is aggressive toward strangers. Our dogs don't always behave as we expect them to.


Salt Dough Ornament

Crafts Using Salt DoughThis page contains crafts using salt dough. This homemade simple dough can be used to make a variety of things.


Salem College, North Carolina

North Carolina Frugal Travel GuideThis is a North Carolina frugal travel guide. Finding fun ways to save money can make for a great vacation.


Freezing Kale

Freezing Kale?This page is about freezing kale. A nutritious leafy, green vegetable that can be preserved by freezing.


Aluminum Cookware

Cleaning and Polishing Aluminum CookwareThis page is about cleaning and polishing aluminum cookware. Some elbow grease may be necessary for shining pots and pans.


Crochet Bag

Making a Crochet BagThis page is about making a crochet bag. A fun craft project is to crochet a purse.



broccoli cheese quinoa 2

Broccoli Cheese QuinoaI love quinoa and am always looking for new ways to prepare it. This recipe is the perfect pairing of broccoli, cheese, and quinoa!


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Quick Parmesan ChickenThis is one of the fastest but tastiest chicken recipes you'll ever make and it uses less than 5 ingredients!


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Preserving CilantroI have had excellent results by chopping the whole bunch of cilantro into approximately 1 inch pieces and putting it all into the blender. Add approximately 1/2 cup of olive oil and turn the blender on to the lowest speed.



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Nutribullet ShakesWe have "cheated" a bit in my household. We add some low carb ice cream and skim milk to make absolutely delicious shakes, as well as our blasts. Our son needs a little more bulk, so we load him up.


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Bug SprayUse rhubarb leaves to kill aphids. Boil three to five rhubarb leaves in one litre (one quart) of water for 30 minutes. Add a dash of dish soap or vegetable oil for sticking power and spray away.


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Sticky Note Reminder For MorningHaving trouble remember to make a phone call? I put the tiny sticky note "call son HB" or "Dr. Jones 10 AM" on my closet door the night before and on my kitchen cupboard where I keep my breakfast cereal.


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Freeze Green GrapesJust wash and freeze green grapes. They taste fantastic and - clearly - this makes them last longer too!


finished pillow

Scrap Pillow With Envelope OpeningI bought a bunch of small pieces of fabric that I liked, but hadn't decided how to use them. I needed a lumbar pillow and found them to be too expensive so I figured making my own would be a great way to use my fabric pieces.


Snow through the door

March 2013 Snow Storm (West Virginia)This is the snow storm of March 2013. We ended up with about 18 inches.


Homemade Hot Wax

Homemade Hot Wax for EyebrowsUse as you would any hot wax on eye brows, lip area, leg or wherever you choose. Do not use more than twice on the same area per session to avoid soreness.


Filled baskets.

Easter Treat BasketMake miniature treat baskets with pin dot cardstock papers and embellishments to celebrate spring or Easter.


Snow Geese in Flight (Cayuga Lake, NY)Snow geese breed from late May to mid August, but they leave their nesting areas and spend more than half the year on their migration to-and-from warmer wintering areas.


Beach with soft orangish pink sky.

Gorgeous Beach (Crescent City, CA)What is more gorgeous when you're at the beach than a beautiful sunrise or sunset?



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1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Heater Won't Turn Off?My daughter's truck heater won't stop working even when it is turned off. It is worse when the truck is accelerating, pressing on the gas pedal. We have tried putting it on the a/c side and it stills blows just as hot, and I mean really hot.


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Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice?I have a 1443 sf home and am painting all the walls except my kitchen a soft sage from Glidden paints. What color do you suggest I paint my kitchen walls?


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Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets?What is best product for cleaning wood kitchen cabinets? They are 50 yrs old and never painted. They were sanded, stained honey oak, and lightly buffed with oil about 15 yrs ago.


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Using Powdered Milk When Making Yogurt?I have just started making my own yogurt and have been looking at different recipes and was wondering why you put in powdered milk? Does it make it creamier or set better or something else? Thanks.


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Rollie Pollies and Pickle Juice?What will a rollie pollie do if it smells pickle juice all the time? The container I will keep it in, is a used pickle jar. And it still smells like pickles.


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Interior Design Business Name Suggestion?Can you help me with a name for an interior design firm which begins with the letter "A" and relates to interior?


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Planning a 13th Birthday Dance Party?My twins are turning 13, I would like to plan a dance party. The twins are a boy and girl. I need help with invitations and party ideas.


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Ideas for Girl's 13th Birthday Party?My daughter is turning 13 in August and I need a birthday idea. My daughter is girly and hates sports, except swimming. All of her friends are girly too. She said she didn't want a pool party. I can not find something to do. Any suggestions?


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Making Popcorn in a Halogen Oven?How do you make popcorn in a halogen oven? I have a halogen oven (like the Nu Wave ovens) and want to try to make popcorn in it. The instructions in the book I have said to preheat the oven.


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Dirty Looking Hands?Can anybody help with ideas for removing the dark knots on the hands?


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Hiring Someone to Do Laundry?I want to find someone do my laundry for me, if I paid for it. How much is the going rate for coming in and doing the wash? Thanks.


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Surrendering a Dog That You Can't Keep?I am looking for the best place to give away my one year old Miniature Schnauzer in Houston, Texas. This dog was given to me at 2 months and I cannot control her. It is so bad now she jumps on my back and back legs and tries to bite me.


Metal band on countertop.

Painting Laminate Kitchen Countertops?My house was built in 1990 and the laminate countertops are seamless, which I like. The backsplash has a "trendy" metal band at the base and at the top. I believe it is a track so I can't peel it off.


Black and white dog.

What Breed is My Dog?He is about 4 and half months old and already weighs 53lbs. When we adopted him, the pound had Setter/Dalmatian mix. But some people tell me he looks like he has some Dane and Pit in him.


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Homemade Laundry Soap Safe for Septic Tanks?Is the homemade laundry soap made with the recipe given in this site safe for septic tanks?


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Cleaning a Burned Stainless Steel Saucepan?How can I clean it? It is very burnt from the custard boiling over in the pan.


Tan and white dog outside.

What Breed is My Dog?I am not sure if my Pit Bull is mixed with another breed or if she's fullblooded. Anyone have any ideas?


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Rescue Dog Afraid of Resident Dog?I just adopted a 5 year old female Collie type rescue dog. I have a 4 year old female Border Collie mix that is very mouthy. Molly (adopted) is very intimidated by Lila, our dog and runs for the hills when Lila barks or gets near her.


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Clearing Paint from Disposal?Paint poured down my disposal. Will baking soda and vinegar clear it?


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Reviews of American Slip Meter?My brother-in-law needs to purchase an American Slip Meter for his business and would like any feedback that he can get about their performance. I appreciate the help everyone!


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Cleaning the Washing Machine Drum?Does anyone know of a way to clean the inside of a top loading washing machine? The drum inside has a lot of hard water stains in it.


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Asking Boyfriend to Sadies?What's a good way to ask my hockey player bf to Sadies?


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